37 Tampere, Finland
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My self-summary
The latest news:
On Tuesday 31th of May 2016:

I´m a follower of Jesus, so stop asking sex from me. I´m dating.

I met a Christian man at 7pm on Sunday in the Methodist Church and then after Drama Group we went to eat , the clock was about 21. He wanted to saw the Nymphs-episode (tv-series), so he paid for a hotel room. Within three hours, around midnight he was on his knees when proposed marriage to me. I replied "no" to this pre-proposal, but I agreed to date him. He said that he has to make better plans for the actual, real proposal. We continued chatting over night until 6:30am and went for breakfast. I left home around 7:30am and slept from 9am to 3 pm.

Such an unlikely thing that we met because neither of us regularly visit the Methodist Church. He thinks that I'm perfect , he is what I want my husband-to-be alike. I have a good knowledge of human nature, with him I felt safe. He is willing to be flexible, it is important to me. I think that he has a pleasant face. I said that I´ll slow the pace down as expected. Oh, he is a feminist too, a member in Finlands UN Women.

So I´m dating him and see how it goes. Take care of yourself!

I write plays for a drama group of Methodist Church of Tampere, I´m an actress there as well. Nothing serious, just for fun. :)
Goodbye Oulu! Once again I will miss people, not the wind and public transportation.

Moving to Tampere on 3rd of August for good, putting my roots into soil. Plenty of job opportunities there. Manse as a nickname, because it´s an industrial city as Manchester in UK, though people living in Tampere don´t call it Manse. :)

My new place has 2 rooms and a kitchen, 52 q.meters which is 170 q.feets. It´s double than my first appartment.
Depression is gone, took 5 years of my life and I´m planning to get cats again.


After death of my grandpa , I was working as a seamstress ; mending jeans etc. , and visiting three times a week my grandma until her parting of this world. 3 years in Oulu has been guite enough. Now I´m packing my belongings, moving to Tampere on end of June with assistence of my dear friends. Love to be nearer to them and getting excited about potentials of new hometown.

About entertainment...I´m hooked into series Ripper Street (via Youtube), Penny Dreadful, Titanic- Blood & steel (mini) and Mr. Selfrigde. So longing for new seasons of Game of Thrones, but Outlander must do until then...

Update: I´m moving to Oulu on 18th of June to take care of my grandma 84-y. and grandpa 94-y at nights. They´re still living on their farm and visiting by 3 nurses times 30 min per day and once a month a cleaning lady.

I always aspire to better myself, and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I became a bad vegetarian in 2009. I do my best to stick to it, but occasionally use products with milk, fish or eggs in them; organic of course. One of my New Years resolutions is to continue eating as healthy as possible, however I may have meat sometimes, as doing so makes it easier to have dinner dates. ;)

My obsession is sewing. I´ll take photos as I get them ready.

I also enjoy excercising regularly. It's a work in progress. My hobbies are walking, swimming and Pilates.

I love sci-fi (Starship Troopers-trilogy not included,
I felt sick when saw ST1.)

The above abbrevation takes me to my favorite series:
Stargate SG-1. I can't pick a favorite character, I like them all, sorry.

StarTrek-Next Generation, Data & Q!

I would like to dress up for a Sci-fi Convention as ferangi. lol
Not really! ( A female ferengi is always naked and inside,public outings are prohibited.)

My real choice would be going as a klingon, the female's are real firecracker: When male is wooing her by reading poetry, she is expected to throw whatever she gets to her hands. Beautiful, strong and eery sight.

StarWars, only 4.-6.: I like the Ewoks, but Han Solo can kick anybody's ass. Sorry about my language, I'll go get some soap.;)

Other shows I like are :CSI! Original, Las Vegas. And DR.PHIL. In real life I don´t have too much time for tv.

And in Finnish:
Haluan kehittyä ja siksi minulla on menossa aina joku projekti. Viimeisin on vegetarismi, mutta lasken siihen kuuluvaksi luomumaitotuotteet, kalan ja luomumunat.
Englanniksi tulee pitkä pätkä löpinää siitä kuinka pidän tieteissarjoista ja mistä roolihahmosta. Valitettavasti innostuin niin ettei tilaa jäänyt sitten muulle. Lyhyesti vielä: CSI! Alkuperäinen, Las Vegas. Ja DR. PHIL.
Oikeassa elämässä ei jää paljon aikaa töllölle.

I am bold, creative, and funny
What I’m doing with my life
I've been in many different professions, but I haven't worked in (retail) shops yet. I've often held two, sometimes even three jobs at a time. At the moment I'm looking for something that has friendly co-workers, is fun and has a good pay rate. I'm willing to take courses, if the job requires it.
Probably starting on September 2011.

Here is a Finnish artist : Signmark.

I have been a personal assistant of disabled people for almost six years. Before that, I was employed at a hairdressing salon which served both men & women, where I worked for five years.

I don't consider myself a loser, because I'm very happy to be a part of this glorious website. I could use my time for even worse manners. YouTube is also a wondeful tool and timekiller. Ok, I'm trying too hard. :P

When I'm in the mood, I head out to the local karaoke bar, on nights when they have it. On nights they don't, I'm thankful for Youtube's Karaoke & equally thankful for having thick walls so I don't irritate my neighbors. :P
I’m really good at
knitting socks, cooking well and drawing.
I´m particularly good at singing badly beautiful songs.
I like to swim, but haven´t found the time for it.
I´m always active, but when I work at more than one job then there is a limited time for hobbies.
That´s why I have a book, crafts or paper& pen(cil) with me for entertaiment when moving myself from a work to next place.
Speak Finnish and sing it too!
Falling in love to music: having burning romance to Hammerfall, warm glow to Faith No More and steamy gazes to Airbourne.
Oh yeah! :P
The first things people usually notice about me
Lots of hair that it´s almost unnatural and huge boobs. And radient smile, sometimes catchy laugh. Resistance is futile. ;) lol Brilliant! =)

The English speakers have already noticed my typos and small stumbles with grammar in my journal comments. I left high school to start my own business. So I've never got a degree higher than from a vocational school.

I tried to become a practical nurse, but I´m more like a maker than a reader. Loads of paper to do PRACTICAL work with people here in Finland, can you believe?

My friends; who have degree of college/university, think that I have broad general education, with their standards. :P
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

This is embarrassing, but I really liked Elisa di Rivombrosa(Cinderella?)and also like La figlia di Elisa – Ritorno a Rivombrosa (Zorro?). Fairytales for adults, as Stardust.

Silicon Valley- and Labyrinth-series are great, simply must see all episodes!
The six things I could never do without
1..Love(r?) ;) (No need to explain...I´ve set my eyes on to someone.)
2.Friends ( You know who you are...)
3.Job(s): if there isn´t a job, it´s my job to find one.
4.To gain wisdom whenever whereever I can.
5.Health (,because you miss it when you lose it.)
6.Humour (makes your healthy life longer and keeps you young at heart.) Here are links which I´ve found hilarious:

Bonus: 7. Person who reads whatever crap I write and points out my faults, etc. He is a sweetheart and I <3 him very dearly.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1.How to make other peoples life easier and more beautiful. (Except those whom belong to number 4.
I get cranky and think about it too much. lol)
2.How to live a full life without making a huge ecological footprint. Dumpster diving pal wanted? ;)
3.How to remember fixed appointments/dates and remember people´s names. (I have a problem with my concentration.)
(But I don´t think about my faults, only about my actions.:))
4.How to say no, when you aren´t into the person but don´t want to hurt their feelings.( Maybe better to say nothing at all. I get cranky.)
5.How to say softly yes, when you want to yell YEEEES!!!(Rebel Yell-Billy Idol, how imitates life.)
6.How to be nice and lovely without getting understood the wrong way and find you thinking about number 4. of this list.
7. And the final statement:I think that making of this list was the useless thing what I´ve done lately and I enjoyed of it enormoustly. Definitely had fun.This space is too small... lol Always a sci-fi fan.
On a typical Friday night I am
at home. Isn´t it sad? Here is a videoclip of Helsinki:

I have work a lot and in need me-time. On another hand, Saturday is o´right to party. Take me to a gaybar!

Or I´m in YouTube: I am hooked into Robin Hood, Richard Armitage plays Gizzy so well! (Sir Guy of Gisborne, a dream!) And skyping around the world, who would have guess...

I need a fix at least once in a week, let´s called it "Friday":

And this band now daily and loud!!!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a tattoo, it was done when I was over 21 years.
I taught for a year to take tattoo at all and second year what it might be that I will like when I am old and wrinkled. So I choice enough big picture that it doesn´t look like a stamp ja it´s on my shoulder blade.
I can cover it up easily or let it show when I want.
My tattoo is Itzpapalotl, which a twist.
She has very narrow waist (by corset?)and wings are finnish (actually Eurasian and North American) butterflys called Suruvaippa.
I tell more about it when we meet and floshing it when we know...better (a vampire accent).

And making this even more interesting, I can move my eyes independantly! It must look funny, because I´ve had comments like "The bodyment of craziness." Thanks Jenny and Anil!
Rap is this:
You should message me if
you have a pulse and you consider yourself nerdy, love Scrabble and puzzles. Heavy metal is mandatory! If you listen only pop/rap, we might be better friends than lovers. If you love rock and classic too, that´s a huge plus. ;) Be unique , any size and shape will do, I don´t have a hight fetism! I want a shy husband of my own and kids , in that order. ASAP No pressure at all. lol If you´re a superman , you´ve a shot. 8)

And if you get these:

Ou well, message anyways...:D I´m the one who enjoys being read aloud to.

But if you looking for lip contact at some point, forget tobacco and coffee. I don´t want to lick an ashtray nor "a teacher". lol