42San Diego, United States
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My self-summary
Hello, men!

I am a happy, passionate woman (I'm not subdued in demeanor if you know what I mean... in a good way) and it is apparent for things like: interior design, antiques, politics, food, history, how we interact as human beings (especially in the dating realm...), books, art, movies, traveling, creativity, family, kids and many others! Life is so vast, and varied, it's hard not to fit it all in...I still have much to accomplish, so much. Also, I believe having passion is critical in life, and am looking for that type of man!

So, why am I here? I am here for Love. I am ready for it. Of course, life is about progress, and I am there. For me, that is about leaving the dating realm, and entering a serious relationship that leads to marriage.

Right about now you're thinking, "Oh shit, she said marriage", and my response is, "You bet your sweet ass I did"! I am waiting, patiently, for my best friend to enter my life. And, yes, I realize to get to that point one must date.

I know I might seem very serious, but I am not. I don't take myself too seriously, and am enjoying my life everyday-- I just know what I want. And, honesty is attractive, right?

I do enjoy my career, but I am multi-faceted and want it all. I want to focus on love, marriage and children when the time is right.

I am looking for a similar type of man: a zest for life or awe so to speak. A man that wants commitment and a life with an amazing best friend by his side. Someone that has passions, and hopefully we have some in common:). Intellect is incredibly sexy, and it is a turn on for me. And of course, kindness is key in life.

And for fun, a couple of facts about me:

-I am kind and will do anything for those I love...I am the girl next door type.
-I will show you my everything, I do not hide; the good, the bad...I am about truth.
-I do not believe in the phrase, "I am nonjudgmental"...we all are but it has been politicized for hot topic items and fear of being deemed bigoted, etc.
-I am a deep thinker and it is a big part of my inner world; which then makes me a behaviorist first, then emotions. Does that make sense?

E-mail me. Let's start with a conversation and a drink. Soon.
What I’m doing with my life
I am a businesswoman and have an online business, focusing in Interior Design services for residential homes, and selling antiques online as well. Antiques have always been a passion of mine that I love, whether it be in my home or having a client use them.

I returned to school at Mesa College for Interior Design back in 2009 which was the best decision I ever made. Previous to going back, I had my own antique store in North Park and an online E-bay business as well.

I have recently launched a website; I've been recovering from shoulder surgery, and during this sojourn, I have discovered new outlets to expand my interior design business.

I am catering to fellow Interior Designers, Instagram, E-bay, and Etsy so the sky is the limit. I hope to also, down the line, manufacture a line of vintage inspired items. Many plans to fulfill!
I’m really good at
-I'm a really great friend and like doing things for the people I love.

-I'm a good kisser or so I've been told!

-Interior Design, decorating and styling anyone's house- getting pretty good at picking paint colors, too, which is tricky.

-Picking out presents for people... I have a genuine knack for it!
The first things people usually notice about me
My small waist...I don' know but I do have a small that gal on Mad Men w/the red hair...small waist, booty, I allowed to say that?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ayn Rand, May Sarton, Elizabeth Gilbert, SoulShaping by Jeff Brown, Emily Dickinson's poetry, Twilight at Monticello, Eat Pray Love, Wild...I could go on for forever! Probably going to read this book (next) about the effects of Secularism in the 20thC and how it was the most murderous time in history, which typically people attribute to religion.

Movies: Favorite movie ever: BLADE RUNNER! Woody Allen's Interiors- that movie killed me! The Apartment, Memento, Casino, The Departed, Lonesome Dove, and chick flicks but good ones: Eat Pray Love, Bridesmaids, Runaway Bride, Out of Africa, Gandhi, Sideways, Out of Sight (damn that movie is sexy), Remains of the Day, Lonesome Dove, and Apocalypse Now. Some many...

Shows: Grace and Frankie (Jane Fonda/Netflix...quite funny), Ray Donovan, Hannibal, Homeland, The Catch (ABC, very slick but fun), Dexter, Breaking Bad, Les Stroud Beyond Survival, and Netflix. Too much on TV to ever keep up.

Great Maple, Bahia on El Cajon Blvd., Thai food, Ethiopian Food- I could go on but I'll stop. I want to try Liberty Station- they are opening a slew of places this week actually!

Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Beatles, Heart, anything 70's classic rock, Blood and Wine, Bon Iver, Lady Gaga, Diana Krall, Echo and The Bunnymen, Prince, and eighties music in general, Adele, Jeff Buckley, Cat Powers, Aimee Mann, Steph Johnson and lots of older music for the most part, think classic rock!
Six things I could never do without
Family and Friends
Being married and having kids... always been a part of my plan in life
Having passion for life
Health... after three shoulder surgeries and skin cancer at get the picture...
Water, Dark Chocolate, Rib Eye, Peanut Butter and anything w/chocolate and sea salt combined...OMG!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
When will I meet the man that will just get me? And, I'm allowed to be myself fully without reservation.

Why people say they are nonjudgmental when we really all are; I think it has culturally become a "thing" and its effects are catastrophic. Ask me about it:)
On a typical Friday night I am
Go out to dinner, maybe a new ethnic restaurant.

Go to a bar and have a nice glass of wine or cocktail.

Or if staying in watch a movie from Netflix. I am a good portion homebody type of gal.
You should message me if
You are ready to date and make it happen! No endless texting or e-mails. If you enjoy pursuing a woman, than I am your woman. I do not pursue. Quick lesson: if I respond to your e-mail, that is interest; if I respond to your text, that is interest. The rest, is on you. Right?:)

You like my definition of "Curvy". I have realized obese women have hijacked my word! I am not fat, and I am not thin. If thin is your jam, it's all good- go find a! I have hips, a small waist and boobs...akin to Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce.

You're happy and life is looking good!

You are heading in the same direction as me- life goals, dreams, etc.

You want to get out and mingle and have fun! Everyone is so dang serious about these 1st dates!

And, if you know Dennis Prager and Dennis Miller, and think they're the bomb. I say this because my political affiliation is important to me and I think it informs how we view life; I have found politics to be very divisive; most people reject me. Ask me who I am, not your version of what all Conservatives are, okay?:)
The two of us