32Austin, United States
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My self-summary
::Atypical dude seeking quirky and somewhat-conventionally-strange lady::

I understand I'm looking for a needle in a haystack, but it's hard when my perfect mix is of the rarest sorts in the world.

I've been searching far and wide for a good while, but it seems as if that sort of daring gamer-punk-princess that I would dream of, until the end of time, just resides in a different castle.

I can't give up; the ultimate match must be out there.

Let's make memories.

If you could only read my mind, you would know I've been waiting, so long to find...

an AcidBurn to my ZeroCool
Alabama / Clarence
Dizzy to my Johnny Rico
Winnie to my Kevin
Topanga / Cory
Tank Girl / Johnny Utah
Trinity to Neo
Bodacious Princess to my Theodore Logan (Rufus can come, too...)
I could go on...
Lily / Marshall
Cherry Darlin' para me El Wray
Kate to my Billy


Even though some people are completely against getting out to movies for dates, I don't mind at all.

We have some cool theaters here, and despite being a bit of a cinephile, I'm sad to say I haven't kept up.

The new Alien movie is out, and it is one of my favorite sci-fi series, since being a child.
If you can relate, you are loved. Let's check it out!
What I’m doing with my life
Killing it, inspiring people and melting minds... or so I'm told (from time to time).

Finding music whenever I can; music is life.

I like experiencing exhibits/events and places that leave impressions and marks upon the observer.

I appreciate nature and often just like to look up at the stars and sky.

Seeking the places I haven't found, yet.
Expanding my social circle...

Brushing up on skills and helping people across the land, with their business needs.

Oh and emails; sending emails, receiving emails, deleting emails... I could go on...
I’m really good at
I have been known to break out into song--
... In the car, shower or around a karaoke bar, after a couple beverages (or even without the drinks), sometimes it just flows out.
The first things people usually notice about me
Voice, tattoos (though many are hidden), attitude...
Energy, heart, drive....
I age pretty well.

Other times, the fire thing.
It's a strange feeling to awaken, opening your eyes after letting the rhythm and wind take you, to a crowd that gathering around you.

That I don't have to make up or exaggerate stories.
My life path has led me to some pretty outrageously awesome experiences with some of my closest friends.
(EG: Sorry I took you surprise-skating down the interstate, Stan; sorry you accidentally blew yourself up during our camping trip, I really tried to stop you from launching mortars out of your hands, Jason--luckily, after surgery, no limbs lost)

After these sort of moments, it's not unusual to hear that the way I move stands out.
It's not unusual to have fun with anyone.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Daniel Quinn's Ishmael is phenomenal, Palahniuk books are a cliche answer (but I love the random facts and dark humor that litter his novels).
Christopher Moore novels like The Stupidest Angel. Read it, it is funny as hell. Mildly offensive... :)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Ender's Game, A Light in the Attic + Where the Sidewalk Ends stir nostalgia.
Calvin and Hobbes, Far Side and other comic collections in the same vein are entertaining, too.

Where the Wild Things Are takes me back to old, old school.

Some movies:
RFAD, Spun, Fight Club, Lost Boys, SLC Punk, Any Tarantino, Idiocracy, Sukiyaki Western Django, Battle Royale, Kickass, Departed, 30 Days of Night, Aliens, Predator, Stargate, Death to Smoochy, Zach and Miri, Clerks1/2, Dogma, Jay Silent Bob, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Tokyo Zombie, The Fountain, Sin City, What Dreams May Come, The Last Dragon, Without a Paddle, Thirteen Ghosts, Sweeney Todd, The Boys and Girls Guide, Point Break, Pearl Harbor, Lucky # Slevin, Big Fish, The Crow, The Craft, American History X, Terminator. Commando, Jurassic Park, Pirates, Starship Troopers The Great Gatsby
Here are some more: Aliens, Predator, TMNT, Lost Boys, Gremlins, It, The Sandlot, Jurassic Park

"Did dey Misbehave?"

Sublime, Pepper, Dirty Heads, No Doubt, Incubus, The XX, Foo Fighters, loved old Green Day,
Smashing Pumpkins, NiN, Orgy, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Deftones, and Tool...
I like old AFI, MSI, The Transplants, Whole Wheat Bread, Pennywise, Bosstones Bad ReligionChildren of Bodom, She Wants Revenge, xxyyxx. Prodigy, Mt Eden, DJ Santana, Apollo 440, Orbital, AphexTwin.
Smack my what? Juno Reactor
Massive Attack

Aesop Rock, Anamanaguchi, Arctic Monkeys, Assemblage23, Beastmilk (sounds like the Misfits), Black Keys, Bloodhound Gang, Brody Dalle, Cake, Chrvches, CKY, Crystal Castles, Cults, The Cure, Cut Copy, Depeche Mode, DKM, Scroobius, Everclear, The Faint, Garbage, Garmisch, Glitch Mob, Gorillaz, Grimes, Gwen, Gym Class Heroes, Hammock, Hoobastank, Horrorpops, How to Destroy Angels, Hundred in the Hands, Kidneythieves, Lana, LCD Soundsystem, Less than Jake, Local H, Lupe Fiasco, Mars Volta, Matt and Kim, The Neighborhood

I grew up with most of the conventional consoles: Atari, commodore 64, nes, Genesis, super nes, psx, Xbox/360, Dreamcast, Wii n64, PS2/3/4
My heart is with my PC though.
It is rare for me to find someone with a larger steam collection.

Diablo, Overwatch, Borderlands, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Doom are a few of my current titles I can get lost in.
Playing a little heroes of the storm, as well, if you like mobas.
Six things I could never do without
A little bit of soul in everything I do
The best friends in the world
A warm blanket
On a typical Friday night I am
Spending some time, learning about Plizzanet Earth!

Possibly practicing an instrument, studying, watching a couple flicks, reading about wordly affairs, digging into a book, playing a game, chatting with friends, or observing the universe.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a bad meister:
Despite owning my sword for a while now (almost 6 months), I have failed to bestow it a fitting name.
I've been considering, though, naming it Dragon's Tongue...

I'm not a playa, I just crush a lot.

On a whim and with a thirst for adventure, I sort of packed up most all I owned (and all I've ever known), to high-tail it across the nation to a place I've only ever dreamt of, prior.
It's been pretty swell; I should've found a way to bring out a handful of my closest with me, though.

I'm not a fancy person, and I don't freak out when everything doesn't go according to plan.

I consider myself most like any other person here... but something, I feel, that sets me apart from most is a few extra dashes of daring.

I'm hoping to find No Ordinary [Sort of] Love

I've had the gamer couple thing, times in the past, and it's always more comfortable, fun, and made for stronger relationships, than the instances of when [we] didn't game together.
So I sort of want it back. (lol@ironing board)
(Yes, I'll play the fck out of Diablo with you, the new Necro is soon to drop, right?!)

Haven't played the original, but I'm also down for Destiny2 on PC, when it drops. Let's wreck things!

Despite me not trying to be shallow, there are definitely certain physical feature-sets that do it in for me:

Things I appreciate: fit and active.
I unabashedly am not easy to keep up with (both blessing and a curse, but if we can keep up with each other, you'd surely feel the <3), I am not needing someone who lives at the gym; but can't expect to be sufficiently compatible with someone perfectly content in being round- I've worked to stay in the shape I am in. Not to say I didn't have fun while working, but agility is a most-definite must.

Height isn't really that important.
A weakness, I have though is unnatural hair colors... I find them cute as f*ck. It's probably a punk thing....

... Being nice WILL get you far.

There's also such a thing as being too wholesome.
An individual falling into such a category is not a good match for me.
My mind is corrupted in worldly ways and I don't find guilt in enjoying the world about me.
I debate religiosity with logic and reason.


I actually feel accomplished and happy with life.
If I were to die tomorrow (not that I want to), I can honestly say: "Life was amazing, I've been surrounded by great people and I have been fortunate enough to pursue my dreams, I have seen great places, tried fun things, eaten great food, known love and loss-been beaten and broken down... but rose from the cinders, anew.
When I do go... I feel Death by Black Hole would be a fitting way to wrap things up."

I want to camp out under the Borealis.
You should message me if
you are looking for a companion/partner in crime, or good... (I'm pretty decent at that, as well)

... you sing out loud to yourself, just because letting your voice flow is just sort of sexy .
Seriously, if you are singing your heart out in the car beside me, I'd crush a bit.

I find a lot of joy in flow and to have someone who understands and feels that too. An opportunity to experience someones style when moving in fluidity can just be stunningly beautiful.

... you have an inkling suspicion that you could be that lady that I could consistently dream of.

You harbor an adventurous spirit and wouldn't mind sharing some of my hobbies--museums, skating, camping, karaoke, etc--
I have a lot to see.

I dig geeky, sweet, happy ladies.
Though I probably prefer the shy type over one with a consistently boisterous presence.

... if you feel it'd be worthwhile to say hello, do so.
The two of us