37Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a positive person that strives to improve in a daily basis. I love outdoors, music, a good movie. I enjoy the simplest and the complex things in life. I love Neruda and his eternal prose. I love architecture and photography. I love beauty on it's whole expression. I appreciate when someone cracks a joke or compliments you and makes your day.

I love doing tests. Here about my personality:


According to the ENTJs (extraversion, intuition, thinking, judgment) Personality Type.

ENTJs are strategic leaders, motivated to organize change. They are quick to see inefficiency and conceptualize new solutions, and enjoy developing long-range plans to accomplish their vision. They excel at logical reasoning and are usually articulate and quick-witted.

ENTJs are engaged with the world around them, and want to make sense of it. They have a clear sense of order and want to organize people and processes to progress in a logical manner. When there are flaws in a system, the ENTJ sees them, and enjoys the process of discovering and implementing a better way.

ENTJs are often very motivated by success in their careers and enjoy hard work. They are typically ambitious and interested in gaining power and influence. To the ENTJ, decision-making is a vocation. They enjoy to be in a position to make the call and put plans into motion.

ENTJs tend to be blunt and decisive. Driven to get things done, they can sometimes be critical or brusque in the pursuit of a goal. They are typically friendly and outgoing, although they may not pick up on emotional subleties in other people. They are focused on results and want to be productive, competent, and influential.

ENTJs as Partners.

In relationships, the ENTJ is a commanding and challenging partner. ENTJs have high expectations for themselves and for their partners, and want a mate who will put in the time and effort necessary to create a successful life together.

ENTJs prefer to have their homes and lives structured and organized, and may be domineering in imposing this structure on others. They tend to have a clear idea of how things should be done, and may feel that others should follow. They often need a partner who is independent and supportive of their goals. ENTJs value a partner who respects and appreciates their competence, intelligence, and effectiveness.
What I’m doing with my life
Enjoying it
I’m really good at
Cooking, talking, writing, making friends, keeping a secret, drawing, doing make up, reading, laughing, loving, smoking hookah, reading, telling things by their name, being honest, writing and (I've been told) kissing. Tired of kissing toads. Want to kiss a bearded prince.
The first things people usually notice about me
My accent, my eyes, my smile, my laugh and that upper portion of your body located between your neck and the stomach.

Yes, THOSE are hard to ignore. Funny that I say it, but if you don't learn to laugh at yourself, how can you laugh at other people and with other people?

I'm VERY blunt and I always name things by their name. Therefore I've learned to be more diplomatic to not hurt others "sensibilities" lol!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fiction, novel, adventure. Food: all I'm not picky!!! Drinks: Jameson and dark beer!

Music: I'm still a child of the 90's will ya? I love Faith no more, Blur, Nirvana, Oasis, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cranberries. Love all the music when MTV broadcasted music and no garbage. Music of today: The Bad Plus, Devotchka, Beirut, The Killers, Davina and the vagabonds, Justice, Crystal Castles, Boards of Canada, Astro, Empire of the Sun, Daft Punk, Chemical Bros. I also love tango and bossa nova, Latin rock ( Soda Stereo, Los Tres, Los Bunkers, etc) Italian music of the 60's. And off course I love to listen to my frenchie platonic love: Thomas Mars from Phoenix.
Six things I could never do without
Make up, my iPhone, a book, a pen, my toothbrush, coffee, internet, reading, ranting and writing. Ok, those are more than six!

Six things I can live without:

Worries, debt, depression, frustration, jealousy, lies. Too bad that you can't get an incoming notification for idiotic people.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lots of stuff, I multitask.
On a typical Friday night I am
I never plan.

I might be at home doing laundry, or hanging out in a coffee shop, seeing friends, going to places, doing my hair, working on a DIY project, gardening, watching a movie, or riding the back seat of a Harley. I'm pretty spontaneous.

Weekend surprise me!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Private? I'll make it public. I love bearded men. Why: because it exudes masculinity. I think it makes a guy manlier and in some it looks SO classy, in others very sexy, in others awful. I'll always notice the bearded guy. If I decide to date him, that's a whole different story. #Preferences.
You should message me if

If you can keep an interesting topic as a conversation. If you can keep me mentally stimulated and charmed. If you love to travel. If you think that romancing somebody isn't a lost art. If you can be a child inside an adult's body without loosing perspective and maturity. If you like red wine and Neruda's poetry. If you like to keep things real and honest. If you like to laugh. If you have a beard. I like my men TALL and bearded ;)

Don't message me if (I'm SERIOUS) :
- If you're under 28, I'm not interested in younger guys.

-You're clean shaved: read above I like bearded men otherwise grow a beard, hahaha!

- If you have kids: Sorry I am not interested in dating single / divorced dads. I have no time or interest on dealing with you and your excuses and sorries cause "kids are first". Or dealing with your ex that doesn't want you to have a life and date and fall in love and have sex like a normal person, cause she also is dating around and wants to have free time to have sex with her boyfriend. Or dealing with your children and their issues and activities that demand ALL your time, specially your weekends. Anyhow, you ALWAYS will prefer them (it makes me think WHY the heck are you in a dating site if your priority will always be the kids) and if I'm dating someone I want to be priority, I'm not someone "convenient" so you won't work out for me, period! Don't waste your letters messaging me, I'll block you right away.

- If you're looking to hook up and for whatever casual. Stop the forward emails offering me hot sex. Advertise yourself and your smooth skills and other appendices in Craiglist! Ain't have time for that or your b/s. Ain't stupid either. If you insist I'll ignore you.

- Don't message to offer me "to cuddle": I'm not a 12 year old I know that your "so innocent intent of cuddling" is your concealed way to try to get laid. I'm not stupid. It makes you look bad, desperate and lame.

Ok, now just my opinion about some stuff I've seen pretty much often in men profiles:

- A pic of your naked torso showing your well built six pack, isn't impressive. Some women might fall for it but to me is tacky. You're (hopefully) more than a six pack, right? Too bad intelligence and witty can't be exposed in photos. THAT would be fabulous.

- Pictures with other women... Men out there: Those are misleading. We don't know who's she. We can quickly assume anything. I said so, those are misleading!

- Pictures with pets: Dogs, cats are lovely, but if you try to "show your tender/soft side" by putting pictures of you cuddling/ fondling your pet... Bad news... To us is just hilarious and a turn off. Men out there: please!!! Show your tender side with actions. We have already laughed A LOT by looking at those pictures. Lol!
The two of us