30 Oulu, Finland
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My self-summary
Updating again, many things that have changed or, which I just want to write differently....

Well.... I am the kind of person I am, I don't try to act something I am not. I have done a lot of self "questioning" in the way that I try to understand why I think and act the way I do. Sometimes I might do it a little bit too mutch of that self analyzing, but the only way to build any real relationships with anyone is to know yourself. And trying to know yourself. Though that is a lifetime exploration that will never end.

I don't want to judge people very easily and there aren't many things which I feel very absolut... Whenever I meet a new person, I try to think things from their aspect. I don't think that I am in anyway a person that knows the truth or for that matter perfect, but then again who is. There is many people and so there is many different opinions and right decisions. My decisions aren't the best possible to someone else and so on. I have my morals that I pretty mutch listen to always, as I would not feel right if I would brake them in any situation, but I do not try to push my morals to other people either. In a relationship some differences of these things though might be a bit too problematic differences, but in a friendship it really does not matter to me even if the other person has a lot different morals than I do.

What else would I say in here... I have had quite a good life at this point, even thou there has been some things that I would be happy to have never happened, but thouse things have also defined me to the person that I am now... I should never take my mistakes or bad experiences away, as if I would they would change me into someone that I would not even know.

I suppose I am quite geeky girl. As I like to play computer games. =) The one of the first games I have played in my life is the so called HOMM 3.... Herous of the might and magic 3.... =) So if one knows that game, you know what kind of things I like to play myself. Listed some more games below that I have liked a lot.

At the moment I just participated in a real table top RPG game (even if it was through internet) a little while ago, and can't wait to continue it. Should probably try and find the courage to get into a real table top game here in Oulu too, but we will see at what point would I be able to do it right now though.

I also like some creative things like writing and drawing, and photography. I am ok at drawng, it's mostly for fun though, a bit better in taking photous, but not spectacular and pbably the best in writing. I have many stories in my mind that I would want to tell someday, but it ain´t going to happen, if I do not activly try and make it happen. So we shall see.

I am going to write more as time goes by....

Juu, tälläinen melko tavallinen tyttönenhän minä. Tuntuu suorastaan kummalliselta kirjoittaa tähän suomeksi joten jätän lyhyeksi... =) Kyllähän suurin osa tuota englantia ymmärtää ja sillä kun tuota on jo aiemmin pitkälti kirjoittanut niin...

"Elämä on elämistä varten", voisi luultavasti olla mottoni.

I am genuine, hopefull, and trustfull
What I’m doing with my life
I am studying educational sciences in the city of Oulu.
I’m really good at
Well... I don't really want to say that I am gooood at something... I can say what I like to do and what I think I am quite good at... I like writing, drawing and photography. So I like many creative things. I also like to think many many kind of things.

I am good at listening to other people and pretty good at talking about many different things as well. On the other hand for some reason I always find it hard to ask questions. I am more than happy to answer them however, and I suppose I kind of feel that if the other person wants to tell me after I have answered their qestion their point of view then that would be the ideal way of going forward... I am also quite honest, sometimes it might be hard to say something to the other person, like a no, but trying to learn how to do that as well. Still as honest as I can be, and sometimes just a bit too nice I suppose.

I am good at different kind of computer games as well, is that a good thing or a bad thing, that's entrily a different thing.
The first things people usually notice about me
I may be quite quiet at first, but that doesn't mean I don't like to talk.. And I smile a lot. =)

But mostly I am more quiet meeting people face to face, in the internet it's a lot easier to talk when your shy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) The book I am reading right now is The Dark Tower 5 from Steaphen King... I like it and usually I read mostly fantasy books. I also read manga, though it's been a long time from reading it now. Mostly have had no time to read for fun.

B) Well... Nothing special comes to mind... I have liked Princess Mononoke, There will be blood, Memento, The Butterfly effect, Clock work orange, The Fall, Psychko and Pan's Labyrint for example. Many other movies, but I usually prefer to play something than watch something.

From anime series Death Note would be my favorite.

C) All kind of music goes... It's always nice to try listening to different kind of music that some other people listen to...
Here I will name a few band which I like... from across different music genres: Adiemus, Depech mode, Enya, Juno reactor, Lacuna coil, and if I would name a few finnish bands as well: Maj karma, Silentium, Zen Cafeand Värttinä.

Hevy metal with singing you can't even understand usually goes a little too far for me though.

D) Nothing special to say here... I like many traditional finnish foods, but I like to try many different kinds of foods as well.

Goin to add Games section here, why not:
E) I like many different kind of games, always been a gamer. Started from 8 bit nindendo, to DOS computer, and having window's computer when I got to my teenage years.

I actually like older games generally speaking a lot more than the new ones. Some of my all time favorites (whitch some I met only at older age) would definitly be:
Baldur's Gate 2, Herous of Might and Magic 3, Jagged Alliance 2, Arcanum, Dungeon Keeper 2, Age Of Wonders etc.
So mostly a bit more RPG games and some a bit more strategit games usually.

At the moment I am mostly waiting for Wasteland 2. Donated for it's kickstarter. In the meanwhile I played Legend of Grimrock through with the hardest difficulty and the old schoold map mode.... Was great to create your maps actually, certanly knew where you were in a completly different way than in many other games. =)

The game I pretty mutch spend the most time in at the moment on the other hand is..... World of Tanks. As crazy as it sounds, but I have really enjoyed it. Well, it's a nice grinding game, where I at least need to do something. One of the main problems generally of why I dislike many of the modern games, is the fact things are meant to be as effortless as possibly to the player.... Fast travel from place A to B.... etc, I don't know why Skyrim canät have stables or any "normal" way to fast travel, I feel like I am cheating if I immidiatly just click to a place to get there, without even walking to a stable or docks and paying for the travel.... Well things are mostly aimed for casual gamers now days.
The six things I could never do without
Of course my loved ones are pretty mutch the first priority, and after that nature overall and animals. I love finnish forest's and love the silentness of the woods. I also really would have hard time coping without a computer, really have just always been a gamer and always will be a gamer. Hope in general is one of my big ideals that I try to keep up even if it sometimes can get hard to do.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Pretty mutch anything. A little less of some philosophical questions like I used to think, buut.... Well you can pretty much at least try and start a conversation with me about anything, will know after that if I am interested in the certan topic or not. =)
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually I don't do anything special... I really am not a party person, so usually like to do some relaxing things on my own or with friends.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't know... I am more willing to talk of myself personally to others, and it would be strange to write anything special to this.

Plus I actually have already said a lot of how I think in the self summary, so not sure what to write on this part.
You should message me if
If you would like to possibly have a new friend, or ask a question etc. I am pretty open person, and happy to talk almost about anything really.

Though I am happy to be a single at the moment, so not really looking for a relationship, as I have kind of just pretty mutch broken from a relationship (or it is kind of an edge at the moment, will see better after the summer perhaps), so not ready to think about one. And I don't do short term dating, so friendship is the thing I am mostly only looking for right now, you can never have too many friends. =)

And Please if we have talked and you decide to delete your account at some point for whatever reason, do please let me know about it. So I can keep in touch or would know the reason for it at least. It is quite unhappy suprise to find out someone has deleted their account when you are about to write them a message...