40New Orleans, United States
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My self-summary
"You have to kiss a lot of frogs..." or just start with me. ;-)

I live part time in Baton Rouge and part time in NOLA. I'm new to the area and I'm looking to meet people and get to know my new worst case, I'm a like able enough of a person; maybe we can be friends! :-)

I'm a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA and tend to act more as a Businessman than Engineer, I'd have to say. I've also had the good fortune of being a military officer, although I do not believe that it defines me either. I believe that life can be passionate, exciting, and fun. I enjoy and look forward to new experiences as often as I can and seek them out. I've been to Europe twice and Asia once, in addition to my travels in The Americas. I enjoy growing as a person through travel, experiences, and accomplishments.

Regarding relationships... I'm not afraid to take chances and I have in the past... As they say, "you want big rewards, you have to take big risks." This, however; doesn't imply that I am frivolous or make ill thought out decisions in my life.

I enjoy working out, snowboarding, SCUBA diving, skydiving, motorcycling, sailing/boating, dancing, singing Karaoke, traveling, exploring, and I would love to get my private pilot's license one day, as I can drive things on top of and underneath the water (submarines), as well as, on land. Flying seems fittingly next.... I have flown a plane once before. Awesome! I tend to enjoy the more active ingredients to life; however, I also enjoy sitting by the fire, on my balcony or back deck, with a glass of wine and appreciating a nice discussion with someone who intrigues me. I have only to schedule my next big adventure...I'd like to cage dive with Great Whites and, oh yeah, find a "good girl," although, perhaps the most challenging to realize... Ladies, I get how hard it is. Keep your heads up. ;-)

I've been in a variety of relationships and have a good grasp on what fits for me. Intelligence, kindness, beauty (hey, I am still a man), personality, and mostly just good ole fashioned chemistry are most important to me. I'm not looking for Wonder-woman, though I have in the past. I'm just looking for a great fit, whether she be an astronaut or the opposite (whatever that is). Lol

I'm always looking for dive, sailing/boating, boarding buddies. Also, I'm looking to meet some new people and diversify my friend portfolio a bit. Variety is the spice of life as they say. I always had different acquaintances growing up and tried not to belong to any particular group. I consider myself open minded to all walks of life and love to hear, learn from, and even lightly debate others that feel differently than I do.

Disclaimer: I'm an exceptionally positive person, but feel this needs be addressed...

I've seen people vent on these things and wondered why. But now, after a little "time on the pond," here goes....
1. Please forgive me if I come across a bit forward, but it appears that many "Nigerian Pirates" are on this site and let's face one likes their time wasted. We can smell you a mile away. Dudes! It's spelled 'cause, not coz! Lol
2. I get it. There are married/B.S. People on here, but those a**holes are everywhere. I've been "dooped too." Trust, but verify. I'm down to chat, but would prefer to meet up, if only briefly, to determine if chemistry exists, for friendship or otherwise, assuming we find each other interesting.
3. My preferences are broad because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes; therefore, I refuse to limit myself and miss out on a good thing... Beauty, charisma, class, and thus chemistry for me comes in many ways.
4. I look like my pictures, hopefully better in person, as I've been told. It is frustrating how many do not. I can try to make myself appear "hotter than actual" too, but why lie? It comes out. That said, I try to show a bit of my personality, while demonstrating my "looks" as well, if possible pictorially. Please do not stereotype based on them alone, however. I'm exceptionally non-judgmental and find it a huge turnoff when others are. Other criticisms....let me know.
5. Lastly, I admit that I do cut right to the chase. I believe that chemistry is only truly realized in person; therefore, I'd prefer to meet up and figure that out if we interest each other. We're on here to meet people beyond the bar scene, etc...right?

There, phew! I'm spent. Apologies as applicable. :-0
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I enjoy Country and going to concerts but all kinds of music, SCUBA diving, boating, traveling, working out, cooking, movies, and exploring.
Six things I could never do without
Travel-I've been to London, Paris, Pamplona, Zurich, Munich, Saalzburg, Venice, Rome, Florence, Vienna, Prague, Costa Rica, Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Cozumel, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, USA, Quebec, Toronto, Whistler, Victoria.

Pets-I have one dog Mushu, though he is more like a cat, due to his small stature... ;-)

Boating-Enough said...

Optimism and Positivity-Self explanatory. I appreciate these in others as well.

Friends-I'm somewhat of a social butterfly, but I'll come back to you, if you are not by my side. :-)

Food-I'm a bit of a Foodie. Besides, it goes well with the travel and exploring the history and cultures of this World that I love soooo much.
The two of us