25Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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My self-summary
In science truth, in art honor.

I'm into personality tests and stuff so I'll just let those speak instead of me writing stupid things (even though those tests probably aren't completely smart either). so, here we go.

Jung/Keirsey/MBTI: INTJ
Big Five/SLOAN: RCOEI, primary type: Reserved
Enneagram: intellectualism (5)
Tritype: 584
Cognitive functions: Te, Ti, Ni, Fi, Ne, Si, Se, Fe
MBTI based on cognitive functions: INTJ
MBTI subtype based on cognitive functions: ENTJ
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with some tendencies towards Chaotic Good

i'm not an atheist but an apathetic atheist/apatheist as in i don't believe in and don't give a damn if there are/is a god/gods. however, despite not being religious, i do have a Mjölnir (or Mjölner, whichever you prefer) tattoo on my right arm. and yes, i lied, i don't drink often. okay, i do drink a beer almost every morning, but that's basically it, and beer is the only alcohol i drink, everything else makes me feel sick, i throw up after even one sip of wine, whiskey, vodka etc. i do drink Schnaps sometimes (as in once or twice every couple of years) tho.
Since this nice little page is loaded with my supervillain stuff, maybe I should write a few good things about my personality. So, besides wickedness, good things about me are probably rationality, passion, dedication and calmness. Hmmm... That's about it. I adore taking vocal melodies from opera arias and other classical vocal stuff and using them as vocal melodies for death metal stuff so I'm probably a totally insane person too.
What I’m doing with my life
"You ask me if I have a god complex. Let me tell you something: I am God."

I'm working on becoming the most evil supervillain the world has ever seen. I'm pretty cruel by nature so the job's already halfway done. mwahahahaha!
my softer side: taking care of my dog. the beast is a spoiled brat and that's exactly how it should be.
my life goal, besides the obvious, is to be an old bitchy lady with a house full of dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters etc. and hopefully a wolf.
I’m really good at
scaring children, offending people, being an asshole, drinking beer and basically every bad thing you can think of.
The first things people usually notice about me
how the hell should i know? i can't read people's minds. yet.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
BOOKS: science fiction, detective stuff, sagas, fantasy and not really books but I like to read opera librettos, technical manuals and, well, just various stuff.

MOVIES: I hate that Human Centipede thing, I expected something really good because the idea for the movie(s) is pretty cool, but I'm soooo disappointed, it really sucked. both parts (now there's a third part, maybe even fourth but my eyes won't come near that crap ever again). the worst movie I've ever seen is probably Napoleon Dynamite.

not to be just negative here, my favorite actors are Ewan McGregor and Nicolas Cage, don't have a fave actress (i do like those old movie stars like Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Veronica Lake, Sophia Loren etc. but none's a favorite), fave movie's Wild at Heart (there's some nice music in there too, like Powermad's Slaughterhouse, or Nicolas Cage singing Love Me and Love Me Tender).

SHOWS: Star Trek of course. Criminal Minds (I kinda have a crush on dr. Spencer Reid), The Vampire Diaries, Poirot, Columbo, CSI (all of them - except CSI Cyber, that shit sucks), Bones, L.A. Dragnet, Buffy, JAG, Red Dwarf, Married... With Children, Walker Texas Ranger (one of my favorite shows ever; Chuck Norris is a moron, but the show's great) and so on and on and on and on and on and... I'll basically watch any detective, police, forensic etc. show. I'm also obsessed with the Game of Thrones show, it's really bad having to wait for a year to see the next season (update: i've quit watching after finding out a certain lady character from the books won't be in the tv show). Friday Night Cranks.

MUSIC: opera. classical. metal. anything good and dramatic. I quite dislike ballads. okay, I do like a few, but they're not my thing in general. have a strong preference for guitar oriented music. my favorite music ever is probably (tech / brutal) death metal. and rockabilly/rock 'n' roll. when it comes to music i'm quite open minded and curious, but at the same time very old school, if that's making any sense. experimenting, innovations, novelties etc. can be good, but experimenting just for the sake of experimenting is bullshit. my favorite band is Iced Earth with Matt Barlow who was my main inspiration to become a singer, and i'd like to thank him for that, although he most likely won't see it but anyway, thanks man. i'm also a very passionate George Michael fan and have a soft spot for boy bands, a lot of songs have stupid corny lyrics and music but many of those guys are great singers.

some of my fave artists, in no particular order except for number one (have no clue why i didn't write this before, but i do feel like writing it now so here it goes): Iced Earth, George Michael, Oomph!, Spawn of Possession, Cacophony, Suffocation, Candlemass, Queensrÿche (Queen of the Reich is one of my favorite songs to sing, still working on perfecting my performance), Mercyful Fate, Dio, Asphyx, Immolation, Freak Kitchen, Vomitory, Morpheus Descends, Canopy, Forbidden, Schöngeist, Rage, Symphony X, Nevermore, Septicflesh, Renata Tebaldi and a gazillion more. fave composers: Mozart and Grieg.

FOOD: the most disgusting food I've ever put in my mouth is sushi. I feel sick from just saying that word. i prefer italian food like pizza (unfortunately, i totally suck at cooking but i do make a mean pizza, even if i do say so myself), insalata caprese, carbonara, lasagne, ravioli, bruschetta etc. and beer of course.
Six things I could never do without
my six computers. but i can do without spam. actually, i hate spam with all that i am and am not.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
see the answer above. and why i suck so much at writing lyrics (but i'm good at grammar so if you need someone to proof read and correct your lyrics, i'm willing to edit the fuck out of them (if and when needed). if i like the music of course, if i'm spending my time on someone else's work, then i'm gonna spend it working on something i like.)
On a typical Friday night I am
either singing really high coloratura soprano stuff (i'm not a coloratura tho but a full lyric) just to get on my neighbor's nerves or drinking beer and watching some detective/police tv show like Criminal Minds or Columbo or whatever like that on my computer with my dog, which helps me to develop my supervillain skills. or at a concert. but my favorite is just staying home. if there's no concert i'm interested in. staying up all night because of the time difference watching the friday night cranks live stream.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm sexually attracted to a cartoon character. I also have the hots for Immolation's vocalist/bassist. Just because I love the music doesn't mean I'm blind. oh, and my guilty pleasure is Nickelback. i fuckin' love the singer's voice, although he's ugly as shit. The same goes for Justin Timberlake, mostly shitty songs but a very nice voice, i absolutely love it. and now, the darkest secret ever - i'm an internet forum moderator. you know the drill - major geek, unpopular, ugly, no life and so on and on. i've also discovered Lady Gaga recently, that woman has some serious fashion issues but damn, she is talented so I don't give a damn about that. music nothing special, but she can sing and play the piano and more stuff, has a very nice voice and in this day and age when most of the most popular performers are only pretty faces without talent, it's great to be able to find someone (new or newish) who actually deserves to be called a singer in that world wide popular/commercial/whatever part of the music industry.
You should message me if
you allow (or would allow) your pet(s) to sleep in your bed (if they wanted to of course). if you need singing advice or whatever. i'd also be interested in doing something like King Diamond meets Incantation so if you've ever had a similar idea... and please have decent basic grammar and spelling, there's nothing worse than seeing "your" where it should be "you're" etc. don't message me if you're a horny perv, dumb messages like "na du, magst du hotel dates?" make me wanna throw up. i'm not judging, fact is many if not most people have some kind of sexual urges, but if the profile says "here for new friends" then go find someone who stated he/she/whoever is interested in ons and similar types of arrangements instead of bothering me with it. I love to troll so if you send me such things (or take my "no" as anything else than "no") and get punk'd, it's your own fault.
The two of us