46Rome, Italy
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My self-summary
* Sailor & Skipper (just for hobby)
* Water-sport lover
* Motorbiker (BMW GS, of course! What else?)
* Argentianian Tango dancer (still intermediate, I'm learning for only 4 years)
* Books reader
* Traveller

I am a funny brave guy who likes enjoyng the life and meeting openminded people.

Some people think (probably because I have written my profile in English as this is an International site instead many Italian guys have their profile in Italian) that I'm English/ American/Canadian guy living in Italy. Unfortunately, they are completely wrong.
I’m 100% Italian, I was born in Naples (Napoli) in the South of Italy from both parents 100% Italian and I lived there for the first 30 years of my life.
Despite the Neapolitans (like Kurdish, Rom and dwarfs) are some of the minorities most mistreated worldwide, I'm very proud to be a Southerner guy from Naples ;)
Though there are some of my photos sailing on a yacht, I'm not a "professional" skipper: I'm a skipper but I sail just for myself and my friends pleasure :)

Usually some people think I'm a Gentleman but, unfortunately, they are completely wrong, besides, please, don't say that I'm a gentleman to the women as I prefer they think I'm a rough boy.
I have never been a shy person, I presume that is because i am very deep set in my beliefs, I mean in the sense, I do not pretend to be someone I am not, I prefer that someone likes me for who I “REALLY” am and thus I prefer to be me all the time.
If someone does not like me for me, well then we are both much further ahead.

I'm not cool nor gorgeous but I have an extremely well trained and powerful BRAIN and I always use it.
I don't like the mainstream, I don't have the same taste of most people and I think differently from the majority opinion.
I'm the voice out of the choir ;)

My personal e-mail account "Myskin" is not an English word ("my skin", which is a little bit silly) but is a Russian surname (Мышкин, the right transliteration from Russian should be [Myškin]) that comes from a famous novel.
(For the few people who knows who is Knjaz' Myshkin: I don’t identify myself in him at all; in fact, I’m thinking to change my nick-name in Stavrogin or Azazello!)

I like travelling, receiving "some kind" of guests (very special-and-interesting people), sailing, scuba diving, skiing, learning and speaking foregners languages (especially Russian and French), reading, clubbing, hang out with friends, eating food and drinking red wine.

I can do almost everything. I can cook tasty. I can forgive and understand everything.

I have no superiority complex and I am happy to have friends from all walks of life.
I love travelling and hope to meet nice and interesting people from all over the world. I'm interested in most aspects of life - especially the ones you can read above here ;)
(Actually, I can't stand the people who say: "I like the beauty" because usually only few people like the ugliness ;-)

Travelling is for me more than just sightseeing. It means to explore other cultures and even more to meet people from the places we visit - to hear their stories and their approach to live. This is what makes this club very special to me. I love to taste local food, maybe to learn some recipes from the place. I love local markets, beautiful nature, music, cultural events or just cruising through pubs and coffeehouses.

Personal Philosophy: living in harmony with the nature and the Earth.
I trust myself. Despite I had a Spartan/rigid education and I work very hardly, during my spare time I'm quite a hedonistic person and I love to be surrounded by the "beauty".

I'm a quite good cook and I can teach how to cook the Italian food, especially in a very delicious "style" of Naples
This is the Neapolitan cuisine Bible (750 pages!)

What I’m doing with my life
Open minded, friendly, who likes having fun...funny people who loves life...
I like to meet with people, who are honest and truthful. I pay much attention to the saying "A friend in need is indeed", even though I always try my best to solve problems myself.
I’m really good at
I can teach:
- the Italian language, if you are interested in;
- how to cook the Italian food, especially in a very delicious "style" of Naples
- something about astro-phisics: the stars, the black holes, the quasars, the origin of the Universe.
- I'm learning Russian language for 6 years... but I'm not so proud of my Russian (still beginner level) and I would like to improve it :)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a motor biker and a skipper... so I'm interested in motorbikes and yachts ! :)
I'm an HI-FI audio equipment enthusiast and a photographer as well.
Computers / Internet, Cooking, Fitness, Movies, Photography, Reading books and magazines
PLAY SPORTS Boating (sailing boat), Rowing, Scuba diving, Running, Skiing, Water polo
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
70's rock
(Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Jefferson Airplane)
70's Progressive rock
(Genesis, King Crimson, Van der Graaf Generator, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Yes)
80's post-punk, new wave and gothic rock
(Clash, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Cure, This mortal coil, Dead can dance)
90's grunge Seattle rock
(Nirvana, Mud Honey, Jane's Addiction)
(Steely Dan, D. Fagen, D. Sylvian,)

classical symphonic
(Rachmaninov, Stravinskij, Schubert, Shostakovich, Borodin, Dvorjack).

Russian litterature: Dostoevskij, Tolstoj, Goncharov, Gogol, Bulgakov, Pushkin.

Science fiction and Fantasy: J.R.R. Tolkien, Lovecraft, Poe, Asimov, Vance, Herberth, Simmons.

Other: Hesse, Stendhal, Conrad, Amado, Marquez, Blixen, Le Carre', Eco, Pennac, Luther Blisset (Wu Ming).

Desmond Morris, Marvin Harrys, Stephen Hawking.

S. Kubrick (Barry Lyndon, A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A space Odissey),
R. Scott (The Duellists, Blade runner, Alien),
David Lynch (Dune, Wild at heart, Mulholland Dr.)
F.F. Coppola (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Dracula),
M. Scorsese (Taxi driver, New York New York, After hours),
S. Leone (Per Un Pugno Di Dollari -A Fistful of Dollars, For a few dollars more - Per qualche dollaro in più, The good, the bad and the ugly - Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo, C'era Una Volta Il West -Once Upon A Time In The West, Giù la testa - Fistful of Dynamite, Once Upon a Time in America - C'era una volta in America),
Terry Gillian (Brazil),
John Milius (Big wednsday),
Michael Cimino (The Deer Hunter) (to be continued...)
Six things I could never do without
reading books
good quality food and drinks
water (sea, sailing and water sport)
doing sport
listening to the Music

If you want to know why I didn’t mention “sex”, you could ask me ;)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The origin of the Universe (aka Big Bang), Solar System and Planet Earth.
And the origin of the Life on planet Earth.
And how the Human beings came from apes...
On a typical Friday night I am
In the section below "I’m looking for" I have clicked on "casual sex" as well, but it doesn't mean that I'm keen of casual sex.
I'm most interested in having a sexual relation with someone for a while instead casual sex.
Moreover, in my experience, women seem to be more interested in casual sex than the men are supposed to do.
However, if the only thing one may give to me is casual sex, maybe I could be available to take her offer ;)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The Ok cupid compatibility test is maybe the more stupid thing I have never read in whole my life :)

Despite I'm an experienced scuba diver, I have seen the most interesting things under-the-see doing... snorkeling! :O

Swimming with coral reef grey sharks (2 mt) in Belize coral reef natural park, close to San Pedro Isalnd & devil fish (Manta birostris) in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt! Amazing!!!
You should message me if
You are fun and don’t take life (and yourself) too serious

You are at least sometimes wild and spontaneous
You can laugh about the world and yourself
You can do without your cell phone
You think that it's more of a quality to stand up again than not to fall

VERY YOUNG GIRL : pls don't message me, you just turn on my fatherhood-sense, I won't answer to anybody who isn't at least 21 years old.

WOMEN WHOM I DO NOT ANSWER TO: pls don't get upset and don't keep sending texts full of resentment, there is no commitment to anybody or duties (at least here thanks God).

It is definitely weird to find how many girls on this site write down on their profile that they are “open-minded”.
Indeed, they think that being “open-minded” is something related to the way they “think” instead something they “do”.
They make a big confusion between “open-minded” and “tolerant”. As they simply allow the other people do/think what the people do/think, they think that they are “open-minded”.
Actually, they only pretend to be “open-minded” because they don’t do anything which could be considered “open-minded” but, in the opposite, they are extremely conservative.
Have a look at those pictures taken from the Burning Man festival 2012 (Nevada, USA). If you really can (un)dress like that, likely you are really open-minded ;)

Yes, I'm a burner and despite I have never been in Nevada I’m a member of the Italian Burning community and I often attend to the burning festivals which take place somewhere in Europe (especially Nowhere....)
The two of us