35Ann Arbor, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a strange and magical human with a larger than life personality (spirit of the tiger). I see lots of strange and magical people in the world but I feel like there's only a few that will be part of my inner world. Despite that, I welcome friends and consider them family.

I often say that I am a collector of cool people. It's wonderful to be able to connect them with other cool people. I am very much that type of person in the world, a connector.

All in all, people tell me that I am a hopeful romantic, lost in the folklore and myths, humanist, idealist with perspective, dreamer, artist, business woman, compassionate partner and extra special friend!
What I’m doing with my life
I work for a huge scientific center as their Center Coordinator and I run my own business. I am learning archery, violin, reading a lot, making tea, and taking walks in nature. I make sidewalk chalk drawings and occasionally small pieces of artwork that I enter into gallery shows. My daily practice includes tai chi, yoga, meditation, and a little qi gong.

I am very responsible having been a first child and I enjoy managing people. Though that may lead you to think I'm into playing Mom, or master, I'm not. Instead, I practice and study leadership and best practices. It would be a great dream of mine to some day run a company that inspires its employees and lets them learn and show their best skills. I often mentor under my managers. I have had both good and bad mentors.
I’m really good at
Anything involving patience, specific knowledge, and instinct.
The first things people usually notice about me
The things I've been told:

That I'm fun
That they like my energy
That they are impressed with my ability to persist in challenging situations
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have a VHS collection composed of very popular movies that I have grown to love over a life time (jurassic park, ghostbusters, the matrix, and blazing saddles to name a few). Though I don't watch them much anymore, I have a soft spot for black and white films of the 20's, 30's and 40's. I read mostly non fiction. I listen to all types of music but return often to classical, jazz, turkish/iranian folk, indie, and hits of the 80's, 90's and 00's (for nostalgia).

For food, I like all types. I get sick if I eat too much bread, sugar, or milk, but I will make exceptions here and there. My diet might be considered paleo. Also I am a meat eater. I don't drink much if at all because that also makes me sick. Though I think my diet keeps me lean and may keep me healthier than the average person so I can't complain too much that I can't eat a bunch of cookies and ice cream.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
nothing. I spend a lot of time clearing my mind and being in the moment. I use my intuition, which is more of a deep seeking than a mind knowing/thinking. I can stare for a very long time though and get lost in all sorts of obtuse thoughts if I let myself.
On a typical Friday night I am
Experiencing an adventure in my house or out on the town.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I dash to open closing elevator doors like the hulk. I have no fear of closing metal doors. Thus I have saved many a person from waiting for the next elevator.
You should message me if
Generally I enjoy getting to know people.
It helps if they know themselves, or are focusing on learning themselves.

In friends, I enjoy all types of people. Please message me if you would like to say hi and become friends.

For a partner, I am very particular, with reason -
I only want to speak with you if you are:
kind -- would give the sweater off your back to a cold person
compassionate -- never snears/scoffs at those less fortunate
responsible -- knows themselves well enough to navigate basic life responsibilities, keeps a check on things, and can take care of other humans
tested -- has been tested by life and has already overcome some big challenges, feels a sense of integrity and self knowledge, will meet tasks with mild curiousity and marked enthusiasm (because well, whynot - just bc it's not fun doesn't mean you have to keep letting it be that way)
creative -- thinks outside the box, especially in challenging situations, might also have some sort of hobby
confident -- doesn't need anybody to tell them what they are worth
humble -- always takes a step back to check where their head and heart are, sees themselves as both individual and part of the whole
fun -- knows their inner child, flourishes in free time with humor and antics, creates little games
cooperative -- works to find the win/win situations and likes to do things with others to make important things happen
loving -- has so much love to give and often finds good and important places to put their love in order to better the world
faithful -- has some sort of faith beyond science, is curious about the great beyond, feels connected to something outside themselves, is interested in psychic abilities, astral projection, past lives, ceremonies, altars, and various religions, and questions how all these things are connected to our current reality
--snuggles during sleep
--cuddles without question
--loves to kiss
--thinks sex is healthy and integral to a relationship, has very little kink but is cool with being creative or funny, has no shame
-- thinks public displays of affection are cool but knows when to be formal
--speaks a language, preferably one of the ones I have studied but I'm not that particular (french will always have my heart)
--eats healthy and exercises
--likes people
--wants to have a partnership
--wants kids

If you message me just to tell me nobody is perfect and I'll never find someone like this, you can PISS OFF. I know what I want and I will not settle.

By now, I know that there are all types of people in the world - ones you can't even imagine - and someone with all of these traits exists for me.

PS. If you have messaged me lately and not received a reply it could be for any or all of these reasons.
- I'm out of town and it's tough to keep up with messages when I'm busy.
- You have either below 60% compatibility with me or you haven't answered enough questions for okc to rate us.
- You have an enemy % above 18...believe it or not this tells me how much we will disagree and since I am a strong personality, and I don't want to spend all my time having arguments, it is not likely that I would put much energy into making that connection.
- You are under 30 (sorry I'm not dating under 30 at the moment) or above 45 (same reason).
The two of us