32Tucson, United States
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My self-summary
How about some bullet points! Fun with punctuation:

*I like learning about other languages and gleaning other sign languages' idioms. French is in the works and Korean is on the docket.

*Irish accented blogger's Youtube channels run while I do paper work. Yes, just for the accents. :)

*My family is small and mighty. For which, I am very grateful.

*Movies, live Theatre, concerts, drag shows, circus performances, etc. ... Count me in!

*My dog spells better when she jumps on the keyboard than when I try at it.
(The jumping or the spelling. Both are true, I guess :P)

*I love to travel. Been a few places and am looking forward to thousands more.

*My pet peeve is the misuse of homonyms.

*Just joined a band in which I play at the double bass. It's all about the boom.

*The quality I most respect in others is using one's own spine. There is nothing more beautiful than an assertive person.

*I am a person who eats vegetarian. But no leafy-scripture thumping here.

Please do not contact me if you want to have children. If you have a child already, I am open to being friends. I am not open to becoming involved physically/romantically with a person who has a child.

Friend Zone Qualifications
*Hunting - Just don't jive with the act of killing things that can't even wield weapons.
*"Fat Chick" comments - If you aren't down with curves, that's alright. Being thoughtless with your speech isn't.

Please do not contact me if you do not speak at least one of these languages proficiently:
-American Sign Sign Language
-Portuguese (My skills are limited, but am in the process of picking it up.)
-Korean (I will be learning this in about a year)

Conversation is very important. With out a common language, it is not possible to know each other on the level a good relationship requires. :)
The two of us