36Ellijay, United States
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My self-summary
Yea so here is my attempt to captivate and intrigue you. I'm a huge nerd. I know everyone says that . Spock was my first crush. I love anything artistic and,drawing/painting,singing,cooking,and gardening although I'm not very good at it.Most of my free time is spent with my children. I enjoy being outdoors swimming,riding atvs(not driving them lol),cooking out but I do prefer to sit inside and play xbox and Netflix binge.I love movies.It's a cliche but I love Doctor Who.I'm an awesome cook! Love sci-fi,good conversation about anything from deep intellectual topics such as politics,religious theories etc,to completely silly and absurd topics. I know when to be serious and when to be a complete goober.I have a dry,sarcastic,warped,and sometimes a ridiculously silly and slightly perverted sense of humor. I'm awkward and often say inappropriate things,but it's usually funny. I'm fucking hilarious. I like almost any BBC show ( top gear, Luther, dr who, happy valley..)

I know the difference between "your" and "you're".I try to stay updated on what's going on in our world.I'm a bit shy and introverted but I open up quickly with the right person. I dig astronomy,not to be confused with astrology lol.Two of my favorite people are Neil Degrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan,I mean "We are star stuff",really?!That's freakin amazing to me!I'm sweet but I swear a lot.I'd much rather sit by a lake and watch the clouds while talking about astro physics,than go to a fact I'd rather have a root canal while being forced to watch Transformers 2 than go to a club lol (side note,if you thought Transformers 2 was a cinematic masterpiece,there's a good chance we're not compatible :P) The best things in life are indeed free.As I've gotten older I've learned,take nothing and no one for granted,enjoy the simple things,and question everything.

I'm looking for something longterm but at the same time I like to take things slow and build a solid friendship before committing to anything.I'm looking for someone who is loyal,openminded,funny,intelligent,mature,witty,good conversationalist(a must!)passionate,and family oriented.I seem to have a soft spot for nerdy guys.I chose "does not want children" because I already have kids and do not want more of my own but I'm totally fine with dating someone with kids.I actually prefer it.If you are racist,religious,way into the party scene,or just a general douchebag then please move on to the next profile..I pretty much suck at describing myself..I'm rad though and worth getting to know :). Alons-y!

*****I don't usually send the 1st message so if you viewed me and found me interesting,say hello :)*****
* if you live more than an hours drive away,don't bother please . I get messages from people in different states and countries! I don't need a pen pal,thanks. Also just sending a "hi" or "you sexxxy" won't get a reply.
What I’m doing with my life
Trying not to fuck shit up.
I’m really good at
Being socially awkward
Thinking of the most inappropriate thing I could possibly say before meeting someone (like my sons teacher) and spending the entire time saying to myself "no one wants to hear that you saw a framed taxidermied bat and you think it would look really cool hanging above your bedroom door..don't say it..bat..bat..stop it! That's weird!" Most times I can keep the verbal diarrhea from pouring out. So I guess that's something else I'm good at!
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea..probably my sense of humor and that I don't offend easily.I've also been told that I'm very warm and friendly.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I really do love all kinds of music,Hozier,the black keys,The Beatles,cicada rhythm,basia bulat,the decemeberists,Portugal the man, Tool,slipknot,bright eyes,Adele,Pickwick,Alabama Shakes,The Cure,White Stripes,Jenny owens Young,Panic at the disco,Laura Marling,Jessica lea mayfield,Priscilla Ahn,radiohead,deathcab,muse,pretty much all 90's,old country like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. Basically anything with a good guitar and soulful voice.I even dig a tiny bit of rap. I think Lady Gaga(and the like)and her followers will contribute to the downfall of humanity.

Favorite shows are Dr who (10th!) Parks and rec,louie,Knights of Sidonia,wilfred,breaking bad,firefly,futurama,archer,home movies,and a bunch more I can't remember.I loathe reality shows.

Fav books include the Wicked series,1984,Stephen King novels,Hitchens,Harris,Dawkins.
Anything by Christopher Moore
Enders Game

I have WAY too many fav movies to list but just trust that I have impeccable taste in films :).( I despise romantic comedies..)
Six things I could never do without
My children of course,internet,Netflix (just turning cable on and catching glimpses of shows like honey boo boo,make me feel stupid) music,coffee...I know that's only 5 but I'm a rebel..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I usually have some random annoying song in my head that is only interrupted by shit like "oh fuck..did I say thank you when that guy held the door open for me at the store?..shit..I don't think I did.."
On a typical Friday night I am
The netflix. Mom stuff. That's my "typical" Friday night. My "ideal" Friday night would be enjoying a date with someone who's even nerdier than I am and talks about shit that's just slightly over my head..that'll make me swoon :).
The two of us