36Vancouver, Canada
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My self-summary
Note: Forester out of town for the summers, returning student in Van for the winters for another year.

I have a lot on my plate; my life is spent doing things I love to do and it is made full and engrossing thereby. I do things intensely for awhile and then move on. Change is a constant in my vicinity.

Recurring foci in my life include conversation on a variety of subjects, various varieties of kink, plants and the outdoors, ecosystems both deliberate and otherwise, mindful happiness, sculpture, dancing, and reading. I enjoy gardening, brewing, cooking, rock climbing, long walks, good food, growing food, massages, and challenges. I spend much more time immersed in real life than on the internet or watching television.

Right now I am heavy into forestry school and well on my way to making my second hundred gallons of beer, wine, mead, and cider.

I am picky and intense in my romantic and sexual relationships. Sarcasm and adversarial teasing come as naturally to me as do tenderness and caring. Honesty and backbone are traits I value in others but I also don't condone hurting people through carelessness, inattention, or malice.

I am in some lovely relationships, two quite serious, which I have no intention of relinquishing.

I believe in personal responsibility and high standards.

I am bratty, sadistic, and real
What I’m doing with my life
Putting my hands in the dirt, eating souls, reducing folks to quivering jelly and sometimes having the experience returned, smiling as much and as genuinely as possible, creating a sense of home and community, and retaining as much of a sense of the ridiculous as my humanity will allow.
I’m really good at
Hurting people, cooking, housecleaning, going with the flow, getting in over my head, enjoying things, giving blow jobs, rejecting boorish types on the internet, sprawling.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm dirty, naked, or eclectically dressed. I'm pretty. I'm quiet, or I'm mean. Also the blue/green hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love a whole lot of books, so I won't even try. No, I lied: I'm intrigued by modern poetry (Jeffery McDaniels, WS Merwin, Mary Oliver, Pablo Neruda), science fact especially where it touches on complex systems (Guns, Germs and Steel), certain pop fantasy, modern sci fi, vegan cookbooks, and design and self-sufficiency manuals. I've also read a lot of pulp sci fi & fantasy.

I don't watch movies much but I do like things with a twist or nostalgia value. Fight Club or The Machinist, Indiana Jones, and Star Trek spring to mind. I like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind less the better and more functional my relationships get. Movies where things blow up turn me on. Also a bunch of movies I've seen lately have made me happy: Nobody Knows, Rushmore, Persepolis, Save the Green Planet, Bittersweet Life. Apparently I also like Community.

Musically I'm all over the map with some concentrations in "alternative rock" (Pearl Jam to REM), classic rock, straight-ahead rock, some poppy stuff, folk, choral, and a lot of the less ornate classical stuff.

I love to eat new things. Vegan wheatfree cooking intrigues me: it's a challenge. I adore going to all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ or sushi; flavours I haven't tried before make me happy; pho is an eat-out staple while big salads, stews of all kinds, roasts, and fresh-baked bread all have cherished places in my kitchen. Handmade noodles are a favourite as are things that are assembled and easy-to-hand: sandwiches donairs, etc. Chinese buns are a nostalgic childhood treat. This list can get very long because food is one of my passions.
Six things I could never do without
I'm good at substitutions, but living without snuggles, sex, sunshine, physical activity, mental challenges, and varied foodstuffs would get me down.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Plants, booze making, natural and agroecological systems, and biting people.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sleeping, sitting in my garden with a glass of my wine(/mead/beer/fancy gin), dancing, doing homework, bottling booze, getting laid, and generally avoiding drawing blood if I want to.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a little bit ashamed of the huge role instinct plays in my life. I feel like I might be a better person if I were more overtly logical about everything, but I just wouldn't enjoy myself very much if that were the case.


Hot girls make me nervous.
You should message me if
You're articulate, well-written, and want to talk about something that piques your interest on my profile. You're into complex systems or plants.

At the moment I'm trying to catch my drinking knowledge up to my brewing habit, so if you're one of the myriad craft beer geeks out there and wanna share some taste experiences I'm into that.

If you're trying to catch my interest romantically or sexually, you're under forty-five or so and over twenty-eight, kind, smart, and say something that could possibly start a conversation. You're down with non-hierarchical nonmonogamy. Bonus points if you're a painslut or pretty subby. Probably no message will be effective without a little more info about why you think we'd be good humans together.
The two of us