33Norristown, United States
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My self-summary
Disclaimer: whatever OkCupid puts up top as my little descriptors is probably not accurate. Please be mature and looking for something more than Netflix and Chill.

I find meeting new people to be exciting and interesting. Everyone has a story. My story can be rather interesting at times. I love to travel, even if it's a road trip of 100 miles or going abroad. I've actually spent some time in Jamaica, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and about an hour in Italy for lunch. I've spent the most time in Ireland when I studied abroad. I can't wait to go back. Or maybe somewhere new!! I consider myself well rounded. I like to go to different community events. Seeing people perform music, a show, comedy, going to an art gallery, or the town fair. It's all fun to me!! So, if you're "normal", and perhaps looking for an insightful conversation at the local coffee shop, give me a yell... or a friendly hello will do.

Ok... so I feel compelled to add some more because I don't think I'm getting across what I really want from this site. If you are this someone that I'm about to describe,then please send me a shout out. I'm looking for someone who will get me outside and doing physical activities that I love to do. I just hate doing it by myself and would really enjoy having someone around to play Frisbee, tennis, disc golf.. whatever! I like to drink beer and watch sports. I would like for someone to come over so I can cook you dinner and watch the game. As well, I like to go to the movies and then discuss what the director/writer was trying to get across to the audience. But I also love going to those slapstick comedies for just a good time and then spend the rest of the night quoting the movie. If you think you might be someone like this.. please.. feel free to get in contact with me.

I am understanding, honest, and witty

Update: I'm currently really into my health. As someone in the healthcare profession, this should have always been a priority for me, but when you're youthful, and health came easy, it was simple to overlook it. I'm into eating whole foods and cooking at home instead of going out. The benefits are already paying off. I'm feeling better, have more energy, and am shedding some pounds. I'd really like to meet someone who is also into healthy, clean eating and who would like to be a bit more active than just sitting on the couch. I have yet to go kayaking this summer... Who's up for a trip!?

I started golfing!! Who wants to hit up the driving range? I'm still very new to the sport, so I need as much practice as possible.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm an athletic trainer. I earn money doing what I love. Do you think most people can say that?

I just started a new job at a local, well known, hospital. So far it's been great and I love my weekends off!! Happy hour anyone??

I'm also attempting to take my fitness seriously again. I would love to acquire a hiking, golfing, camping, dics golf, etc. buddy. Or someone who might be into lifting heavy things and putting them back down. You should totally hit me up if you just want someone to explore the outdoors with.
I’m really good at
Assessing athletic injuries.
The first things people usually notice about me
My laugh is infectious and I have a great smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I suppose I'll try to tackle this prompt. I find it to be difficult, mostly because I could list so many things. Anyway...

Books: I would like to read more classics, but recently I've been reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, The Good Earth and What is the What. I've also read The Secret Life of Bees and really liked it. If you have any suggestions for a good book, let me know because I'm always in the market for a good book. Update: I read the Count of Monte Cristo and it was fantastic. I was disappointed in the movie because it portrays the Count differently than how I felt he was portrayed in the book. Any insight on that... let me know.

Movies: I love scary movies during Halloween, sentimental ones during Christmas, and romantic ones during Valentine's Day. It just puts me in the holiday mood. However, I'm always up for a good "thinking" movie like Donny Darko. Something that can spark a good conversation.

Music: Right now I'm really into alternative rock, 90's rock, classic rock, and some hip hop if I'm in a good/dance mood. All-time favorites include, but not limited to, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Blind Mellon, Live, and Collective Soul.

Food: I'm teaching myself to cook. So far so good. I've made a successful curried chicken. I was really impressed with myself. We'll see what I can come up with next.
Six things I could never do without
Family/friends, laughter, books/learning, sports, hope, and sanity.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Am I going to get my dream job? Will I ever make legitimate money so I can retire comfortably? What can I plan this weekend to have an adventure? Or maybe I'll just paint the house...
On a typical Friday night I am
sitting at home relaxing.. winding down from the week.. now on a Saturday night... that's a different story
You should message me if
You just want someone interesting to talk to or you're looking for a partner in crime to experience life.

Update: If you believe that poor grammar and incomplete sentences are acceptable when approaching someone for the first time, please don't send me a message. In addition, you must be educated.

And for the love of God please don't just say hello and expect me to respond. What the hell do I say to that? 'Hi'? That just gets the good convos rolling, doesn't it?
The two of us