37Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
June 2017: And another update. That profile overhaul I'd planned doesn't seem likely any time soon. I'd call myself pleasantly poly-saturated at the moment, but perhaps up for new friends?

I'm not God's Gift to Women, but I'm probably one of Her messengers.

Over brunch, a dear former lover once told me I'm like Zooey Deschanel's character in 500 Days of Summer, heavily re-imagined for a female target market. (edit: I just saw this movie, and I think I prefer to be compared to Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown). As Jason Webley put is, "I'm not your Lover; I'm the map you use to find him." Or her. Or Them. Whatever.

We are all in one stage of transition or another. It just so happens that one way or another, those in a romantic sort of change process and I tend to cross paths, learn from one another, and usually end up more or less friends afterwards.

Anyway, aside from the role I play romantically, I'm also a fanatic about Green Business and Systems-thinking, a part-time baker, and an unapologetic geek. We are all so much more than can be summarized, aren't we?
What I’m doing with my life
The work at the bank has run its course. Right now, I'm doing some consulting in Project Management, and looking into Green Business Efficiency Audits and Gamification.

My lovely Primary/Girlfriend/Partner, GoAmazonian and I have been living together for about two years now. For those averse to non-monogamous dating, I wish you well on your path, but, romantically, ours shall not cross.

Oh, and I've been getting into shape a bit this last year, hence changing my "Slender" descriptor to "Fit."
I’m really good at
I'm stellar at figuring out who I know who would like other people I know. I build networks. I engineer social capital.

Oh, and I'm still a little rusty at Lindy Hop, but I'm getting much better.

Cooking: I'm terrifyingly good at improvising meals from things I find in my fridge. I'm also kind of on a kick of learning how to make stuff I normally either buy at the store or get at restaurants. Recent/current experiments include: quiche, home-made english muffins and this summer: crepes!
The first things people usually notice about me
Tall guy, long hair, darned good-looking. Humble, too. Terribly, terribly humble.

Truth be told, I'm also probably the guy in the top coat and fedora. They keep the sun off in the summer and the rain off in the winter. Besides, I also look good in them, so what does it hurt?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fiction: I'm really digging the "Occult Noir" genre lately; Constantine, Dresden Files, et c. I admit to a general appreciation for general modern/urban fantasy (read: anything Neil Gaiman does or would approve-of). And yeah... I'm kind of a role-playing geek, but the good kind. If that scares you off now, you probably would have found out eventually.

Otherwise, I try to balance fiction (to keep my language skills sharp) with a mixture of crunchy business/finance stuff and pseudo-subversive, eco-hippy-commie diatribes and the like.

Oh, and so it's said, I've really enjoyed the TED Talks series. I know a guy who was in one.

Music: This is far more amusing to read than my playlist:

Also, until I update this later, this is the song that's probably stuck in my head right now:
Six things I could never do without
My Nerve: Ever heard someone say "You've got some nerve...?" I think if I were reduced to one attribute, one thing I had going for me to fill in the following blank, it'd be nerve: "[Blank]? All I've got left is [Blank]..." (Also, see Henley's poem, "Invictus.")

My fedora: See above about "The first thing(s) people usually notice about me," but yeah, I'm awfully fond of my hat.

My Gmail account: Its spam filters are great and it's great not having to delete anything. That means when my grandpa mails me family photos, I can Archive them and then find them years later. Thank you, Google.

Mass Transit: Austin was fun, but I really missed a competent bus system. It's a more relaxing way to start the day, to say the least. Getting stuck in evening rush hour just means that I have a little extra time to curl up with whatever book I'm reading. I can go clubbing downtown, knowing that even if I over-do the drinks (which happens, if rarely), I'll still get home, safe as houses. Finally, taking the bus, you're surrounded by people, not cars. I'll take the crazy guy in the next seat over the crazy guy in the next lane any day.

My CSA Membership: [Update] Doh. I did the math on a certain local CSA and found out just how much I was getting over-charged for literally the same vegetables I could get a block away at PCC. Hmmm... Need to go find a new one, I think.

My little black cat and the great big ginger one that tries to keep her company: Sorry, girls. If you can't handle a guy with a couple of cats, I'll suggest you move on to the next profile. :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Systems, and the like, sure. I dig systems; how they work, how to improve them, and, when necessary, how to break them. And yes, I'm increasingly thinking about The Dating System, and how mental models, assumptions, biology, and a thousand other factors influence human behavior in a romantic setting.

Ph'o. I can pretty much take it or leave it, sure. Thing is, it's positioned ideally to be in this coming decade what Chinese food was in the 80's, Japanese was in the 90's and Thai was this last decade, so I might as well develop a taste for the stuff.

Oh, and it's also fair to say I spend at least some time pondering how to state someplace on here my solid pro-curves aesthetic preferences without coming across like a superficial ass. Oh well. Much love to my fellow ectomorphs, but hips more narrow than mine will probably be a deal-breaker...
On a typical Friday night I am
Not sure... ::checks Google Calendar:: Probably hitting one club or another, or possibly a party. After a long week, I do like to cut lose.

Fun Fact: Friday is the day of Friga, Norse goddess of love. So, in a sense, it's kind of a sacred act to go enjoy oneself on Friday night. Additionally, my Jewish roommate tells me that it's a mitzvah to do leisurely, enjoyable things on the Sabbath. Bonus!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I already knew about "Alignment" before taking the test on here. Drop me a line if you knew what it was too.

And I know it's total heresy in the Pacific NW, but i don't really like coffee... I'll probably order a chai or tea or Italian soda when we meet up at a cafe.
You should message me if
[June 2017] I didn't think I'd have to say this (that other filters would sort this out), but if you voted to Donald Trump, we can't date. Friends, possibly (especially if you regret that choice and/or want to question it), but I cannot in good conscience be intimate with someone who decided he was the best choice for the nation's highest office.

Right now, I've got the following checked as "looking for:" New Friends, Short-term, Casual. I think OkC would do well to expand those options, or provide some clarification, as I interpret each more in terms of intensity/heartwidth, as follows:

New Friends: Yes! I have actually met just-friends on here, and hope to meet more. Whether it's nerding out over games of any kind, or just getting to know this wonderful city of ours, let's talk.

Long-Term: This has implications of a Primary/Partner/Girlfriend sort, of which I've got one. Not checking this one doesn't mean that I'd be averse to meeting people who I end up dating for years down the line, just that right now, I'm not what you're looking for if you're only in the market for your life partner.

Short-Term: This one's kind of the bread-and-butter of my OkC experience. To me, it means someone I see some (~1-2 dates every week or two), who might meet some of my friends, and would eventually end up meeting my girlfriend (she's nice!). Our time together might be for a few weeks, or months, or years (and might meander into Just-Friends and/or Casual, and back, see below), but is its own place in my heart.

Casual: The one that seems like it needs the most clarification. First, I generally try not to have sex with anyone with whom I wouldn't like to have sex again in the future. (One-time-things happen, but they're generally inefficient). There are, however, women in my world who I don't see particularly often, for any number of reasons, but who do show up from time to time, sometimes for a truly short-term romance, others to stick around for a bit. If there are people on here, truly going through all the messaging back-and-forth for just a one night stand, I haven't seen evidence, and can't say it holds much appeal for me, thanks. Have fun if that's your thing, though.

In other news, I just watched this TEDTalk about not having bad first dates (below). What do you think about having a quick phone call before meeting up in person?
The two of us