24 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
Warm robot, searching for the elusive rationalist hippie.

Take this survey I made

Or if that's too long, then take this one, with 8 questions, or this one, with 9.

One of my primary goals is learning to be more rational, despite my tapestry-heavy interior decorating and penchant for incense.

I'm cripplingly absentminded. I once accidentally melted salad into my bed. Had to throw out both the bed and the salad, in case you wanted to know how that story ends.

I am libertarian, poly, a hermit, INTPesque, and skeptical of feminism. I am a vegetarian except when I'm not, because morality isn't real.

I will go to great lengths to avoid having to interact with other humans. I have easily gone two weeks of my life without speaking a word to anyone else.

I am exceedingly optimistic and I have done way, way more acid than is probably a good idea. I don't know if these two things are related.

I was homeschooled until adulthood. I used to be devoutly, protest-abortion-clinicy religious and am resisting the urge to write my entire profile in Bible verses.
What I’m doing with my life
I do comedy and/or pornography and I want to help people find peace.
I also have ended up traveling the world somehow, probably because I think about dying a lot and am not looking forward to it.

I'm luxuriously homeless.

I'm in Seattle now, trying to figure out if I want to stay or move to Cambridge. I will be in France early December. I am originally from Idaho, though, where I used to frequent Walmart in my pajamas every other 3AM.

slowly poisoning existentialjism.

I’m really good at
my job
doing acid
reddit karma
simple words
growing body hair
leaving the country
typing very, very fast
dressing like I'm Amish
solving those little toy puzzles
not doing anything for a week and then getting mad at myself
The first things people usually notice about me
I walk really straight because I took walking lessons.

Edit: Maybe not, I think it's wearing off
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

Wild Seed
The Hobbit
Permutation City
Name of the Wind
Song of Ice and Fire
The Tombs of Atuan
Howl's Moving Castle
Man's Search for Meaning
Ender's Game/Shadow/etc
the Fifth Life of the Catwoman
The Metamorphosis of the Prime Intellect
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

TV/Movies: The Fountain, Firefly and Serenity, Lord of the Rings, Amelie, Reno 911, Chronicle, Game of Thrones, Before Sunset, The Fountain, Only Lovers Left Alive, Star Trek (DS9, Next Gen, Voyager), and did I mention The Fountain? Also trashy reality TV shows. Bridalplasty is a work of art.

Music: Stuff that goes "bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasshhhhhhhhruuu" and stuff that goes "bloop CHA bloop CHA tick ta bloop CHA" and also stuff that sounds like "swEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEaaaaEEEE"

Video Games: Journey, TF2, Overwatch, Civ 5

I also like Lesswrong and Slatestarcodex, Reddit and Tumblr.
The six things I could never do without
Social dancing (ballroom/blues/fusion). I've had sex less enjoyable than a slow dance with excellent connection. Maybe that isn't saying much though? Also I will do Lindy Hop if that's what you do. I will look like I'm enjoying it, say I'm enjoying it, and maybe even think I'm enjoying it, but I'm lying. I hate it.

a minimal government that doesn't forcibly regulate nonharmful behavior or take my money-OH WAIT I GUESS I DO HAVE TO DO WITHOUT THIS

The internet, because I think my brain in its formative stages has grown into a tightly woven symbiotic relationship with it, and if it is removed I will likely wither into a husk

Soylent, the universe's breast milk.

Financial independence

inconsistent punctuation.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Everybody naked.

What it will feel like to die

How to more effectively demonstrate compassion and understanding to both myself and others. How to ask the right questions.

how to quit being hyper aware of the way the world reacts to me, which I should stop thinking about

wtf does it mean to know something, wtf is meaning, wtf is information goddamnit

consciousness what the hell, where did it come from, what the fuck is it

Can you have experience without interpretation?

The neolithic period

Narrative and how it is literally everything

Also how to rob places and assassinate people. But for fun. Like recreational creative assassination.

How and why my thoughts just formed. Where did they come from? Can you feel it? And how to identify and correct irrational thought patterns. And how to take different drugs to help do that.

Nonviolent Communication.

Why I don't have sex with everyone. I like sex. Not having sex with everyone makes zero sense and I feel weird and guilty about it. Is sexual altruism a thing?

about gender and the survival purposes of traditional gender roles

[ [ [ [ [ meta ] meta ] meta ] meta ] meta ] mu

The black plague

Religion and cultures as evolutionary bodies

Avoiding giving sweaters
On a typical Friday night I am
plucking flowers, strings, or hair
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love you

(this is a culturally unacceptable thing to say on a first date, however)
You should message me if
you're into rough conversation and choking out bias

If I don't message or date you, it's not because I dislike you. I just like being alone more.

Also bonus! Most commonly messaged topics per city:

Istanbul: hey bb you do porn? I'm not sexually repressed. pls respond
Cape Town: i am bad at punctuating things
Berlin: Look at my jacket, here's a philosophy reference, do you wanna go clubbing and/or fucking?
Boise: what is polyamory? also i am a loyal and faithful man and i will treat you right and protect you with my rifle before the eyes of god.
St. Louis: You're a libertarian, wtf?
Seattle: How did you melt salad into your bed
protip: being the thousandth person to ask about the salad ironically will not get you a response

additional edit: now about 15% of messages say "darn i was going to ask about the salad"