67Township of Manchester, United States
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My self-summary
OMG!! Happy Chinese New Year!!! It's the year of the Red Monkey . Ahhh so! September 2015 was simply spectacular and gave me memories that I shall cherish forever. October and November were okay and December was more than kind. Back North from Florida although I am seriously considering relocation. It was seriously frigid cold for a couple of days and I was really unhappy. Time for a change! But HOLY MOSES!! Looks like that groundhog was spot on!! We're breaking records and it's still officially winter!!

THANKS to ALL the Veterans who served and dedicated a portion of their lives for our freedom. My beloved uncles were among those who gave career service to this country. Love them forever!!
and just for the record-Chris Columbus was lost Y'all--for real!

City girl swag with a country-girl smile.
Born and reared in a medium-sized Midwest town, now I call New Jersey "home". Still like the country and also enjoy trips to the big city--whether Manhattan, Philly, Chicago, Atlanta or DC.

A seasoned East Coast lady although I've spent time in several US states including Alaska & Hawaii-- also have traveled and lived worldwide. 2012 took me to Costa Rica and Guatemala.
Actually drove solo from Cali to Philly 2013. Interesting.

Emotionally healthy, physically and financially fit.
Nobody's drama queen, just a certified princess.
That's because my daddy was King.

Willing to reflect upon the past and appreciate what it has taught me, I am fully free to love and honor the present with a joyous heart--and I'm truly ready to get on with it!! Oh--so you want to wait until AFTER Valentine's Day--okay (you don't know what you're missing).

Not looking for a penpal--did that when I was twelve.
Look at the okcupid questions I've answered if there is something you want to know. After MORE THAN 3,000 responses, I think just about everything has been covered. I am an open book.

Here's the challenge don't you see,
Now I have to talk about me.
Just how much shall I choose to tell
Without looking like a "hard sell"
Your interest I would like to peak
Hoping to be the one you seek.
If I say I'm good at sex
Then you wonder--where's my ex?
Did he think I was too corny
Or get worn out cuz me so horny?
Alas I'm feeling like a sap'
Bet you're a guy not into rap.
Pay attention--it's no joke
Listen to this- and later you'll thank me
I'll knock you out if you try to spank me.
Trust me I'm not teasin'
What would be my reason?
But you should know before I'm through
Little old ladies want love too!

And YES, the photos are current not last century.
Chances are--I won't respond to some mystery man who refuses "to play by the rules" by including a photo with his infomation. If you are not savvy enough to know how to post a photo and not willing to find out how--perhaps you and I would not mesh too well. Come on and get with the times--or do you have something to hide?

Just so we're clear--the only pain I'm into is Champagne!

Not loose or frivolous. I'm interested in sharing affection with ONE guy only. One last thing--if you think this profile is too lengthy then it should be obvious that if I had a MAN in my life, I would not have time to be on this durn computer!!
What I’m doing with my life
Not living in the past--
I'm living for today and looking forward to a happy future.
We both know you won't be my first love, but I'm hoping you're willing to be a companion, a friend and a lover... Not necessarily in that order--lol.
I really do miss being held, cuddled and spoiled.

Going to plays, concerts, theater and shows.

Saw JOSH TURNER in NYC--love that guy! And MISS AMERICA 2016 was off the hook. I was in the tenth row next to Miss America 1996. What a night!!! Atlantic City, New York City, Nashville, Vegas--it's all good
I’m really good at
telling a clean funny joke.
According to the OKC funny test--I'm a Ham.
The question was which is worse--ignorance or apathy?
The response-"I don't know and I don't care."
The first things people usually notice about me
Big smile (thanks Dad for great genes and kudos to Joy my dental hygienist)
Bubbly personality with an offbeat sense of humor.
Just how openly friendly I can be.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite BOOKS - those authored by James Patterson,
Mary Higgins Clark, Maeve Binchey, Louise Hay and Og Mandino.
Just discovered Lescroart -that guy is intense.
SUPER BRAIN--is great for non-fiction.
Enjoy books on tape so I can multitask.
Just finished bio on Condoleeza Rice. WOW!!

MOVIES- LES MISERABLES (Jackman & Crowe) AUSTRALIA (Hugh Jackman), GLADIATOR (Russell Crowe), LEGENDS OF THE FALL (Brad Pitt) and TRUE LIES (Gov Arnold) EAGLE EYE (Shia LeBeuf) and Matt Damon in the BOURNE series. MR & MRS SMITH (oh the sex scenes---steamy)speaking of sexy HEAD IN THE CLOUDS ---omg Angelina is my SHE-RO--LARA CROFT, SALT, and WANTED are great samples pf my girl in action. She is one intense lady--serious business. Charlize Theron is another hot mama. 007-Yeah baby Also ARCHIE PANJABI--seriously fierce. I like action.

BROADWAY Shows: BOY FROM OZ (Hugh Jackman) BILLY ELLIOTT, EVITA, LEGALLY BLONDE, PHANTOM, WAR HORSE and WICKED. This year LADY DAY at EMERSON'S BAR & GRILL was simply fantastic. (Kudos and congrats to Audra for bringing home the TONY!!!)Norman is the first Black PHANTOM on Broadway and KINKY BOOTS rocks!!!

If you don't take religion too seriously and you are a fan of South Park's brand of humor, you'll love BOOK OF MORMON. Great music but really offensive on so many levels it was embarrassing.

OTHER THAN BROADWAY: Like to go to shows at rhe Count Basie Theater, Two Rivers Theater, The George Street Playhouse, the State Theater, the Strand,the Algonquin, Lincoln Center, Sun Center, NJPAC, Mayo PAC, Prudential Center, Boardwalk Convention Hall and Symphony Hall. Borgata, Revel and Caesars in Atlantic City. Loved CAVALIA and most recently TOTEM
Ringling Brothers and Cirque du Soleil are two all-time favorites

Enjoyed Blair Underwood's Broadway debut in "Streetcar".
Saw Denzel in A RAISIN IN THE SUN....very interesting.
And CicelyTyson was awesome in "Trip to Bountiful" (another TONY win!)


FAVORITE FOOD: Italian and seafood-Lobster, Shrimp and Scallops (Let me show you my two favorite restaurants in Midtown Manhattan Or maybe you could introduce me to your favorite spot in your locality.) And of course, vegetables of all kinds--especially sweet potato, greens,carrots and corn.

MUSIC -B.O.B. is lots of fun -- Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift
for making whoopie--Robin Thicke.--sweet. SEX THERAPY
Just discovered Chris Botti--Wow! Great talent
Esperanza Spalding -- Corinne Bailey Rae -- Kelly Clarkson
I Like country music as well as classical and rock.
BRAVO AMICI concert was a hoot! People thought I was part of the show!

Six things I could never do without
Actually, in my life I have learned to live without a number of things that many other people might regard as essential.
But in a perfect world with horses, Harleys, cruises, circuses, fruit smoothies and Broadway shows I would not want to be without:

-CHOCOLATE-- especially GODIVA--Yum
especially Dark and including nuts{Almonds and Cashews}
and OMG - big ripe dark-choc covered strawberries!!!

-FULL BODY MASSAGES-- (especially like hot stones)
sooo very relaxing

(Green olives and Black walnuts)
Which do I enjoy more--the crunchy taste or the juice running down my chin? although fresh veggies goes without saying
sooo good--especially Jersey corn and tomatoes.


-FLOWERS--love vivid color and fragrance can be so sensual

-VICTORIA'S SECRET--brings out the Angel in me
love silk, leather and lace
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Being thankful

My FICO score.

Meeting deadlines before they're due

The challenge of finding a balance between fulfilling my indulgences and taking care of my responsibiliIies.

My next trip. Hoping to go to Niagara Falls soon.
Haven't been for a minute and I really Love that place.

So many places, so little time. .
On a typical Friday night I am
likely to go to a live concert or theater event. .Sometimes it's dancing. There really is no "typical". There are so many things to do when you're a girl who wants to have fun.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I'm attracted to someone, I find it difficult keeping my hands to myself. I'm a very touchy-feely person. I'm like a three-year-old--if I see it I simply have to touch it. Like to hold hands when we're walking. Tactile touch is important to me.

My favorite four-letter word starting with "F"==FREE!!!
You should message me if
you are ready for a challenge and you think you can handle it.

you have a playful side and are willing to share it.

serious about getting off the sofa and the computer to actually do something

If you're capable of being sexually active and willing to do that regularly and ONLY with me - no pills and battery-operated appliances.

NOT if you're under 50. I'm not into babysitting my date.
And I'm smart enough to know that just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean there's no fire in the furnace.

you read through this page and fancy the idea of actually meeting and sharing time with me. Not just writing endless computer messages for you to have something to jerk off to

you've checked out that I've answered over 3,500 of this websites often stupid and ridiculous questions.
(and you KNOW some of those queries were really ridiculous)
What else could you possibly want to know? Oh--36C

You really should NOT bother to contact me at all if you are
(1) -HIV Positive, (2) a RECREATIONAL DRUG USER,
(3) a SMOKER, (4) over 100 miles away (5)looking for investors, OR (6) a FOREIGN-born guy looking for a GREEN CARD--

I'm just sayin'...
The two of us