35Redondo Beach, United States
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My self-summary
I'd mark myself down as a geeky, quirky sort, but ideally you'll read my profile and decide if my personality sounds like it'll gel with yours. I'm a bit odd-edged on my humor; so, I'm looking for a Pokemon on which geeky jokes are Super Effective.

I've started to go to the gym; but for now, I'm lean. If you like real slim guys, we're golden.

I suppose it's weird to be a guy that owns a cat, but I'm working on being a diabolical super-villain, so that seems to fit. If you're allergic, I'm your new arch-nemesis, because my secret weapon will want to put fur on you right away. I've helped with animal rescue in the past as well, getting homes for abandoned animals.

I'm low pressure, low stakes, so if we hit it off, that's great. If we don't, that's all right too. As I see it, you get better by doing. I'm not in some big hurry. Life's a series of choices; you make a choice, learn, and live with it.

I'm directly between ISTJ and INTJ, and I'd love to hear what you are; I find personalities really fascinating.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a reliable job that I enjoy in the field I went to college for. I have time to myself, and time I spend with friends. Balance.
I’m really good at
Anything crafty. I paint, I sculpt, I sew, I MAKE.
The first things people usually notice about me
Let's just slam into this one head on: I'm short and thin. I'm a Fun-Size model of human; also known as Travel-Size. So what? I'm cheery and comfortable to be around, so my 6'1 personality can mediate a little of that. I know most women don't like short guys. That's fine, find a taller one; doesn't bother me a bit. Why would it?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I have lots of favorite books, movies, shows, and some music. I don't really want to make a list. So long as you also HAVE favorite books, movies, etc, we're probably fine. I like to make lists of things ahead: what I want to do, the 'scavenger hunt' list for shopping. A list of favorites, well: we can talk about that in person.
I've read and have enjoyed watching Game of Thrones. Groundhog Day is at the top of favorite movies with Beetlejuice. Harry Potter books, yay! So there you go, a few examples. I like both Star Trek and Star Wars, but generally prefer the Trek.

I feel inspired to write about food a little. I don't like cooking by myself for just myself, but I like to do it as a mutual activity! I like to experiment. I'd love to learn from you, if you're any good at cooking. I'll stand about and help chop veggies for your stir fry. ....I mean that pretty literally.

On the topic of music, I don't particularly have 'taste'. I like to browse. Often whatever's popular is fine at the time, but I'm not deeply into music in a passionate way.
Six things I could never do without
- There's more than Six, but these are a splattering in no particular order, and of various levels of depth.

My electric blanket when it's cold.
Family during the Holidays, but not constantly
My newest creative project (whatever that may be)
Control of my finances
A challenging job that makes me really think
Emotional connections with the people in my life, not just casual
I spend a lot of time thinking about plans, and things I'm working on currently. I'm very forward-thinking. But I can also worry too much sometimes, and can sometimes use a kick to let go of things that are outside of my control. I love to look forward to things - such as a date with you?
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing from the week. Generally it wears me out. But that's a "price" of a job that challenges me.
You won't find me clubbing.
But often we'll have a Game Night. And by that I mean there's cards or dice involved, not a sport, although I've learned American Football recently (...Okay okay, it was for work). Or somebody has a small party, or a movie night, or something low-key.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My dating experience is low. Comes from shy nerd background. I've been extremely career focused and haven't really been actively looking or trying. I suppose a main reason is I'm generally just fine, and feel like when I meet somebody right, it'll take care of itself. Yet I'm here. So we're just going to see.
You should message me if wanted my profile to continue with more information.

Don't wait around for a message, toss one out there!

Highest response rate is to messages that ask a question. Pick something above that we both like, and ask about it! Or maybe something super-important to you that I didn't mention... maybe I like it too.
The two of us