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My self-summary
I should say right up front that I am a married male in a polyamorous, open marriage. We keep no secrets from one another.

I'm not in a rush to get into anybody’s pants, I want to get to know you and find that chemistry when we get there. That said, I AM looking for a lover. I realize I'm probably looking for something even rarer than the proverbial unicorn – an interesting person with a brain and a sex drive plus mutual attraction - basically a good friend with benefits with both parts equally important.

I have many varied interests from Buddhism to quantum mechanics to Jungian thought to liberal politics to cooking with side-tracks to organic gardening, crafts, boat building (dories), remodeling, computers, river running, Wilderness and most especially reading and books. Music, some politics, and movies are all good additives.- and that doesn't touch the list. I want you to stretch my mind and worldview as well as turn me on. I want a unique person who enriches my life as much as I enrich theirs.

Probably the biggest thing on all my lists is reading - books, real books (not e-books) rule! I have a 20,000+ book library, even if most of it is currently in boxes. Aside from Science Fiction and some Fantasy, I adore reading classics, interesting novels and a great deal of non-fiction running the gamut of subjects from Jungian psychology to Deep Ecology to history, technology and especially science. Fiction authors I'm currently reading are S.M. Stirling, Jack McDivitt, Harry Turtledove, David Brin, Stephen King, Barbara Kingsolver, Larry Niven... you get some idea perhaps. My video collection isn't as large, but covers the range of Like Water For Chocolate, Shakespeare in Love, a wide range of documentaries, Coen Brothers movies, classics like Casablanca, sci-fi, LOTR, Quentin Tarantino, Ridley Scott, Firefly, and damn near everything in between... On a more serious note are things like "The Case for Mars", Feynman's Lectures on Quantum Electrodynamics, TED videos, and everything from Sleepless in Seattle to Pulp Fiction.

Wilderness and the outdoors are very important to me. I hiked the whole Appalachian Trail in 1980 from Georgia to Maine, was (past tense) a very serious rock and ice climber, mountaineer, skier, and hiker for years before my knees and shoulders took too much damage and still consider Wilderness the cathedral of my true spirituality. Yes, I AM a treehugger.

I'm politically fairly liberal - if you're into Trump, we're not going to get along. I had high hopes for the Occupy movement, but they seem to have lost focus. If you lean right on your politics or are a libertarian in all but cannabis laws, gun laws, and foreign imperialism, no need to look me up. I’m pro-gay marriage, pro-privacy, pro-sex, pro-individual rights, and pro-transparency in government and if you oppose these views we probably won’t get along. I don’t have any desire to talk politics with a lover, but just saying that if you’re a Jesus-jumping, anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, pro-US interventionalist, we aren’t going to get along.

I do my best to express the Buddhist precepts of Loving/Kindness and Compassion. I am affectionate, intellectual, loving, respectful, assertive, tactile, oral, extremely verbal... oh yeah, did I mention very sexual? I figured that was a given.

Physically I'm 6' and 170# and pretty fit. I came to Colorado for the skiing, climbing, kayaking and other outdoor activities. I still am active outdoors, though now primarily camping, exploring back roads, day hiking and whitewater rafting. I still wear the same waist size I did at 18 and I don't have a gut that hangs over so I guess I'm in good shape. Used to ski and was a very serious climber, but now I'm a poster-child for trashed knees and shoulders. I still like the outdoors in every way I can get it - it IS church you know.

I tend to like women who are natural, into the outdoors, a bit nerdy or geeky - if you're a hippie chick (of whatever age) or into alternative spiritual or health practices, artsy stuff, and a wilderness and outdoors freak - you're my kinda woman. If you're comfortable in jeans and comfy clothes, hiking boots, spending a week running a river or finding out where that road goes, you're my kind of woman. If you practice Buddhism, taoism, paganism in various forms and scientific atheism or agnostiscism, you're my kind of woman. If you dig LOTR, Firefly, Star Trek, Mythbusters, maybe know who Richard Feynman was and especially if you read books, you're my kind of woman. Most especially if you love a good, spicy flirtation. I'm certainly not adverse to a woman who likes to wear short skirts and no panties either...
What I’m doing with my life
Married and in an open marriage. Neither of us was ever very good at the sexual monogamy thing and although we're deeply committed, we both seek outside relationships for a wide range of rewards - sex, companionship, conversation, diverse interests and excitement. Along the way we've had some deep friends and in the end that is what is most valuable - connections.

I am NOT promiscuous and am seeking women who are interested in something less than marriage and living together but more than a one night stand. I don't really do casual sex (unless the chemistry is blindingly uncontrollable) and I hope for an ongoing friendship, shared mutual interests, and hopefully some fun. I suppose it would be most appropriate to find another poly-friendly woman who already has a primary partner although I am certainly open to independent single women.

I'm in the midst of reinventing myself after over 30 years in the computer and IT field. Now I'm fabricating fine furniture and art pieces at the shop of a well-known artist near Boulder, doing fine finish carpentry and woodworking and loving it as well as doing some computer and engineering consulting work. On the intellectual side I do custom electronics and microcontroller software - for things like hydroponics, alternative energy, guitar effects processing, home automation and such. I don't know if this is where I'll land, but it is far more satisfying than filling out TPS reports and working for 8 different bosses at something with no soul. I've been involved in engineering my entire professional life, but that field and computers in general have become so corporate and bound by rules, regulations, bean counters, and corporate HR people that it is very difficult to find a job where the company has a soul and I have the ability to express my creativity without compromise.

Aside from reinventing my career, I have a wide range of passions and deep interests. I'm currently finishing up my forth comprehensive green remodel in the last 25 years. I have deep interests in the tiny house movement, passive solar design, carpentry and remodeling work, alternative energy, sustainable living and the whole gamut of related trades. The worst thing in my life is that I cannot have a garden where I live due to water restrictions. I'm lost without at least a few heirloom tomatoes every year.
I’m really good at
Listening, solving problems from a holistic perspective, guitar, massage, sensual things like good food and touch, white water rafting, reading, language, physics, wood and metal working, construction and remodeling, sustainable living, gardening and alternative energy...lots of things. More to come.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile, my eyes, perhaps my beard, my words, my mind, my spirit... my interests? I wouldn't complain if my body were in that list too.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books? Too long a list to mention - non-fiction science, history, environment and too many other topics. Fiction I lean heavily toward hard science fiction, LOTR, classics . Movies, again - too long a list though I'm very fond of the Coen Brothers, Clint Eastwood directed movies, Sci-Fi, some action. TV Shows - well I don't watch TV (The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul being the exception). Music, progressive rock and metal and bluegrass and Mozart and Bach and ........ Food, I love to cook and impress people with lusciousness. Food and sex are inextricably intertwined. Sensual pleasures all.
Six things I could never do without
Books, a roof over me, deep conversation, sex, learning new stuff, and Wilderness. 6 Things is too few.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
wilderness, politics, finding my next career, my wife, my daughter, books to read, good movies, hobbies, sex, ... not in any particular order.
On a typical Friday night I am
Home with my wife watching movies or working on craft projects and making something interesting for dinner.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmmm, That my wife and I have been in an open marriage for 20 years. That'll do for starters.
You should message me if
...anything in my profile interests you. You've perhaps heard the words Koyaanisqatsi and Powaqatsi and are maybe interested in what they mean. You are interested in any of the things I mention and like a decent conversation. That you are in an open marriage or polyamory interests you. That you have any common interests - regardless of sexual attraction, a good conversation is a hard thing to find.

At the same time, just because we're not potential lovers doesn't mean we shouldn't have a conversation. One can never have too many friends for interesting conversation.

By the way, while I am hoping to find a lover, I am far more interested in finding interesting friends with common interests.
The two of us