26Bucharest, Romania
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My self-summary
Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Libra Moon, Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Leo, Venus in Scorpio, Mercury in Sagittarius.

Yes, there is an actual meaning in that. It's relevant to those interested in astrology.

I'm androgynous and value androgyny greatly. I don't feel like I can belong exclusively to one sex. I have mixed characteristics of both standard sexes, and I have to stress this: standard sexes. I don't believe in the idea of two fixed sexes.

I'm biologically female, but I don't like being labeled as one. While I don't identify exclusively with the male sex, I don't like the stereotypical view of things and being seen as a female because of my biological sex would be just that, stereotypical.

I'm against most social patterns based on stereotypes, norms and social standards. I prefer to cultivate individuality. (Uranian influence by the way.)

I'm pansexual, but in the absence of a more fitting option, I had to choose "bisexual" although I'm aware they're highly different. Yes, that means I don't attribute any value to gender and usually gender is not the factor that determines attraction. I find androgyny of any kind and in any form interesting, be it mental, emotional, aesthetical or even astrological. *cough cough*

I'm usually attracted to people who transcend their sex and biological shield or any social corset that they're placed in.

The state I most enjoy and continuously seek is connectedness. I like feeling "connected", whether it's a connection to an idea, a person, a type of atmosphere, an environment, a lifestyle or a book. I think it's one of the most emotionally/mentally/spiritually satisfactory feelings you can experience.
In some cases, feeling connected to an outer source is a form of confirmation which can offer validation. I often doubt the objectivity of my perception or I can be too involved in my own perspective and being related to something outside of myself provides the type of confirmation I need.

I tend to organize my emotions in an analytical way; emotional states are like objects to me. I detach myself from emotions as I experience them, take a mental picture, then withdraw to label and analyze them from an outer point of view while still being directly involved in them.

I feel connected to nature and animals in general. I adore analyzing the expressiveness of various animals. I think they're superior to humans in a way and their perception is more profound as they have access to levels of consciousness that people aren't always or naturally receptive to. I worship cats and I find wolves sacred and highly spiritual.

I'm not a religious person. I think religion is a type of political system meant to manipulate, just like social standards, although the essence it's based on is mainly positive. Don't confuse that with total lack of belief. I am however very attached to spirituality. I'm one of those people who believe in what you could call paranormal: astrology, tarot, numerology, dream intrepretation, past lives, reincarnation, karma, energy, ghosts, entities etc.

According to religious standards, I'd probably be classified as "immoral". But I think a facet of full spiritual evolution implies learning to let go of all preconceived notions based on societal norms, eliminating discrimination and cultivating tolerance by respecting the right to personal identity.

I thrive on variety and complexity in all of its forms.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm a 'broken' or dysfunctional Scorpio, considering the level of Air influence in my chart. Nevertheless I fully identify with my Sun Sign. (see the "Scorpio Pride" badge attached to my "Pluto & Mars" shirt.)

I like analyzing things from multiple perspectives and seeing all the angles of a situation, as well as all the ways in which a situation could develop. I'm receptive to the less apparent side of things and tend to want to pierce the surface of a situation or behavior/mentality. Ironically enough, and I know this is strangely atypical, I can offer a lot of freedom in a relationship to the point of openly accepting polyamory when I'm not particularly attached to a partner.
When I am attached though, I adopt the typical traits. I can be jealous and possessive, sometimes even obsessive. To me connections based on emotional attachment imply a form of closeness that's supposed to lead to unification, to a superposition of individual features. I tend to devour my partners emotionally and psychologically through the fact that I want to be fully involved in their experiences, to know all the sides of their personality and to be generally aware of who they are. Some people find that scary, and I don't blame them. I know "unification" sounds like it involves a loss of personal identity. But I actually see it more as a form of completion. It can lead to the creation of a new identity and at the same time, the individual identities can be maintained as well as supported by each other.

I'm an INFP according to the Myers-Briggs test. I used to constantly get this result whenever I took the test in varied formats some time ago. But the result seems to have recently started varying, depending on my mood and the type of test. Sometimes I'm classified as an INTP or ENFP. There's no exclusive description that fully mirrors me, but there are tendencies of all three types that describe me accurately.

You may not think a full name, a date of birth and a correct birth time are relevant, but they represent maximum potential for exposure and in some cases, they can be turned into weapons of psychological destruction. I find it fascinating how much saying "Moon in the 5th house" or "Jupiter in Virgo" can actually reveal. It's a type of astrological "equation" that I find both artistic and psychologically relevant.

I'm a very tolerant person and I reject discrimination in all of its forms. I hate misogyny, racism, homophobia and closed-mindedness. If you recognize yourself in any of these, I'm most likely not the type of person you'll be able to communicate with. Or you could try to establish a connection with me in case you're terribly self-destructive.

Before I forget to mention, I'm an obsessive compulsive, neurotic, sex driven, paranoic narcissist with depressive tendencies and a morbid sense of humor.

Still interested?

Some of my interests include: psychology, philosophy, astrology, sociology, mentality, metaphysics, numerology, spirituality, dream interpretation, face reading, palmistry, writing, poetry, photography, BJD's, foreign languages, anime, manga, yaoi, yuri, hentai, cosplay, fetish, psychosexuality, cross dressing, transgenderism, pansexuality, polysexuality, third gender, agenderism, bigenderism, transvestism, androgyny, hermaphroditism, translations, metamorphosis, awareness, symbolism, sarcasm, paradox, mysticism, contrasts, regeneration, complexity.

I am contrastive, multifaceted, and callipygian
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently studying psychology and trying to adapt to all of the changes that I'm going through. Constantly trying to reach new levels of awareness.

The rest is not as precisely defined. Ha.
I’m really good at
Psychology, philosophy, astrology, poetry.

Analyzing situations and mentalities.

Detecting connections between seemingly random elements or finding patterns in things.

Wasting time in a constructive way?

Exercising the influence of the Scorpio eyes.

Being fully aware of myself and my tendencies while not applying that knowledge at all and maintaining a self-destructive passive state.
The first things people usually notice about me
The fact that I seem to be too focused on them.

My androgynous appearance.
Six things I could never do without
Mental freedom, sexual expression, the ability to perceive, the stereotypical Scorpio glare, feeling connected.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Psychology, astrology, debates based on random issues.

The self.

Personal identity.


Metamorphosis, either mental, emotional or spiritual.


Life, death, rebirth and how they form a cycle.

Sexual identity and sexual orientation
On a typical Friday night I am
Atypical. Because I tend to defy imposed structures.

Ok, ok. Most likely in front of the PC or "wasting time constructively."
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not immune to outer influences?
You should message me if
You're an astrological oddity (meaning: Scorpio Sun with Scorpio Rising, Aquarius Sun with Scorpio Rising or vice versa, Gemini Sun with Scorpio Rising or vice versa, Capricorn Sun and Pisces Rising and so on. I'm sure you get the pattern by now.)

We seem to have common interests / views.

You're interested in androgyny and/or different forms of sexuality.

You're interested in astrological expression.

You can interpret the first paragraph of my profile.

You're pansexual or polysexual.

You're consciously self-destructive.

You DON'T dislike cats. No, I'm not kidding. I find that I can't get over it, no matter how many qualities and positive aspects I see in a person.

Also, no manarchists please. Thank you.
The two of us