48Fort Lauderdale, United States
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My self-summary
I seek a cerebral, fit lady - who is light hearted and looks superb for their age. (please remember - like attracts like) Conversation is how you TRULY learn about another person... so if a long, heartfelt phone conversation is not your thing, please stop reading.

As a couple...

We make time for art festivals, boating, snow skiing, traveling, but do NOT obsess over these things. Yes, we love to people watch... or be watched. We both love dogs (no pets at my home at the moment) and said extended family is a consideration. Although we relish topics like metaphysics, real science, religions, politics, culture.. we prefer to laugh incessantly over the silly things.

... More about me..

The Robbie 101 debriefing is a 2 minute read... I could also suggest a glass of Merlot and playing soft rock in the background... but then I might be overselling myself :)

Most people affirm I am incredibly easy to talk with. In spite of my ability to write long, funny rants, I am also professionally trained to be silent long periods of time... and LISTEN.

My home entertainment system rivals the best movie theatres. I made my own TV Box that streams everything. (Yes, I am an IT professional)

Extra points if you're binge on any of these quality TV dramas.. (you lack drama, hence TV is appealing)... The Leftovers, Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, iZombie, Ray Donovan, Walking Dead, Limitless, the 100, Better Call Saul, Blacklist, Person of Interest, anything History/Discovery Channel, Animal Planet... and good Sci Fi.

Disclaimer: Some folk giggle while reading my blog rants or hearing my other-worldly stories. This is expected... as that sometimes I drink Dos Equis... but only when I am THE MOST THIRSTY MAN IN THE WORLD.

::zoom in telephoto frame while climbing Mount Everest and simultaneously balancing six spinning plates on long, thin sticks:::

Yes, my absurd quips can materialize when you least expect it... then shift to funeral serious at a moment's notice... hmmm.. okay, just forget how bipolar that sounds...

My dream girl might also possess these traits;

You are done with boring, self-absorbed men and yearn cerebral invigoration. You want a friend who knows you better than you know yourself.. who inspires you to act on your dreams and ambitions. You love a man who takes charge, but includes you in all decisions. Sometimes your ideas trump mine and you can express them well (yeah, then you get your way.) Special mention to a woman with an over-the-top 'secret fantasy' bucket list. Finally, you want to toss out your old can of 'Loser-B-Gone' that you hide in your purse during first dates... and quit this dating site.

Thanks for reading my dating profile rant...

I find seeking a partner online as 'borderline' absurd, but seen stranger absurd miracles abound (like Trump leading the Republican polls.) I now leave you with my infamous 'DO NOT' list....You 'do not' mistake my confidence for arrogance. You 'do not' antagonize fictional drama, though you can get very intense about our romance. There are some secrets you 'do not' tell anyone, which may frighten the average man... and you're READY for me to cherish you without judgment.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There ought be a law that forbids a person's detailed interests and life history... to be posted openly on a romance profile.

My point is that in some of my best relationships, their differences became fun because of who THEY were.

On the flip side, had they posted this on their forehead when I first met them.. would I have lost interest?


When it comes to faith and beliefs, what there?

Would I love a woman who is Jesus fanatic, when I am clearly not?

Yes, if she didn't hold it against me either.

Truth is, no one has been able to prove what happens after death and God isn't exactly opening speaking in public.

So for anyone reading.. I label myself as an agnostic.

Agnostics are not atheist and often believe in some form of God. Some agnostics were once Jewish or even born-again Christian at one time. Some agnostics have witnessed more bizarre miracles from a higher power than a tent full of the top Evangelists. Some agnostics follow better moral codes and ethics than the most devout religious people.

I am one of those people who does NOT let religion define who I am. I let God participate in defining who I am. It's a team project. It must be the reason I am privileged to witness what I see, the privilege to help so many others and the privileged life I have had to this day. If God truly exits, then God MUST be forgiving; God made us flawed and should support all creatures.. so that God may influence them to do what needs to be done on this planet... regardless of what they believe.

Right now, our planet is losing that fight. Religion is destroying nations and it's all senseless butchery in the name of God. I see the main three religions as the worst offenders.

And it comes down now to individuals. I align with no one religion or system of beliefs. I already have my compass, it has never failed me and I am following it loyally.
The two of us