47Beckley, United States
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My self-summary
(note: I'm currently exploring a relationship, so I'm not actually 'looking' right now, for anything but friendship at this time)

First - if you feel like contacting me, don't bother with the whole 'rating' thing, and then hope that I will notice and 'rate' you back. I won't. It's dumb. Just drop me a line and we'll talk.

On the other hand, I've noticed that people with a 'high percentage match' actually DO seem to have a lot in common with me.

I'm an INTJ if you know what that means.

I enjoy lots of things, mostly intellectual pursuits. I enjoy computer gaming, RPGs are usually my favorite although I also sometimes enjoy strategy and 'puzzle' type games. There is a MUD I sometimes play (ACHAEA) and have been playing for years now (with not as much character advancement as I should have, but oh well). I'm 'Fragen' on there.

I seem to have a LOT in common with people who are very math oriented, which is a little strange since math just doesn't click with me. On the other hand, I tend to very logical and practical, even when I'm having fun.

I have a passion for hand drumming. I've always enjoyed it and I purchased my first real djembe (an 11" head, Ghana hand-carved) in the summer of 2009. I hope to be buying a doumbek in the near future, for ease of carrying around at festivals and a more crisp Middle Eastern sound for Middle Eastern type drumming.

I enjoy watching deep movies (like The Razor's Edge), scary movies (not 'slasher' films for the most part, or movies where people get tortured... ugh), comedies, adventures... lots of genres. I enjoy nearly all vampire movies, but no, I'm not one of those poser gothy chicks who dresses in all black and wants to drink your blood (unless you really really want me too.... heh (j/k)). Most typical 'womens' movies put me to sleep. umm, literally.

I enjoy 'fixing' things, computers in particular. I like solving problems, and become frustrated when I can't, but fixing computers allows me to feel 'accomplished', especially when I'm putting money in my own pocket doing so. Let's face it, I'm a nerd. If you think computers are stupid or you are a complete Luddite, you should probably keep moving.

I like thinking about life and deep subjects. I like brain play. I also love my critters (but not in a perverted way). I have a really strange sense of humor. I tend to look at things differently than most people do. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD (the 'inattentive type', not the 'hyper' type), but I'm not taking anything regularly for it.

Shallow Stuff: I'm not ugly, and I'm not gorgeous. I bleach/color my hair sometimes, sometimes not, and don't care what people think about it. I prefer my hair to be shortish - I generally don't have it shorter than my jawline or much past my shoulders in length, but if hair color/length are that important you, I'm probably not for you anyway. My main profile pic is recent. I rarely wear makeup and I never 'fix my hair'. I'm not a classy girly-girl, but I'm not a pig either. I don't like 'formal' events and I would almost rather die than wear dress shoes (birkenstocks are my footwear of choice). I will very very rarely sacrifice comfort for looks.

I don't care for most sports and watching team sports on tv bores the hell out of me. I enjoy nature and hate the fact that I have seasonal allergies which usually last somewhere from August to October, my most favorite time of year. I will take allergy medicine when necessary, but I prefer to avoid it, and most other medications. I don't smoke (anything).

I have a son (4yrs old now) who is an awesome kid. I'm really not a 'kid person' and I still don't define myself as a 'mommy', but I love my son very much and spend nearly all of my time with him. I plan to homeschool. He is very social and pretty much charms everyone he meets. Even people who do not, generally, enjoy being around kids, end up liking him (note: I am one of those people who do not, generally, enjoy being around kids). lol I DO, however, enjoy being around really cool, smart, well-mannered kids.

I wish I could say that I love fashion... but I'm horrible at it. Well, not as bad as 'ugly betty', but I don't tend to turn heads, unless you've known me for a while and you're looking for something deeper.

I'm GLBTQ friendly if you're just looking for a friend (and for those of you who don't know that acronym, it means I do have gay friends and it's not a big deal, but if you're homophobic or feel threatened/disgusted by people who are gay, I'm not the gal for you). Further in that vein, I sometimes attend 'Gay Pride' events and used to go to 'gay clubs' before I had my son. I don't go to bars now.

I'm loyal and I will bend over backward to help someone I care about, but knowingly take advantage of me and I will cut you off without looking back.

I'm sarcastic and understand snarky play, but I don't tolerate abusers, manipulators or control freaks - I believe in equality unless one party is obviously more qualified in that particular area, and even then a good relationship should be respectful. Mutual respect is very important to me because once that breaks down, there's really nothing left.

I'm overweight, but not horribly so. I'm not 'ok' with being overweight (for myself at least), and it's something I'm working on and making progress. I would not be cool being with someone who was seriously overweight and NOT concerned about it.


Major turnoffs for me include:
Couch Potatoes (computer potatoes are more acceptable)
Illiterate/Uneducated/Dumb people (sorry, I'm a little elitist that way)
Dipping/Chewing tobacco. Nasty.
If you have God/Jesus/'The Bible' in your '6 Things' list.
Blank Profiles (come on... show that you care - I rarely respond to people with blank profiles)
Heavy Smokers, or people who insist on smoking indoors.
Drug Abusers, or people who do hard drugs.
Wimps - I'm not your mommy.
Extreme lack of personal hygiene
Lack of Confidence
Bad Tempers
Bar Scenes
Football/Baseball/Basketball - although I've actually played all three at some point in my life, I know of few things more boring than trying to watch most team sports on TV
Narcissists (be confident!, not narcissistic)
Little Boys - I don't mind if people are a few years younger than myself, but I'm not interested in guys who are much younger than I am. Getting around 10 years difference is pushing it. It's possible that I could date someone younger, but they would have to be very mature and not make me feel like I'm dating a little kid. So not my thing.
Illiterates and those who use 'txtspk' all the time.
I'm sure there are more....

Turn Ons include:
Being Smart, Intellectual
Preferably fairly well educated
Being Aware
Being relatively healthy
Being ok with kids (or at least with MY kid)
Having the ability to be social when necessary, and a hermit, when necessary.
Being a good male role model
Musical Talents
Enjoying Nature
Enjoying things like Hippie/Art/Music/Cultural Festivals
Being Social enough to get along with friends
Not being a total slob - or a 'neat freak'
Being passionate (about things other than sex)
Responsibility (with the ability to be spontaneous sometimes)

I am nerdy, different, and aware
What I’m doing with my life
I run my own computer repair business. I had been separated from my ex since July of 2008, but as of November 30th, 2010, I am officially divorced. I'm just getting to the point where I am starting to feel the need for male companionship again, but I have to admit to still being gun-shy.

I'm open to talking to interesting people and seeing where it goes. If you just want to talk dirty, don't even bother.

One of my good friends is of the opinion that my next 'relationship' will be with a chick. I won't completely discount that theory, but I don't consider myself to be gay or anything. I just find girls attractive sometimes. Hell, who knows (maybe I should have put that under 'the most private thing you're willing to admit'). =p That does not make me 'bi-curious'. I'm not 'curious'. At this point, I just have no clue what my next relationship will be like, if any.

I'm trying to get a storefront open for my shop very soon and I plan to go to some hippy-type music festivals this summer, as a vendor. I like hand drumming. I like fire circles. I like poi (not the food). I like hooping (but I'm not very good at it as of yet). I took about a year of Middle Eastern Dance classes, but I'm not 'fantastic' at that either. I am seriously considering moving to Asheville, NC in the near future, if I can find a way to work that out. I'm planning a trip there, to visit and check the place out very soon. I would also consider any other really cool places to move to. I am NOT 'stuck on' WV. I guess if I end up opening a store front here, I'll be 'stuck' here for a while... I'm seriously considering some sort of communal living situation.

I just recently discovered a cool website Could it be, I've finally found a 'religion' I could really connect with?? Check it out, seekers. Pretty cool stuff. :)
I’m really good at
Computers, working with animals, figuring things out, listening to people, writing (no, not published), ideas, seeing things differently.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea. People probably think I'm distant until we start talking. I look people in the eyes and I act kind of goofy when I'm excited.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books... well, I like Stephen King, Anne Rice (and her other pseudonyms, before she turned into a fundamentalist), and most other vampire books (and movies), I like reading unusual things and non-fiction as well as a good story.

I think my new favorite movie is 'The Ruling Class'. It's a Peter O'Toole movie and it's brilliant. A true example of what movies SHOULD be like (and what an amazing actor O'Toole is). With all of our advancements in technology, why don't we have more movies on a par with classics like that, instead of the crap that fills out theaters each year?

I like scary stuff and supernatural stuff, even though I'm a big skeptic. I'm not so much into most anime-type stuff. 'Hello Kitty' and Pokemon are kind of like nails on a chalkboard to me, but I do enjoy SOME animated films, weird stuff like 'Heavy Metal', and I really enjoyed watching MTV's 'Liquid Television' when it was on (is it still on? Or am I showing my age??), 'Beavis & Butthead', 'Ren and Stimpy' and 'Pinky and the Brain'. So, I guess you could say that while I detest 'cutesie' stuff, I love intense dark twisted stuff - umm don't take that as an invitation if you're 'intense dark and twisted' lol, my appreciation of those qualities only goes so far. ;)

And if YOU'RE into anime and think I'm otherwise cool and would like to be my friend, no problem. Just, you know, don't expect me to love anime... though who knows, I might learn to appreciate it.

Food - well, I'll eat almost anything. I enjoy cooking when I have the time and decent utensils. I prefer not to eat fois gras or veal, for ethical reasons. I was a vegetarian for over a decade, also for ethical reasons. I'm not a fan of factory farming and I would like to get to a place in my life, again, where I no longer support it. I would be comfortable being a vegetarian again, I think... for the most part. I'm just not sure I want to get into the depth of commitment with it that I was before. Such a pain in the ass to worry about whether or not that yummy looking dish has 'grease' in it, or to offend well-meaning, kind folks by snubbing the food they offer with "ew, meat" or whatever. I discovered that even when put into NICE terms, people get pretty offended if you refuse to eat their food 'just because it contains animal bits'.

Music - I really enjoy funky rockish, raw, folksy, alternate type music... which I realize probably doesn't give a very good image unless you know what I'm talking about. Otherwise, I can pretty much enjoy anything, but I don't care for 99% of country and rap. I say 99% because there are always the exceptions to the rule. I'll turn on the radio and sing along with just about anything that comes on, while only really liking maybe a third of the songs. *shrug*
Six things I could never do without
(in no particular order)

Intellectual Conversation
A sense of Humor
Freedom of Expression
I spend a lot of time thinking about
problems =p
I tend to internalize a lot of stress.
On a typical Friday night I am
Same as any other night. Probably messing around with my computer, online. Maybe watching a show on hulu or netflix. Sometimes hanging out with friends (I usually have to drive a good distance to do this). If it's a festival weekend, I'm probably drumming by the fire circle with a cold mixed drink of some sort (nothing too strong) and chilling with my pals.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't have many secrets really, and the few I do have will probably remain so. I'm generally pretty outspoken and honest (which means that yes, I can offend people sometimes) but hey, bullshitting people isn't cool anyway.
You should message me if
You're another weird person who wants to talk and stuff.
The two of us