42Norman, United States
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My self-summary

Basically I am an only child who grew up with too much free time. I have a very diverse range of interests. These days I spend my time with friends, playing music, and running around Texas for both business and personal recreations.

I have many friends and I keep up with many people. It is hard to explain yourself in such a small space. However there is one thing that you may find interesting. 36% of the people I am friends with I have known 10-20 years. Another 32% I have known between 5-10 years. Depending on why you are here or what you are looking for, you should come to see something much more important in the above statements.

I didn't want to be just like everybody else. So in keeping with the motif of the headline I have opted for prose instead of paragraph form. Through it, I give you a much deeper insight to me and how I work and what makes me tick. So you can begin to see how far down the rabbit hole goes. Why did I do it this way? Answer: People in this country are not encouraged to value things and experiences as we live in a society that teaches us that things as well as people are disposable. I ask that those who are interested, intrigued, or simply like to be intellectually challenged take a mere fraction of the time that it took for me to write this to read it. Also, after you read it you will understand why I implore of you to please forgive the limited vocabulary.

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b3TqobA zAw 3H

3vol TnAbnudA b3woTz3d bnA

3lqo3q lAYol Yd b3vol3d

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3TAloz3b 3d YAm TAHT z3miT nI

3niw HTiw buAl oT z3miT nI

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HTAm HTiw 3biz 3nO

zz3n3viTn3vni HTiw 3biz 3nO

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ziz3HToqYH bnuoz Yd

zz3nizud bnA YbuTZ

zizYlAnA lAiTn3zz3 HTiW

z3ibuTz ni b3zivbA

bnim bnA noiTATn3m Yd

YHTAqm3 HTiw mobziW

bniH3d 3d oT zHTYM

zniHqlob HTiw miwz oT z3Hziw 3H

O owT H HTiw z3ibod nI

q33b nwob 3vib oT

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3Tid YTzAT nA 3vAH bnA

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zbnAl 3bizTuo Yd zbnuoz nI

3lTTAd A zi T3iup 3d oT

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zn3vA3H 3HT Yd Tn3mqiup3 nO

z3Ton 8E zAH TAHT

zn3vAH oT YTinAz zbA3l bnA

bnuoz Yd 3zum lAnoiTibbA nA

3TiTuTzni nA TA b3ibuTZ

n3mow A zA b3qAHZ

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bnuoz Yd 3zum TzAl A

3TiHw bnA nAibizdo noqu z3uH

zlAb3q E zAH TI

3Tinu zbnuoz zwollA onAiq A


zTATz HTiw zYAlq 3H

z3qAHz bnA z3nil

HTAm ni z3uzzi bnA

3zumA YldAulAvni YAm zoToHq

noiTiuTni Tz3iTTiw 3HT HTiw b3zU

noizzAq A zi qoHzoToHq

noizulli 3vizulli nA YAlqzib oT

zniAlq nAizYl3 Yd bloT z3iHqozoliHq

Tn3Tni 3vAH TAHT zA3bi blO

z3lAT ll3T TAHT z3miT

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Tz3d 3HT 33z uoY

If you enjoyed this and are intrigued I would like to talk to you sometime. If you simply TRIED to read this I would like to talk to you just on those grounds alone. If you liked it for the creative expression I would like to talk to you. Even if you just want to be friends I would like to talk to you. In this world you can never know too many people.
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently running an IT shop for a large company.
I’m really good at
Music, cooking, science, math, keeping up with a lot of friends.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eccentric nature.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) yay Shelfari see the 1,700 book collection (

b) I try to only watch 20-40 hrs of TV movies per year

c) I listen to pretty much anything, but I play classicaly.

d) pizza, I am principally carnivorous. I'm always up for charred animal festivities that include divine bovine, formerly fine feathered friends, or little piggies that went to market. Although I can't cook for you in the digital realm there is a tasty dish listed under one of my photos. So if you like shrimp try it and let me know if everyone enjoyed it.
Six things I could never do without
Phone, computer, friends, my library, a source of income, harp and guitar music (
I spend a lot of time thinking about
random things. I am only child who grew up with too much free time.
On a typical Friday night I am
Out with friends or at parties.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I believe in creativity and go to extremes to help foster creativity. I am equally right and left brained and I also fall 50/50 on the BEM scale.
You should message me if
You think I would be an interesting person to know. The most common response I have gotten over the years is "I have never met anyone like you before."

We live in interesting times. We've traded serendipity for searchability. Only in such a digital space is this possible.

Given such a paradigm, along with it comes new challenges. For example, the arena of online dating inherently favors writers. However one's ability to write effectively is not a sole determining factor of the success or failure in their personal lives. If you find someone interesting you are still left with questions like "What is this person actually like?", "Are they telling the truth?", "Is this another crazy person?". Only in this era does the phrase "in real life" have valid meaning for just about anyone.

While I realize that everyone's time is valuable, I thought I would take a more interactive approach. Think of it as sampling if you will. In the comfort of your own home you can get a more accurate picture to begin to reconcile the question of what I'm like "in real life". I have also updated this profile with direct links which are now accessible in OkCupid's mobile application.

While I don't expect you to meet me immediately, but you can come diving with me now:

You see me play in the pictures I posted now I'll invite you to listen:

Do you like to read? Come browse my library:

If you like good food you'll notice I posted a recipe in the captions under one of my pictures. One person who cooked the recipe for themselves gave me feedback I will never forget. She said, "… I've put that recipe in a box of recipes that I will hand down to my children."

Well hopefully you will have enjoyed the more interactive section of my profile. Remember the first step to meeting someone in real life is to message them in real life.
The two of us