31Stockholm, Sweden
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My self-summary
*Please check any pretentiousness or presumptions at the door. Good, kind, and friendly people only here please ;)*

I'm a strong, kind, English guy living in Stockholm
I am glad to be free but could really do with the Love and affection of more happy optimistic people in my life
I live in a Cosy 7th floor apartment with a Good friend of mine in Sweden

I'm a Deeply Passionate dedicated and adventurous guy with a carefree stress free attitude, I work hard to give myself self satisfaction and the funds to live in comfort, but I'd much rather be free of employment dependancy, and work in aid somewhere.
I do all I can to help anyone I can whilst remaining Impartial and trying to ignore my own interests, (helping people to help them, not myself!)
I'm a big lover of adrenaline and doing crazy mischievous things ;P

I'm always keen to Dance, Love Singing when I can do so without embarrasing myself too much :P I also Love Debate on any Subject but have a leaning towards social sciences and Philosophy.

I'm renowned for being a true English Gentleman
(With a naughty side ;)

Deep down I love having fun, but I have been dragged through the dirt these past years for being me, all the while continuing to try and help and support those who did so,
I no longer accept anything less than kind, affectionate, respectful people in my life.

I've made plenty of mistakes in my life, but I have done and continue to (learn new ways to get away with them 3:D lol) lol grow and become a better person, man, friend and lover.

*heads up everything beyond here is just detail and may bore you feel free to skip to the end*

* I'm heading to the states to meet my 99% match on Monday wish me luck ^___^ *
What I’m doing with my life
At present I am building a career for myself working for 3 different Production companies in Stockholm,
I'm more than halfway and almost 3 years into my 6 year plan.
I'm also studying for an hons degree in psychology.
I Bake, I Cook, and I used to make and sell vegan desserts to restaurants,
I am pushing myself harder and harder from 2-5 nights a week in my training regime because I want to have the ideal form for my ideal partner whenever she should happen to enter my life.
Although in winter I sort of slow down a bit when it hits -20 degrees C outside.

All I want is to have someone to spend my time with, just Cuddled up under a warm blanket or Flying down a Mountain on a Snowboard, travelling in phenomenally beautiful culturally immersive settings.
I want someone who wants to spend time together, and commit to building a happy fun filled culturally explorative life together.
When I finally commit to You I do not do half measures I need someone who will treat me with the same unbound affection and respect that I give my partner.
I do NOT want space, I do NOT want alone time, I do want crazy smothering, that is totally awesome by me :P I do want to come home and find you invited yourself round and made dinner, or for you to call me whenever you're thinking of me, I'm not afraid of silence, even over the phone, I am totally cool with all of the above.
I’m really good at
Rather more than the average Bear ;)
I grew up on a Farm so I'm Really Good with all animals, I'm the rugged conscientious guy You'd expect from a farmer crossed with an intellectual :P
I have a very pragmatic mind and can comprehend the workings of, break down, and rebuild almost any object from design or just observing it.
also I am Incredibly Kind, Considerate, Affectonate and committed, I help everyone I can with their lives inside and out.
I'm an avid photographer, people love my work, enough that I got talked into having some hung in a local gallery back in the UK.
I never seem to be able to get lost no matter where I am.
Also very good at sacrificing my pride for someone who really needs it.
I am that rock in the storm,
and unlike most men I can forego my own ego.
The first things people usually notice about me
Many people have said many nice things, usually commenting on how calm or wise I seem, how much they enjoy conversation with me,
my muscles or how I look I guess.
I'm regularly told by friends I look and behave like a Disney prince and they have since dubbed me Mr. Wonderful (Which I'm not so sure I like o_O lol)
My thousand yard stare and that I seem to see right through a person to their soul and innermost thoughts seems to be cropping up from guys more and more of late.
I prefer to be remembered for any acts of compassion,
I have thrown myself into the path of vehicles to protect those I care about and have carried many people out of dangerous situations and have fought to stop airplanes taking off to save the lives of deportees.
I have put my life in danger with agents of certain consulates despite them having diplomatic immunity and illegal firearms, in order to protect my partner and to stop human rights violations that would have been carried out.
I fight protect any life within my grasp.
I also almost single handedly helped to bring about the collection of 67000 signatures for a petition to save the lives of 22 activists last year, the real thanks belongs to the 67,000 of you that moved the world for these people and their families.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm very open minded, i like to try anything and everything, and try never to profess to know better,(as I get older that's getting harder :)
I wish only to see hear and learn more and do my best not to limit myself or anyone else to any one path, style or taste.

Anything by Terry Prattchett , Derren Brown, Machiaveli, Balzac, Edward L Bernays, the Tao, works on Tantra, Philosophy.
A lot of rough guides and travel books, also psychology, sociolinguistics, and classic poetry, I try to ignore preconceptions, and assumptions and try everything I can.

Film has always appealed to me since I was a boy,
I most enjoy Broad minded,
and awe inspiring works!

La vita e bella, dead man's shoes, oldboy....
I Love Masterful Cinematography, so Darren Arronofsky's work or even Hayao Miyazaki, Federico Fellini etc.
But I also Love films like despicable me, even cuddly snuggly fluffy films like Disney.
Beneath it all I'm still a kid and cuddling up in front of a movie together is just a good excuse to be close and holding you ^_^

As far as Music i adore those sounds that reach your soul and fill it, You know what i mean ?
Ranging from Classical (Bach,Tchaikovsky(I LOVE TCHAIKOVSKY!!) Mozart's Requiem etc) to Thrash Metal, (like Decapitated, Berzerker, and everything in between) Gold panda, Freelands, Clams Casino (Thanks to a friend found on here :)
Dubstep (Flux Pavilion), Funkstep(Gramatik), electro swing(Caravan palace), all the way through to Soul (Otis Redding, Nina Simone, Nancy Wilson)
Woodkid, Alt-J, Jose Gonzalez, Steven Wilson, Edith Piaf, Indie etc
I try to be unbound and open to new worlds of experience including my tastes in music.

New favourite track :

'The Black Soft -C B Robo' (check it out;)
'Clam Casino - I'm God'

All vegetarian food is fantastic.
I enjoy quality, diversity and love being in the kitchen.. love trying new things and appreciate the opportunity to be taught :) I am a bit of a chilli addict as well :)
I was recently told, 'you cooking is better when you ignore the recipe!'
and no one has complained yet... Well.....
except that once when I used an entire Habanero in a curry -_- *Shakes head at self*

My Veganism is a surprise to some people,
but having grown up on a farm I have an unending respect and love for all life and intend to protect it in any way i can.
I prefer to help people to understand why I choose to be vegan rather than force it down their throat, it is a choice, as are all things in life.

We are all entitled to our individuality I base mine on an unbound respect for the beauty, magic, and fragility of life, consciousness, and the freedoms deserved by all individuals.
Six things I could never do without
anything with the ability to inspire awe,
someone to curl up with and feel the warmth of that fire that burns within ... and most importantly Passion, in all its magnificent forms! (Observed and Lived)
a heart.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Perceptions of reality in any multitudinal form, and or value and from many aspects all at the same time in an attempt to develop a more enhanced receptiveness to existence, personas of individuals, and my own lack of comprehension of whether there truly is such a thing as sanity beyond the fine balancing act we perform along the slack rope of life.

whether I can hold off for the right person to come along instead of just the first person who needs me and is willing to tell me so. I have had the daggers of selfishness thrust deep into my heart many times and most recently very slowly and agonizingly.

Whether I will ever find someone willing to be part of an shared unending spring of mutual Affection, Love, Kindness, and Respect !

All life is entitled to the same freedoms we have, we share this planet we do not own it!

Morality... Immorality, motivations leading to the developments and actions of each, Love.

How Social studies crossed with ethics to form some new super subject in schools could really make a difference to the world!

Why my humor seems to span everything, why I seem able to laugh at myself for my own suffering and by doing so liberate myself from it.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home relaxing in front of my cinema!
climbing the hills, or studying, or running, or getting fit,
or light reading,

Teaching or practicing the art of firestaff

Presently I spend most of my weekends working at huge international gigs for bands you'll most likely know

I am a people person and a leader but I need a little encouragement to go out and enjoy partying nowadays,
I still love it and miss it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I crave physical contact and emotional connection,
I am at times Wreckless and a Hopeless Romantic,
When I feel strongly for someone I Rush in like the high tides of the oceans.

I'm secretly a bit of a Geek and I am quietly proud :)
(Richard Feynman is a personal hero and Mushishi and Abenobashi Magical shopping arcade RULE :P)

I was the smartest kid in school put a few years ahead and have a surprising IQ for a farmers son(I was adopted), just for gods sake don't tell anyone!
I'm trying my best to catch someone who looks beyond academic capability and instead for kindness, love, and affection.

Finally an actually private detail, and a window to the depths of my severely weathered soul.
I lost my mother and father at the age of 5,
I grew up baring an immense weight upon my shoulders,
This forced me to be strong when all the children around me were able to be children.
I have since been freed of that weight and no longer have to fear, as it died with my mother.
This has however given me a very strong awareness of the limited time we have to share, and makes me quick to jump in,
Love intensely, and aim for pure freedom from blaming, guilt and to provide happiness and joy for all life.
(and in the case of my flatmate LOTS OF LIFE LESSONS Hahaha)
You should message me if
If You can make me laugh,
If You can dance,
If You can see Yourself travelling the world,
If making time for your partner is a priority for you just as it is for me,
If you are playful and open minded.

Can You hold down a decent debate and still make peace?
If you have a high sex drive (it's really important lets be honest)
If You are almost fearless (but not blindly) in the pursuit of fun we'll definitely get on!!
You are prepared to do something crazy just to have a laugh and have fun together.
You aren't afraid to look Crazy to the rest of the world!

If you want to love and be loved like this is your last day on earth.

If money means nothing to you next to love and happiness.

You are more than capable of surprising me by turning up without warning or turning the tables and sending me something nice, or being the one to say Guess what, We're going to Sri Lanka, or The mountains or Rock climbing I planned it all You just have to pack your bag ;)

If you are willing to sacrifice anything to make sure your partner doesn't suffer.

If you are kind to me, treat me with love, tenderness and affection above all else, and are willing to satisfy my almost unending sexual appetite, I will likely fall madly in love.

I admit some of these may seem a little far fetched traits for a human being but everything in this list fits who I am.. I'm kinda hoping it fits you too...

You love waking up to make love ;)
The two of us