35Fort Collins, United States
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My self-summary
Dear random visitor,

-I had a dream recently. I was wandering around in a future universe attempting to find Edgar Allen Poe's grave, so I could show him all the nifty features on my flaming new watch. Before I could introduce myself to his skeletal person, the dog I was traveling with started chewing on his leg, upon which Santa, with his brand new Ferrari-made intergalactic sled-ship, advised us that our parking permit had expired. Yeah.
- I'm a scientist. I actually don't own a lab coat though, which is a sore point. I study mathematical models related to the workings of volcanoes, earthquakes, and my ever mysterious back yard. The fact that I never found dinosaur bones digging in my back yard as a kid is another sore point.
- I've been everywhere and anywhere under the clever pretext of science. Antarctica three times, for example. Penguins are actually fairly vicious; they're prone to kicking you, and will absolutely follow you around on the ice sheet, mostly out of boredom. They also smell terrible.
- I'm a rock climbing fanatic, and train 6 days a week along with running and gymnastics. I have a tremendous amount of energy, and need to use it, or things get...difficult. The only person ever to beat me in an eating contest was one of my track and field teammates. He weighed all of 105 pounds. To this day, I can't explain the physics of it.
- I will beat you at scrabble.
- I used to breakdance, until I realized I was 6'1. Bad combination, unless you want to look ridiculous.
- I'm a drummer and a classical guitarist. I've been trying my hand at flamenco finger picking, but something tells me that even if I ever get good at it, I'm simply not spanish enough to pull it off.
- I have a good deal of crazy stories, like a semi-violent run-in with the chinese mafia while on a climbing trip across Asia, taking refuge inside a poor rice farmer's house for fear of being drowned by a monsoon, and somehow feverishly riding 30 km on a crappy rusty bike while severely heat stricken and food poisoned in Cambodia. Had my friend not related this story to me after the fact, I would have never known. I still don't remember it happening.
- I'm not actually as shirtless as my pictures would suggest. In fact, I own quite a few shirts, some of which were picked out by people with a much better sense of style than me. One might even go so far as to claim that I "love the shirt". If you're a climber however, you already understand. Speaking of which, if climbing is more than just a passing interest to you, I promise not only to wear a shirt in public around you, but perhaps even love you unconditionally. Or maybe I'll just do those things anyways. Such a roll of the dice.
So, if you're a smashing character, come talk to me. I enjoy good conversation, and reckless adventures. And tea. Maybe we can argue over why tea is better than coffee.
Or, maybe you'll pass me by, bullet form not suiting your fancy.
I wander, I'm focused, whimsical, and I almost never date. I'm staunchly Canadian. I refuse to own an iphone, mostly because I like not being found, and I've built a theremin from the ground up as a side project. That being said, take me out dancing and I'll never want to leave. A female friend once described me as a unicorn, not so much in the historical sense (I hear they ditch their spirited ways at the sight of a fair maiden, or whatever they're called these days), but in the sense that I'm impossible. I'm probably just as likely to take you on the adventure of your life as I am to quietly slip between your fingers.

In any case, happy trails.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a PhD, which really just means that I don't know anything about the real world. I wander around the globe working on volcano related math and physics projects (you know, the ones where you put vinegar and baking soda in a tube and blow up your living room), and most of my head space is allocated to thinking in calculus and code, though tea and existential musing sometimes make their way in too. I plan on going out with my boots on, in some kind of spectacular Indiana Jones fashion, but I haven't quite decided how that'll pan out. I figure I have time to sit on it.
I’m really good at
Life, actually. I think I'm pretty good at that. Oh, and scrabble. I'll take on any challengers.
The first things people usually notice about me
I suppose that depends. Am I naked in this scenario or not? It's all about context. If I'm not, then I like to think they don't notice me at all. Anonymity is a wonderful thing that is ever fleeting in today's world.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The God Delusion, Don Quixote, Dirk Gently's holistic detective agency, among a ton.
Movies...I dunno. Maybe Pan's Labyrinth? Second Hand Lions? I recently watched Dr Strangelove, which was a bit of a riot.
I play drums a lot, so Tool and Meshuggah are up there for the intellectual challenge, but I'm a fan of quite a few bands. I also dabble in flamenco classical guitar, so music along the lines of Steve Howe, the Gypsy Kings, or Paco de Lucia is usually playing in my head.
Six things I could never do without
Rock Climbing.
Music (the played variety).
Why six?
Ground squirrels.
Those little prickly things that stick to your shoe laces that come off plants in the desert.
Endless innuendo.
The low electric distortion buzz that comes right before the opening act.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Time, actually. And how little of it there is. All of us have some degree of time, and we're free to spend it as we see fit, but once it's gone, it's gone. We can trade in time for anything, and everything, but we can't trade it back.
On a typical Friday night I am
Climbing, doing science stuff, playing drums or guitar, drawing. All with tea. Occasionally, people find me and drag me out. And sometimes I drag them out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
What a weird question. I have no secrets. Seriously. No drama, no baggage. I'm a very happy kid.
As an aside, I am in fact a raccoon in human disguise, trying to understand the bizarre mating habits of the average human. So far, it is not going well.
You should message me if
You understand anything I wrote. I won't be offended if you didn't.
The two of us