30 Highgate, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
"If you can't handle me at my diddliest, you don't deserve me at my doodliest"
- Ned Flanders

Hello internet.

I must be honest, I'm not quite sure how to write this without it coming across like a covering letter, but let's give it a shot. I've just moved to London for a job working with students at a university right in the city centre, but I know literally no-one in the town at the moment so I thought I'd best get to know people in as many forms as possible and this is just as good as any method!

Interested yet? Well wait, there's more!

I'd much prefer a glass of rose wine over a beer and love to cook all of the meat that I can get my hands on at once. Sorry vegetarians of the world.

I like whatever music they've got on at 6 Music and telly wise pretty much stick to my boxsets, Netflix and Xbox. If anyone's got access to The Newsroom then you automatically win a free bottle of gin, so long as I can come and watch obvs.

This makes me sound massively highbrow doesn't it? I'm not really, I'm just a pleb with aspiration. Do say hello, I'm well chatty.

I’m really good at
10 Pin Bowling. Because I have useful skills like that.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Autobiographies, can't get enough. Do you have an autobiography? I'd love to read it.
You should message me if
You'd like to know more. And who wouldn't, eh? I think I prefer meeting and talking to people in pubs, so if you like meeting and the idea of talking and you also like pubs then maybe you could say hello. Or if you don't like pubs you could suggest something else, but seriously, who doesn't like pubs?