38 Beirut, Lebanon
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My self-summary
I am a far from ordinary guy. I think foremost thing anyone should know about me is that the most comfortable place in the world for me is around small children. Little kids are like home. I love acting silly, and when I’m around children I feel more like myself than around adults.

I’m a little slow to get to know, but i’m pretty sure I’m worth the wait. I love having fun, and I love treating people right.

I already said it, but I love love LOVE being silly. I love cracking jokes, teasing friends, teasing people around me, and self deprecation. If you too are silly, I want to meet you. You do have to have a thick skin to be around me, but I respect limits. Sometimes I cross the line unintentionally, but if you can straight up let me know then I’ll do everything I can to make sure I never do it again. I know I have my own lines I don’t like people to cross, but I understand when it’s all meant in jest.

I love intelligence. Give me a smart conversation, PLEASE! I love arguing with people. I do my best to overcome my own arrogance and hear what someone else’s point of view is, but I’m passionate about the stuff I really get into. But I remain respectful, even if I am excited about the topic. It also never ceases to amaze me how wrong I am about a lot of stuff.

I love stories. I like telling stories, and I love listening. If you like to read out loud, you may be the girl for me. Armageddon was a ridiculous movie, full of seriously flawed... well just about everything. But you know what, the story was pretty damn fun!

I love adventures and have not been on nearly enough of them. I enjoy camping, and have not done enough of that either. I love the outdoors, and I love walking around the city. I love hiking. I love climbing. I love falling. I love adrenaline.

I’m big into keeping up with current events and world politics. I wish I knew a lot more. I think everyone should at least be able to pick out where any given G20 country is on a map. If you don’t know that you can’t drive from Korea to Canada, please don’t talk to me.

I do not enjoy going out to drink. I like good company, and I enjoy sitting at a bar chatting, but I do not enjoy hanging with people who are out to drink and only drink. I gave up alcohol myself, just because my body doesn’t like it. I’ll have a shot or a glass of SHAM-PAN-YUH to toast, and I’ll try just about anything once, but you can be pretty sure I’m not going to get drunk with you. I have no problem with everyone else getting drunk at a party. I have no trouble making out with a girl who is drunk. I have no problem getting on the dance floor at a club, surrounded by drunk people (preferably female) grabbing my ass. But if you’re into going out JUST to drink, I might prefer staying home. If you want to go out to hang and have a few drinks in the process, I‘m game.

I believe being a gentleman is important at all times, not just something to play act when the right person is watching. Holding the door open for a female or walking a female home after dark is important to me.

That said, I think men and women are equals. Really, everyone should be treated equally. I get so mad seeing a guy disrespect the woman he’s with like he owns her. People shouldn’t own people. I don’t want to own anyone, and no one is going to own me.

I think the most important quality of any person is respect. Nothing get’s me angry faster than disrespect. If a person has respect for everyone around him/her, then most of the other important qualities in a person should naturally follow.

I think I am more patient than the average bear when it comes to others making mistakes. I can deal with someone breaking something of mine real easy when it’s an accident. If there was no intent, then all is forgiven. I have plenty of my own flaws, so I do what I can to not be judgmental of everyone else. But disrespect gets me hot real fast.

THAT said, there are things that I have trouble respecting. I hate small minds. If you can’t see just a little beyond your own front door to appreciate what other people are going through, or even that other people ARE people, you’re stupid. It’s amazing to me how prevalent this problem is in the world.

I have no religion, though I was raised Chritian and believe Jesus was the greatest example for all humanity to follow. I think if you can't follow the science which demonstrates that the universe is several billion years old, you've probably got your head in the sand.

I come off as squeaky clean and innocent to a lot of people, but I also have a real foul mouth sometimes.

I want a girl who will keep me honest, and make me a better man. I want a girl who needs me as much as I need her. I don’t want a 50/50 relationship, I want one that’s 100/100.

In addition to not drinking alcohol anymore, I don't drink coffee or chew gum, just because I don't want to. I love Dr. Pepper, Mt. Dew, and Earl Grey tea (no lemon no sugar).

I am DIE HARD about the NY Giants.

I am silly, intense, and cuddly.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm living in Beirut for the second time, getting my MA at AUB.
I’m really good at
Listening, being loud, making out, being quiet, giving advice, problem solving.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm tall.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book: Silas Marner, SONG OF ICE AND FIRE
Movies: Léon/The Professional (The Greatest Movie Ever Made!) Fight Club, Pan's Labyrinth, The Artist, Sucker Punch, Up!
Music: anything with heart and soul. I enjoy everything from Afro-Pop to Celtic, so long as it can make me feel something. For a few years ALL I listened to was Jazz. Now I listen mostly to NPR, music on public radio, and almost anything but pop radio. Pop music today fills me with hate. I also will never understand a person who doesn't love Reggae.
NOTE: After living in Korea I'm really enjoying a lot of KPop. If I learn what they're actually saying though, it might ruin it for me.
Foods: I'll try anything (almost) once. I love pork and steak. In Korea I've discovered a love for Galbi. Honestly I like to eat cheap, but I don't have much problem springing for something special. Good company makes a meal more for me than a fancy looking plate.

I read the BBC World News online religiously. I'm kinda nerdy like that.
The six things I could never do without
Music, sunglasses, laughter, the First Amendment, comfortable shoes.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Our world community. The hypocrisy of my own nation. How much I love what my country is supposed to be about. The fact that we're all so much alike. The fact that the more people try to exploit our perceived differences for personal gain, the more diminished our human legacy becomes.

In Korea: - I wish the bus system came with an online map that was easy to understand like the subway. - I LOVE Kimbap Nara - I like T money. - I should learn more of this language. - Why don't I have a garbage disposal? - 경기장 있어요? - Did I type that right? Probably not. - I miss Dr. Pepper... REAL Dr. Pepper.

In Lebanon: - I'm going to kill one of these taxi drivers one day. - Why isn't there a bus schedule anywhere? - I wonder if the electricity is working so I can take the elevator instead of the stairs. - No, I don't want my shoes polished, like I said the first and second times. - Did I remember to turn of the water heater so that the breaker doesn't trip when the generator kicks on?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There are three things I truly believe a man should be empowered to command his significant other to do:
1. Don't move, there's a deadly snake behind you.
2. Quick come here, there's a deadly snake behind you.
3. Scratch my back.

I'll never make the bed,
but I'll always wash the dishes.
You should message me if want to have some fun, act silly, learn something together, try something new, and get treated like a lady. I want to meet a girl who’s going to be a good friend first. Hopefully we can find something more after that.