39Ottawa, Canada
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My self-summary
My strength of will and the fierceness of my spirit are the stuff that legends are made.

So this is my version of the 'scholarships thang,' and the 'writing a test thang,' and the 'it is not about being smart thang' which I still do not understand, to be honest. I mean, I get the money part. If you want to get noticed, why don't you do something with it?


I never quit, I always win, and I am pathologically incapable of accepting defeat. I have to win. I have to, I have to, I have to (moral imperatives aside, of course). Some might call me crazy.

I am also young, hip, fresh, entertaining, confident, stubborn, intelligent, trustworthy, creative, responsible, hard working, forceful, insistent, active, moody, impatient, demanding, controlling, greedy, cute, witty, stylish, pushy, competitive, FUCKING BRILLIANT and highly image-concious. I'm the boss babe, get used to it. I am also a sucker for a nice pair of ... shoes.

More adjectives: classy, free-spirited, first-rate, ambitious, challenging, earnest, handsome, sexy, ....

And lest we forget, 'charismatic'. Strong, agile, tough, smart and wise as well, if it comes to it. This is not a game, babe. It does not cancel out. Some guys are just too perfect.

A gentleman scholar of sorts ('The Guys Who Read Books', as they are known in the modern age), I study ... alright, this is what I study. Computer science, relational mathematics, statistics and high energy physics. These fields are of course all the same thing.
At least there is one meritocracy left on this great green Earth, because you are not going to find it in the universities.

I am impromtu, commanding, and decisive
What I’m doing with my life
Working my way up to enslaving myself to a first rate nuclear or plasma quantum field theorist. A hot one, preferably. Dare I dream.
I’m really good at
OK you know what, here's a list of things I _can't_ do: sing, draw, swim, dead lifts, hit a ball, throw a ball, I suck at hockey, when I try and write fiction I'm too sarcastic, I can't yo-yo tho I can juggle, choosing universities to study at (I guess that is why you are not supposed to pick it because it was the cheapest) ) ... will be updated if and when I think of things ...
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes. My voice. My insistence on excellence and my dissatisfaction with mediocrity.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Pizza, Shawarma and ... pizza. And Shawarma. GOTO 10.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
"I'm like in love with him ... I can't even look at him ... why does he like (her sister) ... why does he have to be so weird?"

I am seven feet tall, I shoot lightning bolts from my eyes and fireballs from my ... wait ... that's not me, nvm.

"He's wearing the same shirt from the website."

Also, I am actually only about 6' 0.33" but I just say 6' 1". I always seem taller, anyway. Commanding, and all that.

Two universities in my city. I could have picked Software Engineering at the good one, no I had to take Physics at the shitty one.
You should message me if
Two universities in this city, I don't stay here for the shitty libraries.

Well actually I am looking for a chick who plays games. Now last time I checked there were two or even lets say three chicks who into me who are like "my friend plays games". But that's not the point. What I am looking for is a chick who plays games.
The two of us