37Marietta, United States
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My self-summary
Just a note: I'm married. I'm quite in love and very happy with that someone and am not looking for anything on the side, or behind his back, or in front of his back, or a threesome, foursome, orgy, or anything else. Friends only please. :-)

I really wish OkCupid wouldn't count the missed IMs as messages that I don't reply to. Frequently I'll chat with people on this site, and then the site will decide that the last 5 IMs I recieved (and yet replied to), should go to my inbox as well. Since I don't need to reply to already sent IMs (or IMs just saying "goodbye" or the like), I don't. And apparently that has made me a "replies selectively" or somesuch. How annoying.

Hrm... Name's Ashley, or Ash, as I get called both. Ashley by the old friends or those who aren't comfortable enough to call me by my "nickname".. Ash by the online friends because 3 letters is just so much easier to type than 6. I personally don't care.

I was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and lived there for 28 years of my life. So that means I've only recently left my hometown. No I don't have an oilfield in my back yard, and only know how to ride a horse just enough to not fall off.

Overall, I guess I'm your typical geeky type girl. I love to read sci-fi/fantasy novels, play RPGs, and would rather be curled up in a chair at a coffee shop than out at a party. Down to earth and honest, I'd rather wear my jeans and a t-shirt than "dress up" and frankly, don't understand those people who spend more than 30 minutes on their hair. Actually, it takes supreme effort to get me in to a dress (other than my renfaire outfit). *chuckles* I just like to be... comfortable.

I also have a love of travel that my parents instilled in me early on. I've road tripped nearly everywhere in the United States, as well as a few vacations overseas. (And the almost manadatory trips to Mexico, being as I'm from Texas.)

Just to warn you, though. Though I am the type to avoid parties and the "clubbing" scene, doesn't mean I'm all that shy or introverted. I'll talk your ear off, if you let me. ;-)

I am imaginative, quirky, and a science geek
What I’m doing with my life
Making sure all your food is safe to eat as much as possible. I'm a microbiologist that tests food for microbial contamination. :-)

It's pretty cool, honestly. Every new sample is an adventure in "How do I get this out without contaminating it?" I love puzzles. :-)
I’m really good at
Honestly... talking. I've been told I can talk to a brick wall, but then, I've also been told that I'm a great listener and really good at getting people to relax and open up. So.. I guess you can say I could talk to a brick wall, but I can also get the brick wall to talk back. *grins*

Other than that... hrm. I'm extremely good at molecular biology, genetics, virology, immunology, etc.. I am a veritable fountain of useless information thanks to this.
The first things people usually notice about me
Long hair. As in waist length, or nearly so.

Honestly, though, I really have no idea what people notice first about me. Really. I'll have to ask people. Smile maybe? Geeky t-shirt? Lack of makeup?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Anything fantasy, almost. Melanie Rawn, C.S. Friedman, Tad Williams, Orson Scott Card, David Eddings, Douglas Niles, Douglas Adams, Tanya Huff, J.R.R. Tolkien, Stephen R. Donaldson.. and many many other authors.

Movies: I have no favorite movies, really, but some of the ones that spring to mind right now are: Moulin Rouge, The Princess Bride, Labyrinth, Princess Mononoke, Pirates of the Carribbean, The Lion in Winter, Hero, Chicago, Excalibur, The Shawshank Redemption, Usual Suspects....

Music: This I'm open to nearly anything, though I have little liking for rap, R&B, or the truely heavy metal. Currently on the iPod is a random mix of 90's, techno, Dave Matthews Band, showtunes (Moulin Rouge, Chicago, Dr. Horrible.. and the Commentary...), instrumental, piano, and some j-pop. Or something like that.

Food: As a friend said once.. you can never have too much Italian food! I'm working on bettering my cooking skills, and am open to trying nearly anything. (Nearly... Not really one to try that live octopus in that bucket over there....). And they can have my double boiler when they pry it from my cold, dead hands. But until then, I will make you some amazing chocolate dipped fruits if you let me! :-)
Six things I could never do without
There's nothing in this world that I would die if I had to do without (other than the basic necessities that all life needs)... but.. if I had to choose things that I really really really don't want to get rid of in no particular order... friends, family, books, computer with internet, caffeine, and.... umm.. I'll get back to you on that last one...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What book I'm going to read next. Whose turn is it to cook dinner. How I'm going to pull off my next cosplay despite the fact that I can't sew and have limited crafts skills. (Answer: LEARN!)
On a typical Friday night I am
Friday's are our "date nights", so I'm usually out with the boyfriend for at least dinner. Then back home where it's either anime on the couch or some co-op video gaming. :-)

I love my geek!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I really have no shame. Very little embarrasses me, but that doesn't mean I want to talk about everything. Not wanting to talk about my tits or blowjobs or my boyfriend's and I's sexual life has nothing to do with shame and everything to do with my privacy. :-)
You should message me if
Firstly, let's put this out there. You should NOT message me if:

- You think that numbers belong in words, and that the letters "r" and "u" and "ur" are valid words, please don't bother. (In otherwords.. no chat speak. At all.)

- You're looking for a cyber, phone, or one night stand partner. This also goes for "no strings attached" sex. I am not looking for sexual partners. I am looking for friends and friends only

- Yes, I understand that it's "easier" to talk on the phone rather than over the internet. However, I am not going to give you my phone number after 4 lines of chat.

You SHOULD message me if:

- You're looking for actual intelligent conversation.

- You're looking for the kind of girl who can get up and go in 15 minutes flat (that's including a shower). You prefer someone who will show up with wet hair, no makeup, and in just jeans, t-shirt and sandals. (Frankly, I don't own any makeup. I despise the stuff.)

- You're just looking for idle chatter and don't mind going off on random tangents every once in a while.

- You're looking for someone to relax and hang out with. Chat over coffee, see a movie, walk around a park or the like.

You should DEFINITELY message me if you can name where this quote comes from..

"This is not a political issue. This is a health issue. This is not a gay issue. This is a human issue. And I do not intend to be defeated by it. I came here today in the hope that my epitaph would not read that I died of red tape."
The two of us