35Murfreesboro, United States
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My self-summary
For the moment, I'm not really looking for any relationships. Definitely not looking for casual sex. All I'm currently looking for is friendship.

I do not use OKC as a chitchat site. If you are more than 50 miles away and have no plans to move to the Nashville area any time soon, please don't waste your time engaging me. I will not electronically indulge your fantasies.


Note: If we don't match up at least 50%, I'm likely not going to enjoy conversing with you... but I'll attempt it. And, trust me, I can really tell the difference between someone who has read my profile and someone who has not. I spent hours compiling this information FOR YOUR BENEFIT... the least you can do is fucking skim it before sending me the tragic "ur hot" message. WTF, people?! And I'll be hesitant to go out with anyone less than a 70% compatibility score. I've answered over five hundred questions so the mathematical formula that okcupid has can do its magic... and neither of us wastes our time.


Even updated, I started this part last, lol... I always feel like I'm floundering for a proper description. Anyway, wish me luck... In general, I am a very busy, very tired thirty-three year old woman who spends most of her (rare) free time trying to catch up on sleep or movies or hanging out with her friends.

If anyone is familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I'm a textbook INTJ. So, yes, I am an introvert, but that doesn't mean I'm a hermit and hate socializing. I do have a tendency to be honest to the point of tactlessness and my jokes can be both crass and crude... But I like guns, I like motorcycles, I won't make you sit through chick flicks with me, I own my own home (well, me and Wells Fargo!), I try not to be needy in any form, and I can hold my own in a conversation. I am not the type of woman that ends up as an accessory, lol... You'll have to keep on your toes around me. My tongue is sharp, though I have never considered myself cruel. On the flip side, I'm incredibly intuitive and notice details, so I have a tendency to care for others by preemptively solving their problems or getting them what they need. And I can be incredibly affectionate once I get to know you...

I feel as though monogamy is no longer an option for me; however, I will be flexible and leave that up to individual situations as they develop. I loosely describe myself as polyamorous until something proves that label false. I was recently in an open/pseudo-poly relationship and found the freedom to be very agreeable with my personality. I am also into the skeery-skeery world of BDSM. (Do NOT read that last sentence as "I will fuck anything that moves because I read Fifty Shades...")

I am currently in the market for submissives (pets or slaves). Note that this does not mean I will automatically attempt to dominate you in person or in bed - it is simply another facet to my personality. I can keep relationships and BDSM separate, if necessary.

Anything else you need to know, feel free to ask me. I take a very Open Book approach to life and relationships.

And, just to explain my sign on or tag or username, whatever it's called on this site... it's half sexual innuendo, half military/weapon jargon [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tap_rack_bang ]. I just happen to prefer "squeeze the trigger" to "bang."
What I’m doing with my life
I am currently working full time in the call center of a large technology firm.

I have paused the persuit of my Master's degree in Actuarial Sciences [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Actuary ] temporarily.

I am in the process of slowly remodeling my home.

Needless to say, I am very busy and value what little free time I have.
I’m really good at
...blurting out the stuff that everyone thinks but has the tact not to say. I am very straightforward and don't like to beat around the bush about things. The close friends I do have say that's actually a positive thing and not a deterrent, but I'll let you decide, lol!

On the flip side of that, I'm incredibly polite (just not tactful... perplexing, eh?). My parents raised me right! ...I just deviated somewhere down the road, ahem...

I'm also really good at listening to people bitch about politics (even if they are in direct opposition with my own beliefs) and encouraging dialogue without stabbing them in the eye... even if the thought crosses my mind repeatedly.
The first things people usually notice about me
I would say my hair (it's mostly purple, ffs!)... but I've had other people say lips or eyes. Or ass. It really depends on which angle you catch me at first and where you start staring!

But if we're being less shallow about the question's interpretation, I would simply say the odd dichotomy of my personality: I have a way of being entirely reserved and incredibly friendly simultaneously.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Do my textbooks count? Frankly, I actually enjoy some of those! I have read just about any and every genre out there; though, considering my limited free time, when I do read these days, it's something trashy (my mother refers to these books as "throbbing thighs romances" and that's rather accurate). It has to be paranormal in origin, however, and have an actual plot and some decent writing. For those, I prefer Sherrilyn Kenyon and Jeaniene Frost. Otherwise, I'm a fan of Ayn Rand, Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton, and Laurell K. Hamilton (but the latter may fall more into the trashy category).

Movies: I will try to be succinct, but... don't expect miracles! My favorite movie of all time is Equilibrium... and if you have not seen this movie, I will cry and then force you to watch it with me. I will watch that movie a bazillion times before I die, so I might as well share it with the less fortunate! ;) Top Gun, the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Evolution, Idiocracy, V for Vendetta, the Die Hard franchise, the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit franchise, The Losers, The A-Team, Mallrats/Dogma/Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Primal Fear, Schindler's List, Boondock Saints, Taken, Loki-centered Marvel movies, Battleship, Man on Fire, Love Actually, The Bridget Jones Diaries movies, any religious apocalypse movie, most zombie apocalypse movies, most vampire and/or werewolf films, etc. get Honorable Mentions. I love movies, so I could go on for days...

Shows: I don't really watch t.v. and I don't have cable at home (it's a waste of money for me and a distraction from school), so this list will be considerably shorter than my movies listing, lol. The Walking Dead, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Jericho (LOOOOVE IT!!!! ...even though it's long dead), Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Firefly, The Big Bang Theory, Dr. Who, and various harem and reverse harem anime all keep me entertained. Nothing super current. Most of the t.v. shows I watch, I catch a glimpse of and then Netflix or purchase. I can't STAND waiting a week for something to happen. Instant gratification, ftw!

Music: Cripes, another long list... so... I'll be obnoxious and copy and paste something from a message I sent ages ago... "Music... Ugh, if I say 'mostly everything,' will you shoot me? Lol. I listen to a lot of seventies lite rock/folk music (e.g. Gordon Lightfoot, Billy Joel, etc.) and eighties and current (yes, I skipped two decades, lol) pop and dance music. But you'd probably look at me like I was insane if you saw all the music on my iPhone (it's in five or six languages and spans a variety of genres). It's all dependent upon my reason for listening." I've been into K-pop recently. And I will add that my favorite band of all time is ABBA... and God Lives Underwater's Empty is sittin' in my car's CD player as we speak.

Food: Hmm... I don't consider myself picky, but, as a general rule, if it smells weird, it's not going in my mouth. Frankly, that's just a rule I live by in all things...

It may also be worthy of note that I'm prissy as fuck about drinking. I only drink mixed drinks (with the exception of a Corona here and there) and I tend to stick to beverages that are blue or pink. I drink tea that you have to buy by the ounce... like it's some kind of drug. I only drink what I call 'emasculated coffee'... which is coffee that looks like ice cream, tastes like chocolate, probably has 1000+ calories in it, and half the cup is filled with whipped cream. I hate Pepsi products. And I drink water from bottles (Smart Water and Dasani are preferred).
Six things I could never do without
1. My laptop and cell phones (they serve the same purpose so they count as one, lol!)
2. My three goddaughters and their parents
3. My pets (six cats and my Siberian Husky). Yes, I'm a Crazy Cat Lady!
4. A hot shower with gobs and gobs conditioner
5. Punny sexual innuendo
6. My guns. Oh, did I mention I was a Gun Fanatic?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Math, creative writing, and why it's always so flippin' cold wherever I go!

Also... Hyperinflation and paying off my student loan debt with a handful of silver coins, lol. >.>
On a typical Friday night I am
Recently, I haven't had a 'typical Friday night,' so there is no appropriate answer. I do a lot of collaborative writing and movie-watching when on my own. And, when out and about, I'm usually having dinner or drinks with friends.

I co-run a kink-centric events group. I'll likely be doing something with them on the weekends. If you're interested in coming out to one of the events, just message me and I'll give you the information. (The events all take place in public, Vanilla settings, so there is nothing to be worried about. We'd love to have you join us!)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I will probably judge you by your sign-on. If there's a "69" in it, I'll write you off in a heartbeat.

The following isn't private but I consider it something that should be known up front... Do NOT ask for or expect to do anything with me in the bedroom that you are not willing to be on the receiving end of or experience for yourself. I really hate sexual hypocrites!
You should message me if
...you've actually read to the bottom of this and not run away screaming. <3!

...you have long hair and don't mind it incessantly stroked/petted/fondled/worshiped.

...you're okay with me dating other men, if the occasion arises.

...you acknowledge that I'm pretty much a sociopath and/or Gemini-like in behavior, lol, and don't mind the fact that I won't be texting or calling you incessantly between our dates in the clingy fashion of a psychotic ex-wife.

...you won't bring crazy to my table. This is pretty much a dealbreaker. You do insane shit to me/around me, I will end whatever contact we have. My time is much too precious to deal with YOUR shit as well as my own.


I'm adding another small section... I realize that it may not be easy for a man on this site when it comes to trying to figure out wtf to do with a woman like me for a date, lol... So I thought I could put up some suggestions that you could either take or leave!

1) Dinner and/or Coffee: Typical of a first date. A nice, semi-quiet dinner so we can talk and get to know each other, moving over to JoZoara on North Thompson Lane to continue the conversation.

2) Dinner and a Movie: A classic! I love watching movies, so this will never fail to please. This can also be a meet and greet kinda first date.

3) The Gun Date!: The Nashville Armory or Murfreesboro's On Target are wonderful places to go rent guns, shoot, and have a great time! We can bring our own guns as well. Practice makes perfect for when the zombies come...

4) Karaoke: This usually involves alcohol and a trip to Waffle House on the way back. I'd really enjoy someone who was willing to get up and sing with me. I'm not saying I'm good... but I have been told, the drunker I am, the better I sing...

5) Dancing: Little known fact about me? I used to be an Assistant Dance Instructor for a Cotillion. This was years ago, but some loves never die! I would be thrilled if someone took me out to dance... Ballroom dance is preferred (since that's what I know!), but any dance setting would be great!

6) The Irresponsible Drunkard Date: This is less of a date and more of an offer for someone to come get me plastered at a bar or club on Friday/Saturday nights. Good neutral ground for meeting, too.

Of course, none of this is mandatory! I simply wanted to give you an idea of what I might like to do.
The two of us