38Fort Bragg, United States
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My self-summary
Coming from a quiet and rural area has definitely developed into who I am. I will never be the bullshitter, or person that needs to keep dialogue going because uncomfortable silence is not awkward to me. Silence can actually be quite relaxing. If you're reading this and it's saying introvert, you're right.
With that out of the way, music and doing anything creative is very rewarding for me. I like to whip up meals in the kitchen. I feel I'm a decent cook since improvising and creating go hand in hand.
I'm new to the area and am living alone. I haven't been in a relationship in years so no tied up drama but am ready to get back out there and meet people.
I'm a short walk to the beach so sporadic trips there or just kicking back with some tv or books are welcome(walks and beach plug on dating profile done)
I'm a bit old fashioned as far as mannerisms and dedication goes. I'm not the guy with some ego to uphold that thinks the world was built around me. I normally hold the door for strangers but am not eager to conversate with them.
My beard I have had since before I was legal to drive a car. I can probably count on both hands the amount of times I have been completely clean shaven. I've been told I clean up nice, but how do you take that as a compliment after you've always had facial hair..
What I’m doing with my life
I'm enjoying it. I'm doing interviews now and looking for work out here and about to do some driving. If you're wondering about my shit being together(house, car, great job), just take a pass on this one. Looking for a connection that pushes those things aside. There's more to happiness for me and I couldn't be in a relationship like that.
I’m really good at
I wouldn't feel right saying I'm really good at anything per se. Sounds a little conceited to say I'm really good at, "blank". What I could say is there are a lot of things I don't suck at.
The first things people usually notice about me
I grew out of the habit of doing this in the Bay Area but it's coming back a bit slowly being in a small town again. Eye contact and a greeting. Whether it's a smile or a hello, I'll still do it regardless of my introversion. It does make me wonder however if my smile looks aggressive. People will break eye contact at times..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I really like Palahniuk for reading. Currently am working on, "Beyond the Killing Tree" and enjoying it. I never really get too into heavy reading even though I don't oppose. I just don't really spend my time in books. Would rather play music.
My all time favorite movie = Idiocracy
Tv shows; Game of Thrones, Legion, Taboo, Rick and Morty, normally shows that don't involve laugh tracks.. I like to cheese out on nature shows. Not many people are into these it seems.. There are a load of terrible tv shows that I'm more concerned at this point of getting drawn and stuck with a bad show I need to finish, that it's better I don't start.
For my musical preferences it's a broad broad spectrum. I'll name sounds that please my listenings. I like spacey, distorted, shreddy, finger picking, pleasant, dissonant, intricate, simple, middle eastern, epic, eery, jingly, beaty, cheesy, electronic, arpeggiating, and other sounds that could go with or set the current mood. For artist at the moment, I'm listening to Karn (I'll be here dreaming), it spreads out more every day it seems like. It also gets cheesier depending on my sense of humor for that day.
In order of food I consume most: Mexican, Comfort(which falls under many categories), Italian, Thai, Indian, Burmese, am always willing to try new dishes. I have sampled some of the oddest foods. Really even sticks with me of was that really a dish or a dare..
For the most part now however I eat healthy because I cook most of the food I eat. I cook a lot of ethnic foods, thai, indian, italian, then of course the comfort stuff.
Six things I could never do without
A guitar, some form of heat, water, veggies, tortillas, and....yeah. As much as I hate to say this my phone. Working on not being so phone dependent and living more in the moment. We miss a lot of things happening around us always staring at this thing.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How I need to stop being a wuss and start conversing with the opposite sex(I'll admit what a lot of the guys here probably wouldn't). We're all here for a reason and my reason is I'm reserved when in public and around people I'm not familiar with.
On a typical Friday night I am
Typically it varies.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I enjoy video games. Why is there guilt and this is private? A lot of people see it as a waste of time. While I agree to an extent, I feel life needs some balance and if there's balance what's the harm?
You should message me if
I'm not really that demanding so I'm going to try and not make this too extensive.
Trustworthy, respectful, capacity to love to no ends. These are important to me. I don't put up with petty jealousy or needs that are beyond just good human values we all should share.
You're disease free. Not to sound cold here but to waste eachothers time and find that out later the hard way doesn't seem fun. I am STD free.
You're an optimist and see the positives not only in people but generally speaking more so then the down negative stuff.
You read through my profile.
Also if you're cool with not doing dinner and drinks for a first date. I'm not really into the routine repetitive dating and would prefer more a farmer's market, show, or a walk even where we can get to know eachother in not such a subjected feeling environment.
The two of us