49Watsonville, United States
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My self-summary
I imagine writing a bio is difficult for most people. It certainly is for me. How does one describe oneself concisely while still conveying the full flavor of who one is? I guess by not blathering on with such existential questioning.

The central core of my self identity is my spiritual practice. I am a long-time long time practitioner of Buddhism}} of the [[Vajrayana ( [Tibetan Buddhism ) persuasion. That is the meat of my spiritual life however it heavily seasoned with Paganism, Kabbalah, Hermetics, Taoism and Shivite Tantra. My core passions are transformation – personal and global transformation I am interested in being the fullest expression of the human potential (which is nothing less then divine) I can be and helping all life do the same. Yes I am out to save the world – it’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it

I have been polyamorous since I was 10(not by name mind you). At that point it was more theoretical then applied as I was a bit socially misfited at the time and didn’t actually have any sustained lovers until I was 19. It was at that tender age, however, that I decided monogamy made no sense to me. I didn’t understand what jealousy and possession had to do with love. When I was 19 I got involved in the Pagan/Magick scene in L.A. and theory was put into practice and I have been practicing polyamoury ever since, with a great deal of hands on experience with wide range of situations.

Polyamoury is the natural expression of my spirituality and passion for transformation. I see relationships and sexuality as paths of transformation. I was never able to separate my sexuality and my spirituality. My earliest sexual fantasies where of making love in temples and sacred grove.(yes when I was 10) sometimes with one other and sometimes with multiple partners. Transfromational Passion(Sacred Sexaulity) is a pervasive theme of my passion for transformation.

In terms of my orientation I consider myself an aspiring pansexual. I am currently more of a Pansflexibual (I think language should be molded to our needs so I make shit up as I go) with a habitual leaning toward those who have biological attributes of a female but I am open to sharing intimacy with those of other gender and sexual identities. I have had both cisgendered female and cisgenderd male lovers but none of other identities, yet I am open to new possibilities. I am cisgendered but have since I was a teenager valued cultivating inner androgyny.

While I am definately sapiosexual I would more say I am sophisexual (I am turned on by wisdom and the pursuit of wisdom/compassion) and Sacrosexual ( I am turned on by those who dive deep into the experience of the Sacred - As far as I know I made these terms up :-) )

I am a trained healer in many modalities (bodywork, energywork, and breath etc.)

On the lighter sight I am an unrepuntant (umm… I mean unrepentant) punster. My style is sort of shotgun approach. Just let am fly and sooner or later one or two will hit the mark and be funny. I can also make a sexual innuendo out of almost any statement. If it can be found I will find it. Humor is a big part of how I take in life. I am a big fan of stand-up comedy. Bill Hick being way out in the lead as my favorite comedian of all time and Eddie Izzard is my current living favorite.

My main form of entertainment is movies – I love ‘em. I must confess my tastes run more towards the Hollywood blockbuster type with a strong preference for action, comedy and Sci-fi. I have, however, been known to enjoy a good drama and even a foreign film now and again. I also love dancing but I am not much into the club scene.

I enjoy reading fiction (fantasy and Sci-fi mostly) but don’t find much time for it. My favorite fiction author is Tom Robbins.with Jim Butcher running in second at the moment.

I love fine food, especially of the Asian persuasion with Thai food topping the list followed by sushi. I am a good cook especially with a wok.

In summery I am loving, compassionate, nurturing, passionate, open minded, spacious, intensely spiritual and ecstatic about my life. On the one hand, I know more or less where I am going and what my life is about. On the other hand, I embrace and swim in the mystery of it all.

I am Compassionate, Passionate, and Outside of the box
What I’m doing with my life
Actively Engaged in freeing all beings from suffering is the main thing. The means I use for this is practicing Global Alchemy - the art and science of becoming the change I want to see in the world and expressing that into the world through heart centered visionary engagement with it. At the present time my focus is on what I་་་call the "Personal Alchemy" aspect of global alchemy. I am intent on more fully integrating all levels and aspects of my being and life to daily accomplish the great wiork of expanding the expression of my life as a stream of inexhaustible benefit for all beings.
I’m really good at
.. Investigating reality and Spiritual practice (meditation, ritual, alchemy, magick, consciousness expansion/alteration, understanding/applying spiritual texts and principles, etc.)

I am good at communicating knowledge, insight and experience.

I am very good at most thing that are based on creativity and or "intellect" . I put intellect in quotes because I recognize many kinds of intelligence but I am especial adept at the ones that our culture has classically recognized as "intelligence" that is to say I am skilled in linguistic, logical, mathematical conceptual kinds of intelligence. I have found very few areas of knowledge and skills that I have a hard time learning except those require high levels of fine muscle hand eye coordination like painting, drawing, etc

I am good at thinking and living "outside the box"
The first things people usually notice about me
My warmth and my intellect.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I love too many books to list here. My reading time is usually taken up by books that support my engagement of Global Alchemy

I also love a lot of movies but I will list a few: Matrix, Devils Advocate, I(heart) Huckabee, Pay it Forward, The Harry Potter Movies (and the books) the Shrek trilogy, The Incedibles (There is 'short' that played with it and is on the DVD that I loved) Hoodwinked, The Breakfast Club, Not Another Teen Movie, American Dream, Holy Smoke.

Music: Spiritual, World Beat, Progressive Rock (leaning towards Hard) My current fave is Tool, Long time fan of U2 but think they peaked at Joshua Tree. Rusted Root are amazing live, you cant not dance. I can enjoy most genres however it rare that I get excited by most rap, punk, extreme metal and country.
Six things I could never do without
Vajrayana Dharma, Compassion, Passion, Samaya, my Bodhisattva Vows, clean water, my vision of possibilities.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The True Nature of Reality and How to create a sustainable global civilization grounded in deep recognition of our interconnection with each other, all life and the environment. (all life and environment is a bit redundant but used for the sake of clarity)
On a typical Friday night I am
engaged in some project of Global Alchemy or watching a movie
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am Polyamorous (though I said that already). I am very sexual. Good Hentai turns me on
You should message me if
If you are passionate about personal and/or Global Transformation. If you want to be part of the change this world needs.
The two of us