26Szeged, Hungary
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My self-summary
Hi, I'm Tamás.

I'm a lanky and lively individual with an obsession with knowledge and metal music among many other things.

Putting a person's true nature' in written form is practically impossible, so probably just read on and draw your own conclusion.

For the lazy, here's a TL;DR in the form of a heap of tags:

tall; long hair; intellectual; communicative; biking; hiking; coding; metal; weird philosophy; crafting; lots of thinking; tea all day erry day; sometimes gloom but humorous nonetheless.

INTJ if you give a damn about Myers-Briggs'
What I’m doing with my life
Staying in one place seems to be done very nicely right now. My main goal right now is to find a better job, then perhaps move abroad later.

On the personal level, I spend a significant amount of time trying to grasp the biggest enigma of the universe, the self.

Trying to not be crushed under the weight of the answers I found.
I’m really good at
I'm very skilled with my hands, crafting, tweaking and fixing things; I'd prefer to have a workshop in the future so I can make my own stuff.

I can "cook", meaning I can accurately follow instructions in recipes to a decent degree of success.

I studied programming in high school and university. One of my favourite constructive hobbies if I decide to stay indoors.

I also like intelligent debates and talks, learning and figuring out the nuances of our world and each other and sharing opinions to get a clearer picture about this complex system of everything. My hunger for knowledge and solving problems is insatiable.

I have an outstanding ability in meticulously overcomplicating anything.
The first things people usually notice about me
I really don't know which of my characteristics are most noticeable, since no one really points them out. I am pretty sure I have a tendency to either talk too little or too much.

Since I am tall, have a quite long hair and dress almost mostly in black, these could draw some looks I presume.

Almost everyone tells me to slow the fuck down when walking with me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Scientific and educational material, discussions. I'm terribly fussy with books. I usually dislike books, but there are random things that catch my attention and truly entertain me.

Mostly metal, usually on the more extreme side of it; black, death and progressive, many of the other. I'm weirdly specific in this regard, mainly due to simple familiarity. However I can appreciate quality music of any kind and truly detest most radio pop.

There aren't many foods I particularly like or I dislike, I like quality and fresh meat, vegs and fruit. I can't resist snacks if offered, but I try to not indulge much.

One thing that I always like to have is tea. Any kind as long as it's Camellia sinensis instead of fruit chippings, but I prefer it, you guessed it, black.

I don't watch much television; I rarely watch movies. I don't dislike them, but they don't hold my attention too well.

Occasionally when our whole group is available, we play D&D sessions. Which is about four times a year, if we're lucky.
I still play video games, though much less than I used to.
Six things I could never do without
Apart from the basic biological needs:
Music, to keep my mind on the rails.
The internet, for entertainment and learning.
Tea, tea, tea. All day erry day.
My group of close friends.
A few sturdy clothes and a pair of good footwear. Best in black.
Not forgetting tea.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
That every single object in our world is just made up of energy waves in the form of probability fields.
That biological life is just replication machines with a gigabyte scale tetrachrome helix barcode as it's source code.
That cognition came into being as a separate system just to optimize the preservation of the aforementioned life.
And that even knowing all this I still have no clue what game I'd like to play tonight...
On a typical Friday night I am
My schedule is FUBAR so Friday is not a special day for me.
As for going out, I rather be alone than in the company of dozens of total strangers. Meeting regularly with my friends and friends-of-friends is plenty enough for me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't share private things with strangers, and what I would share with strangers is by definition not private.
You should message me if
If you think you can get along well with someone who thinks a bit differently and probably a lot more than the average.

If you have a good question or perhaps a good answer, I'm all ears (or actually eyes, in this case)

Or if you just want to.
The two of us