25Mesa, United States
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My self-summary
Well to start off my amazing introduction I will tell you my name...but not yet. I'm going to throw in a few things that will spark your curiosity, for example do you know what the difference in sound is from a western cicada to an eastern one? I'll tell you, in about five more sentences. I am in love with adventure, not the adventures you go on while out with your drinking buddies, but the ones where you're traveling countries and exploring new worlds that no one else has been to before. (Books) Or even new adventures in old places. (More books)Things like that help you learn things. (Movies) Those cicadas outside your window in the summer seem so much more beautiful after you've herd what they sound like across the earth. That constant annoying buzzing turns into a fluctuating waves of laughter. You'd have to hear it to believe it. ....reading that now it almost seems corny, but it's no joke, they really laugh at you! (I actually did this one myself)
I'm great at art, not the creative great, but that realist copy machine photographic great. I just don't have the mind to do an interpretation of Picasso's work. But what I can do is draw gorgeous recreations using lines, shadows, and lights. It's a gift and a curse, but true talent lies with those who know how to use both real and imaginative qualities in their work! Anyone can be an artist, and some may be limited, but you can't truly appreciate art until you understand the work and limitations that people experience when they practice.
Ok, enough of that wishy washy greatness stuff, lets go into my weaknesses.
I despise scary movies only in the sense that they SCARE ME, like seriously what is fun about that! I do appreciate them more when someone else is there screaming with me...and they make great icebreakers, giving plenty of excuses to get closer to that most amazing date, and an excuse to shy away from the not so great. ;) but home alone torturing myself with hordes of zombies? NO THANK YOU! Zombies are gross...just saying. Why do they eat humans anyway? They are dead, they shouldn't be hungry! I'd much rather be crying for joy when the bride finally says fucking 'I do' to her childhood friend, or watch a gallant battle between two opposing kingdoms... speaking of kingdoms, My Father has one. YES you know it, I'm none other than Prince Charming, thank you very much. Now don't confuse me for that Pretty boy Charming who married that bi- I mean lady with the mouse friends. No I'm the AWESOME prince charming, who doesn't care about girls. Instead my only companion...or who I want as my only companion, (I wouldn't be here if I actually HAD him) is the Knight in shining Armor. He and I will be battling side by side one day, showing off our skillful swordplay (don't go there, keep it clean everyone) and concurring the regions of the apposing kingdoms. Then when we fight our last fight, and he saves me from an underhanded attack, we will kiss passionately on the middle of the battlefield showing our love and affection, fallowed by (cough cough) and (cough cough) <-- sorry have a cold. And afterwards we will flee for our lives before my father finds out about the (cough cough) and tries to kill my Knight. We will then join the traveling circus as Acrobats, and live the rest of our lives performing. Why Acrobats? Well, because they are cool! And running away to the circus is WAY better then those happy ever afters, them girls come up with. Ok. back to reality.
Family. Damn love them. Kids, want them someday. Weddings excite the hell out of me. I go to the gym or bike like four times a week, and would go more if I could. And I’m a morning person, unless someone else tries to wake me up, because then I'll conveniently become "not a morning person" when I'm telling you to 'fuck off'. So yeah that’s that, there’s a bunch more about me, but this will just give you enough to keep things going. Laters.

Love Prince Charming.
What I’m doing with my life
Currently I'm a waiter at a local restaurant. It's going pretty well, and I enjoy what I'm doing. That is all you can ask for while searching for your calling.
I am going back to school soon but I still don't know what I'm doing. Sometimes you just don't. But I do know I don't want to stop learning.

I plan on learning more in Japan, France, and Italy

I am tired of restraunts... And people, so I'm thinking of taking a break. But maybe someday I will open up my own place. Or maybe open up a bookstore.
I’m really good at
Im good at art, cooking, soccer sorta, and more.
OK so.... I just found out I'm not good at cooking.... Apparently... I have the ability to kill people by setting foot in the kitchen. I also owe my life to a hand full of people who saved my life without me knowing.

I love art, and I spend a lot of time practicing and learning more about it. Its a nice way to express yourself, and i take pride in my work... even though i never finish it.

I love reading, its my favorite hobby. I have my own personal library traveling with me. Pretty soon Its going to get to the point I'll have to settle down just so I won't loose any of my books.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes. I have been told a few times that my eyes are 'very pretty' or something like that.... well there is a secret to that One. <--- And I just deleted it so you can't read it. I looked at it and I thought, "woah there, that's kinda too much." see I have my limits.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love musicals, so If its things like RENT, Nightmare before chrismas, The corp's bride, or Phantom of the Opra, Ill sit and watch it. But one of my most favorite movies is The Fast and the furious.

Food is defenatly a hobby for me, but It gets balanced out with all the running around I do at work.
I love asian cusine, italian, and more. but I gatta warn you that I come from the west, so steak and pork is a must. I'm a huge carnivore. I'm alergic to some of the chemicals found in fast foods and cheese, so even though I love that stuff, I don't eat it often.
Oh! when you see me not eating my food, Its not becuse I don't like it. Its becuse I'm either Stuffed or I am feeling sick from those food chemicals I mentioned. Usually its cuse im stuffed.

I will listen to things from other countries. Im a big fan of 3OH!3, Dayfeed, Paramore, Head Automatica, Pink, Kris Allen, Katy Perry and Sick Puppies. I love more bands but there are to many to count. I am also into country, Its half my life so I can't get away from it. I now listen to a lot more than just rock and country.

I love soccer I have loved the game for a long time now. I take the game seriously, so if you see me making faces at the TV. It is cause I don't like what I see.
Six things I could never do without
My expression
my family
my friends
and my alone time.... I like quiet every now and then.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Its funny how dreams grow when we do. It has been a while since I've written it down, but I day dream a lot. And most the time it is about what I want out of life. Though I have the ability to do some amazing things. I think.... Actually I envy everyone who manages to build a family. There are a lot of things out there worth seeing and doing but the search for a 'home' is what drives most people.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching movies, video games, reading. Anything that passes the time. I enjoy the weekends very much. I see that fridays are for parties
satudays are for resting or playing, sundays for chores, and I belive in threeday weekends so in my world i have an extra day for Family and friends. By the way, Im working on getting an eigth day put in for the week so we all get three day weekends. Its in between sunday and saturday, and will be called SOMEDAY!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Well to be honest. This account is so old that I'm thinking of just starting over.
You should message me if
you completed my saga. You've reached the end of my profile, so think of this as the first conversation, and reply with your thoughts on the conversation. I like reading, so If you have a long profile, let me see it. I'd love to learn more about you if you took the time to know me.
The two of us