50Chicago, United States
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My self-summary
Highlights… Born in South Africa…but moved to Boston when I was a kid. Lived in a few different places, and spent a year in Israel, went to college in Philadelphia and graduate school in Chicago. I spent a couple of years racing my bicycle semi professionally (and when I say semi...I suppose I should say semi semi semi...). But the upside...I got to workout all day long...and shave my legs...without even having to be gay (not that there is anything wrong with that... :-)). I earned enough if I was lucky to get me to the next race.

I’m now a father of three incredible boys…which I consider it a true privilege to be their father. It isn’t a right or an obligation…but rather a pure privilege.

Phew...I'm tired already.
What I’m doing with my life
WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE? What...have you been talking to my mother? Did she ask you to ask me this question?

I wish I could tell you that I'm working on a solution to world hunger, bringing peace to the middle east and figuring out why your chocolate got stuck in my peanut butter...but I have the privilege of running a couple of companies...between that and being a fully committed dad...my days seem to get filled. Oh yeah...and searching for you. A seemingly full time job in itself. Would you quit hiding? Come on out. I'm over here... Marco?.....Polo!... Marco?

With a bit more seriousness, I don't think what I'm looking for is so simple...but then again...if it was...OK Cupid wouldn't be making a bunch of money off of all of us. Being direct, I'm somewhere in the middle of searching for 'Mrs. Right'...and my 'Mrs. Right Now'. Personally...I find it empty searching for Mrs. Right Now...but overly limiting searching for Mrs. Right. Frankly...I'm not even sure she exists. That being said, I do enjoy trying to make new connections. No...that isn't code for a one night stand sex romp. It is English for...I don't want to only expose myself to the potential Mrs. Right...and if she isn't her...sever all relationship. Forgive me...but I enjoy meeting new people...and if I'm lucky...making a new friend. So... I welcome the chance to meet new people...but please don't plan on me asking you to marry me within the first 100 or so dates. :-). That seems to be way to much pressure...and way to limiting.
I’m really good at
*Self Reflection (Did I really just say that? Why?)

*Laughing at the world....and almost everything in it.

*I'm even better...at laughing at myself (feel free to join in...all are welcome.)

*Being a father (I know this for a fact... When my one son was was four he gave me a "#1 Dad" sign he won with his tickets at Dave & Busters... He couldn't have given it to me if it wasn't true.

*Being honest (with myself and others)

*Playing cards (not necessarily proud of it...but that wasn't the question)


*My job

*I've been told kissing (soft lips)...but I suggest you find out for yourself.

*Giving massages.

Wow...kind of a short list. I better get back to my self help guide. A lot to work on....
The first things people usually notice about me
First of all, I hope it isn't my picture in the post office. It's so hard to get a good profile shot. And orange jumpsuits really aren't my color. I don't think they go well with my eyes. Other than that...I don't know. Never really asked. If you tell me...I'll be able to answer this question with better clarity. Maybe back in the day....it was my shaved legs...(see above).

I would hope that the thing they remember is my sense of humor. If I made you laugh...it was a good day.

(This all being said, what does it matter what other people notice...it only matters what you think. The rest are of no consequence at this point).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm not deflecting the question...but the mix is too eclectic to mention. Also, I sort of live in the now. I don't spend much time reflecting on passed experiences. Additionally...I admit that I have a poor memory...so I don't easily recall all of my life's experiences. This being said...

Movies- Breaking Away (no...I didn't go to Indiana)
Music- A lot...but basic classic rock and blues is a strong preference
Food- Almost anything. Dive bar over fancy french restaurant

It isn't the thing that is memorable...it's the who that I was with when I did it.
Six things I could never do without
My children
My integrity
My sense of humor

(sorry...I couldn't come up with another two...These four are enough for me. I'm not greedy. :-))
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Well...in truth...I don't spend a lot of time dwelling on anything.

I have a job where there seems to be a new crisis each day. I spend my time dealing with the issues of the day...not worrying too much about tomorrow. I'll worry about that when tomorrow comes.

This being said...every time I'm on this site I do spend time wondering...given how many women can "easily go from jeans and sandals to a black tie affair"...How many black tie affairs are people going too? I might get invited to one...maybe two a year. (And that's an overstatement. Am I really that much of a social leper...missing out on hundreds of black tie affairs?). Is it really that much of a skill set to be able to peak on those two days? And that supposes that you were first out hiking in some forest before the event and had to rush home to get ready. Interesting. I guess I have to learn to live on the edge more. Sometimes I do wonder though how long it will take to go from the little black dress to nothing... But that is a completely different issue. Whoops...TMI

Okay...I just added this piece...but it might get me in trouble. Being honest...after spending time on this site...I've been wondering a lot if most women look at each other's profiles prior to submitting their own. This is the only explanation I can come up with for the fact that so many women share the somewhat strange desire to post self taken profile pictures in the bathroom and....somewhat more remarkably....while driving the car. It occurs way too often to be a randomn coincidence...yet I can't help but wonder who was the bright instigator of this tradition... who thought that the most flattering way to present oneself to the opposite sex (or same sex as the case might be) was the bathroom? Worse yet...in some cases...a public bathroom. Really? Is it just me...or am I missing something here? While I'm willing to admit that I might be limited in my own circle of friends, it seems prudent to me to even ask a stranger to take the pix...albeit probably not in the bathroom or while driving the car. (As an avid photographer...and in the interests of serving my fellow humanity...I'll offer to help take those pix if it helps reduce/eliminate the number of bathroom self portraits...no offense intended).
On a typical Friday night I am
Every other Friday I have my kids...so that's an easy answer. WHEN I'M WITH THEM...well...Paintball, sports, Play Station, Movies, D&B. Didn't I say I had three boys? On the Friday nights when I'm not with them...well...Paintball, sports, Play Station, Movies, D&B.

Somewhat more seriously...on the other Friday nights...I could tell you that I usually spend it at the orphanage, homeless shelter or working on my solutions to Foucaults equations...but I'd be lying.

Most likely, I would be at the gym, playing poker, a date, vegging at home. I know...exciting stuff...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Okay...this is very personal...so please don't tell anyone!

I do like pina coladas (I know...it's embarrassing)
I also like getting caught in the rain (but not when it's cold)
I really really like the feel of the ocean (and smell and the sound)
BUT...I don't really like the taste of champagne...
I'm not really in to yoga (but it is probably time I tried it)
I do like making love at midnight in the dunes by the cape (or 1:00 a.m or 2:00 a.m. or...any other time...but the sand gets all over).

So please...don't tell anyone...it will be our little secret!
You should message me if
Being very honest...You should message me if you want to have a lighthearted conversation...an exciting evening...and wild outbursts of laughter. Whatever happens after that...who knows.... (I suppose I could be somewhat irreverent and tell you that you should message me if you want a really good massage...but thankfully I'm more tactful than that).

Seriously...I was married for sixteen years. I've been separated/divorced for over three years. I take my responsibility as a father very seriously...although it is completely fun. I'm very financially secure...and just enjoying this point in my life. I've sowed my wild oats...so to speak. I'm not looking for a one night stand...but I'm also not looking for my soul mate. She might just appear...but I'm not searching her out.

If your next date is an interview for your future husband...I'm probably not that guy.

If your next date is an opportunity for you to really enjoy yourself, expand your horizons...and laugh out loud...have a free spirited conversation...maybe a nice meal...then feel free to message me.

Oh...and I'm almost embarrassed by this... But for whatever reason I'm kind of shy in making the first move... So please feel free to reach out.

As for the second move...I hope you don't blush easily.
The two of us