49Moscow, Russia
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My self-summary
Hi :) I enjoy travel, and learning about other cultures and languages. So my professional employment as a consultant is a way of getting to live and work in various different countries. I have just moved from Russia to France, and I expect to be here for some time. I have a healthy lifestyle: non-smoker, Yoga, meditation, fitness, enjoy outdoor activities (and indoor activities too ;)) A wide range of interests including: Art, Asian philosophy, Ballet (watching not performing), Birdwatching, Camping, Computing, Environmental issues, Gardening, Haiku, Health & fitness, Hiking, Languages, Lazing in the sun on a beautiful beach (preferably naked), Learning anything new, Martial arts, Mathematical modeling of complex dynamic systems, Meditation, Movies, Physics, Poetry, Psychology, Reading good fiction or educational books, Scuba diving, Spending quiet time in beautiful natural environments, Sumie painting, Tantra, Thinking, Travel, Vegetarian cooking, Walking, Watching the rain from somewhere warm & comfortable, Yoga, Zen. Plus I'm also open-minded about adding to this list. I'm a visual-kinaesthetic person and my ideal partner is a healthy, intelligent, educated, open-minded, self-respecting, caring, attractive, slim, and sensual woman with whom I can share similar & different interests & experiences together, for our mutual benefit, personal growth, and pleasures in a loving, caring way. In addition to a lover / girlfriend / relationship, I might possibly also be interested in being "just friends".

I am international, inquisitive, and happy
What I’m doing with my life
I will fill this in later, perhaps, if I have time.
Right now I'm too busy with my life ;-)
I’m really good at
Oh, I'm far too modest to say :)
The first things people usually notice about me
Depends entirely on the people themselves.
I can't answer this question on behalf of other people ;-)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
a) Books:
Some of my favorite authors include: Arthur C. Clarke, Joseph Conrad, Chin-Ning-Chu, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, John Fowles, Khalil Ghibran, William Gibson, Robert Johnson, Barbara Kingsolver, S.P.Somtow, George Soros, Neal Stephenson, Sun-Tsu, Nicholas Nassim Taleb, Mario Vargas-Llosa, ..... and many more, including classical Western & Eastern literature (such as the TaoTeChing, GoRinNoSho, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Dhammapada, Sutras of Patanjali, etc). With a few special exceptions, I usually read most books only once, but I do often read many different books in parallel at (more or less) the same time. If we consider books of poetry too, then I could also add to the list Basho, Lucian Blaga, Blake, .....

b) Movies:
Favorite movie directors include: Francis Ford Cuppola & Quentin Tarrantino (USA), Akira Kurosawa (Japan), Peter Weir (Australia), Werner Hertzog & Wim Wenders (Germany), Louis Malle (France), Andrei Tarkovsky (Russia). My favorite film stars include Nicolas Cage.

c) Music: Basically I like almost everything except rap. My favorite music is very ecclectic and doesn't fit into any specific, well-known genre.

d) Food: Japanese food, Vegetarian food, Thai food, Indian food, avocados, fresh coconut, tropical fruits especially: strawberry, rambutan, mango, mangosteen.

e) And what about ART ?? .... very important !!
Favorite sculptors: Rodin. Also the Graeco-Buddhist Gandharra statues were beautiful (before they were destroyed by the Taliban).
Favorite painters: The French Impressionists, and also Canadian Impressionism (The Group of 5 + Tom Thompson, etc).
Favorite Japanese art: Hokusai, Sumie-style painting.
Other Asian art that I like: Tibetan / Nepali.
Also I really like good erotic photography, such as for example Guido Argentini's "Silver" series, and others .....
Six things I could never do without
Air, water, food, shelter, beauty, love/friendship.
(And I enjoy good sex too, but I can do without it if/when I have to).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
For now, please just read the rest of my profile if you are interested. Here are some keywords that I might use if I'm looking around for .....
You, perhaps ??, Yoga, Yogi, Yoni, :),Your's ?:)),Semi-Vegetarian, Vegetarian,Dhammapada,Shambala,Patanjali,
On a typical Friday night I am
?? Typical? What's "typical"?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I wrote this in some detail earlier, but it was very, very sexy. As a result, even my computer became so excited and hot and wet that she almost melted. So now you just have to use your own imagination.

You should message me if
Firstly my sincere apologies to you, dear reader, if I have left your message unanswered. I have not visited OKCupid for quite some time.
What I can confirm is that OK Cupid's matching system really works VERY well. I found my ideal partner here at OK Cupid, and I am no longer available for dating. I wish you as much happiness as I have found with the wonderful woman who I met here at OK Cupid. Thanks also to the OKCupid staff for this excellent website and for bringing me such happiness. :-) :-)
The two of us