50 Flushing, United States
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My self-summary
An important thing to know about me is that I'm sexually dominant. Have been for most of my adult life. I have very little social contact outside of the BDSM scene, as a matter of fact. And unlike a lot of the kinksters I see on this site, I don't maintain two profiles, one vanilla and one kinky; I see no reason for one. I'm looking for a long term relationship with a submissive woman. Her submission and my dominance are necessary to both her and my happiness. Why have two profiles, with only one being at all able to get me what I genuinely need?

And no, the fact that I like to control and hurt women doesn't mean I'm a misogynist. Quite the contrary, I consider myself a feminist - but one who recognizes that sexual submission is as valid a path as any other a woman might take in life.

That said...

I'm pretty eccentric. I just don't think the way most people do, and I'm pretty okay with that.

I read a lot, omnivorously, and possess an acerbic wit. In embarrassing conformity with the stereotype of dominants, I'm ruthlessly opinionated and utterly outspoken. I enjoy debate, especially with conservative fundamentalist Christians.

Anyway, if sarcasm pisses you off, then you might as well stop right here, because you and I won't like each other. If you think that Hollywood needs to stop cranking out sequels, that the music industry ought to stop producing blond teen singers, and that the press has absolutely got to stop providing opinions, and arguments to support them for both left and right wingers, then we'll probably have a lot to commiserate about.

Oh, and don't ever say "irregardless" in front of me. I mean it.
The first things people usually notice about me
Hard to say. I first noticed myself a long time ago.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books (well, authors): Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, John Kennedy Toole, David Wong, Stephen King, William S. Burroughs. Movies: Apocalypse Now, Raging Bull, anything by George Romero, Evil Dead, Star Wars, the Avengers. Music: Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Electric Wizard, Monster Magnet, Rob Zombie, Tool. Food: steaks, sushi, Italian.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I'm very politically engaged. I was in the thick of Occupy Wall Street, which should give you an inkling of where my thoughts go.
You should message me if
...you feel like it.