37Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Warning: Stupid people may be offended by this profile. If you are stupid, you are advised to read no further. Smart people will be offended by the lack of intellectual content in this profile, too. Religious people will also find fault in this profile. So will non-religious people. And left-wing marxists. Democrats, republicans, leninists, anarchists, alien life forms and communists are also excused If you have XY or XX chromosomes or a DNA fingerprint, you will also be offended. You are all also advised to read no further.

Thank you.

Drop me a line, not a woo, and I will probably respond if you don't seem like a total freak of nature. I may respond even faster if you do.

I like people that are smart, witty, creative and independent. Think for yourself and do what you want to do. Be yo'self. . . . It's sexy on ya. Nose rings and toe rings kick ass, though.

Clowns are evil. I hate them. I also have a problem with Disney movies cuz the characters are always losing their folks to one tragedy or another. Wassupwiddat? Monkeys make me laugh. Chillin . . .playin. . . throwin feces. That's funny.

The cutest thing in the world is a baby's buttcrack. Diane Lane is a close second. And I loved her since 1981 when she was a teenager in The Outsiders, so get off my bandwagon, son. Step back or I'll hurt ya like that dirty French bookseller in her flik Unfaithful. . . . glass dome to your pumpkin n all. Sacre bleu!

If you thought Wedding Crashers was a funny movie, but hated Oh Brother, Where art thou, then don't email me or woo me. In this world or the next. Unless you got a Playstation3 or Xbox. Game on. All forgiven.

I am devastating, irresistable, and given to hyperbole;)
What I’m doing with my life
i work. i read. i write. i hang. i play. i sleep.
Six things I could never do without
Humor, Comfort-in-my-own-skin, adventure, passion, beauty, inspiration and love . . . did I mention I am numerically challenged =)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Not a lot but these days I often find myself pondering about CATs and their bizarre, seemingly irrational hold on certain members of the species Homo sapiens ... Not to mention, their generally negative impact on the planet's biodiversity and ecosystem. Viva T. Gondii!
On a typical Friday night I am
aOOut and abOOut
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I love Woos...hahahaha! Why waste your energy and time. Give it up. You'll never know anything about me. (All your base are belong to us - Lets see who remembers this lol)

You should message me if
1. Only, cool, intelligent, compassionate, stylish, confident, attractive, funny, mature, and phenomenal women that too much to ask? Independently wealthy? You can cut right to the front of the line...This SugahPappi compromises all standards for a sugar momma! If you haven't figured out I'm joking...then you too need not apply :)

2. You don't believe it's necessary for us to write novels to each other prior to meeting IRL :)
The two of us