40 Austin, United States
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My self-summary
So I understand ladies that you get a ton of messages and it can be difficult to sort through them all. So you usually skip over the simple hello's. Well that is unfortunate, because if I message a person it's going to be a short simple message. A conversation takes two people and I find that trying to force a reaction out of you through some message that I've conjured off a forced projection of what I think you want to hear does us both a disservice. The point of having a profile is so you can look at it and tell the person ," Hey I'd like to get to know you". Not so it falls on to one party to write some astounding message while cartwheeling through fiery hoops on subjects you've never heard before but are somehow deeply interested in. If Ia guy drops a message on you that is super creative and contrived it is a projection of what he thinks you want to hear and who he thinks you are and he is basically a used car salesmen. It's also likely that he uses it as a template to send out in mass, so yea that's my piece on that particular subject.

Update- I just created a folder on here with some photo's of my work. Incase you were curious .

Sometimes I think we get to caught up in the pursuit of making our dreams come true. We get fixated on maintaining them and lose site of the moments we have while traveling to them and the moments in which they are realized. We sometimes forget that they are just an extension or manifestation of who we are. We are amazing,creative beings,constantly evolving and changing. With infinite potential and possibilities. We often get to caught up in the sense of lose when things come to an end that we lose site of how great it was to have existed at all. We should hold on to the fascination that our dreams and pursuits could be shared with others enough that they walk beside us for any length of time at all.
It is sad when someone's path takes them in a different direction than we can go but so much more amazing that the shared experiences, goals, accomplishments , and failures occurred at all. We should appreciate more of what was shared and celebrate the growth and extending branches that make up the tree of influence we have all made together. I am thankful for all the people that have come in and out of my life and walk beside me for a bit. And for those that continue to do so. You are all a constant inspiration to me to be a better artist and human being. Always your biggest fan.

Sometimes you need to turn a windmill into a dragon so someone can see how amazing they can be.
If you want to see a better world, change the way you look at it .

Chivalry is not dead ...
It's also not stupid

I think it's become more difficult to connect with someone these days. It may just be me. Its almost like touching or laying down on a water bed. The moment you make a connection they start to pull away a bit. You can maintain the connection but one person is always leaning towards while the other is pulling away. And of course the second there is the slightest hole or rift it all spills out and away.

Honesty , wonder, strength, compassion, integrity, humor, love, meaning, honor, selflessness, introspective, courage, desire. These are some of the things I look for in myself everyday and in someone else. They are important to me and I fear lacking in our society and culture a great deal. I feel the best way to change it is to start within yourself and let it will work its way out from there.

It has come to my attention that people think my profile is fake. I don't know why that is. I assure you I am a real person however you could always try having a conversation with me to find out instead of assuming otherwise. now back to your regularly scheduled ok cupid.

Here is a thought of mine as Ive not changed this profile much recently. Why is a simple "hello you seem pretty cool" or "nice to meet you" not a good enough message? I see a lot of profiles that state things like "Don't message me if you have nothing interesting to say" "or with a message like hello". I mean really why is a simple greeting not enough to get your attention for a second and gauge weather or not you would be interested in having a conversation and getting to know each other. Do you really expect someone to come up with some clever tid bit of literature to garner your attention as a first message? Whats wrong with hey I would like to get to know you and then you look at the persons profile and decide if you think the same. I mean if some person came up to you in the street and went off on a verbose introduction of themselves and or why they or think you should hang out with them it might be a bit creepy. I would rather someone say hello and strike up a conversation.

In case you were wondering
If I have added you as a favorite or stop by your profile from time to time but don't wright to you often or at all please do not take offense. As I have mentioned in my profile I am not the best communicator most times and most social interaction I've have had online has been misunderstood at best. So I tend to not initiate communication very often I don't mind chatting with anyone but will generally shy from messaging people unless I know they want to hear from me. So if I have added you to my favorites and or stop by your profile from time to time its because I found you interesting, something you wrote or a photo you had made me smile. It does not mean necessarily that I want to sleep with you or that I am some kind of creep I'm not wired that way. It takes a bit more than a photo to get me all hot and bothered. Take it as a compliment and don't project your mistrust and misplaced judgments of the male species on me just because I happen to find you interesting but don't fit what your looking for. Lets try to be a bit more mature than that, I wish you all a good day.


Update!! I am probably going to treat this profile as a place where I post blogs occasionally about stuff in the shop and shows and stuff like that. While I have had some good conversations with people on here I don't think I will actively seek to engage anyone in conversation. I'm really tired of the games people play when interacting with each other and I don't really have the time for it. That said I am a pretty friendly guy If you come across my profile and think you might want to talk to me send me a message. I almost always reply but I,m not going to initiate a conversation with someone who will most likely (in my experience on this site) blow me off. I only really want to talk to people interested in have conversations that do not involve cyber sex (not my thing), or you sending me pictures of your tits or any other part of your naked body taken at a bad angle with poor lighting. I am interested in having good conversation, witty banter or general bullshitting around.

I play music and I'm a bladesmith. I play the drums so when I'm not hitting things with sticks I hit them with hammers. I am fairly well balanced due largely to the amount of frustration I get to take out on inanimate objects while hitting them with afore mentioned sticks and hammers. I dig all sorts of music,movies,books,games. I work a lot , usually until something or someone reminds me that sleeping is a good idea. I spell poorly and have bad grammar if this bothers you sorry to hear it, you should get a hobby its the internet. Most people find me intimidating or unapproachable I don't know why I am a pretty friendly guy. If you would like to know more and for some reason find that you cant ask me personally I post in my journal often and also put photo's there as well.

I am a, talking, and muffin
What I’m doing with my life
I play in bands in and around Austin.When I'm not playing I am usually in my shop working or sitting at a coffee shop. I own my own company so I work whenever I'm awake mostly. I love what I do so I have no complaints. I don't drink or do any drugs its just not for me. I do however smoke a tobacco pipe.
I’m really good at
Playing drums, forging metal into shiny, sharp, beautiful things, raining death, ruin, and destruction upon all that you hold dear, conversation, hockey, witty banter,and smoking a tobacco pipe. (Yes just tobacco)
The first things people usually notice about me
My hair, and then they notice they are on fire.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books on history,philosophy, psychology,sci-fi/fantasy, and metallurgy.

miles davis, deftones, alice in chains, the rollins band, medaeival baebes, loreena mckennit,john coltrane, celtic music and madrigals in general, hard rock, heavy metal, animaniacs, early ani difranco, earlier tori amos, third eye blind, chopin, beethoven, kabilevsky, dar williams, fiona apple,clutch, system of a down, sevendust, and soundgarden, and any song that tells a story. Lilo and stitch; evil dead; willy wonka and the chocolate factory; Happy Scrappy Hero Pup; ong bak, Put it Where it Doesn't Belong, the thai warrior; much ado about nothing; snatch; pride and prejudice; the dark crystal; willow; good production porn; the lord of the rings trilogy; star wars; harry potter; anything made from comic books; kevin smith; the princess bride; neverwhere;farscape, highlander, the history channel, charlie brown holiday specials, south park, The K-Y connection,Kingdom of Heaven, the family guy,Chuck,Life,Lie to me, xena, star trek: the next generation, star trek: deep space nine, stargate: sg1, buffy, angel , i dream of jeannie, firefly neil gaiman, henry rollins, charles de lint, the horatio hornblower series, jane austen, sylvia plath, heraclitus, maeve binchy, l. frank baum, shakespeare, charles dickens, lord byron, edgar allen poe, the harry potter series, j. r. r. tolkein, a series of unfortunate events, tamora pierce, the narnia series, peter david, charles shulz, calvin and hobbes, comics in general, non-fictional history, anything about pirates, stuff about comics and such.

I like cupcakes!
The six things I could never do without
The people I care for including my dogs. Humor Groove Fire steel Passion
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Metals, fire, beauty.
On a typical Friday night I am
Forging,playing music, or sitting in a coffee shop smoking my pipe.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I do not subscribe to monogamy in the traditional sense all of the time and live a bit of a alternative lifestyle romantically . Dom.
You should message me if
You would like to get to know me. You approach each day with a sense of wonder and curiosity.
All I can offer you is a willingness to build things and a desire to keep you safe