28Zgierz, Poland
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My self-summary
Damn it all. I was never good at this kind of thing :P

I try to live by following my own rules and beliefs. I have a realistic outlook on life, meaning that I will have a sarcastic remark for everything >3

I'm usually seen outside of the group, but I like to sometimes ram into it and remind of my existence^^ Usually by throwing in a joke.

I like to make people laugh. It's kinda like a bonus in life itself. I like to help people, mostly because it makes me feel good that I did a good thing. Sometimes I'm nice just to see how un-nice other people can be.

Most of my time I spend daydreaming. You know, a shining armor, a dragon and a damsel in distress. Of course since I'm not ordinary(read: criminally insane) those dreams are pretty... strange. Everything goes, to put it simply. (Kill a dragon with a Giant Robot?! Hell Yea!!) That results in a very big imagination and a huge knowledge of tropes XP

When I'm not daydreaming, I spend most of the time in front of a screen: TV, computer, Video game - you name it. It's mostly because what I like the most is a good story. And also I don't see a reason to go outside if I don't have any. Yes, I'm that kind of a sad excuse of a man }P

I'm a big child. I love watching cartoons, when I go shopping I always stop by the toy store, and my love for the Transformers have not changed since I was 4.

I will always stand to protect things that I believe in. People, shows, ideas... I will do it because they're a part of my world. At least I can protect them and I WILL, even if it's not necessary. To at least make sure that I can be passionate about something. And to show that I'm me.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm on the third year of Japanese philology.
I’m really good at
- Pointing cliches and plot lines xP
- Writing
- English, duh^^
- useless knowledge
- drawing tattou-graffiti thingies
- being lazy
- being late even if I'm up few hours before deadline
- Being tolerant.
- To never look good in a photo
- making everything somehow organized, but not to much, after all I'm single ^^
- Being me. Because nobody else can do it!
- Playing Video Games
The first things people usually notice about me
that they didn't notice that I'm here.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Okay, let's get this over with...

- Fantasy or surreal mindf*ck is good^^
- Anything by Terry Pratchett and Agatha Christie
- Forest Gump

Comic Books
- Manga^^ And my favorites are...
> Anything by Osamu Tezuka (aka GOD), especially Black Jack and Adolf
> Flame of Recca
> Urusei Yatsura
- The Goddamn Batman! XD
- Blue Beetle III
- Asterix & Obelix
- Tytus, Romek & A'tomek X3
- ... And that's just the peak of an iceberg :D

Webcomics, a little passion of mine^^
- Least I Could Do
- Sequential Art
- Jack
- The Adventures of Dr. McNinja
- Lackadaisy
- Exterminatus Now

- Back to The Future I-III
- The Blues Brothers
- The Dark Knight
- The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman... Tim Burton in general.
- Anything that has a soundtrack composed by John Williams^^

Anime, since I'm a fan and I'm proud of it!
- Baccano!
- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- Mushishi

- Okami
- Mario... just Mario^^
- Sonic... the poor, poor bastard =(
- Persona 4
- Mass Effect 2

Various. Anything goes, as long as I like the tune.
BUT I dislike disco polo. Brrrrr....

Anything Spicy! And Meat! XD
Six things I could never do without
- My daydreams
- sarcasm
- Video Games
- My friends, snice I have so few
- Japan. 'Cause it's AWESOME ... aaaand pretty f*cked up. But that's why it is so AWESOME XD
- My computer
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what to do with my time
On a typical Friday night I am
saying to myself and to the entire world...

Fuck Yeah.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I don't know how to ride a bicycle. I simply can't and won't learn.

Also, that I can often be an sarcastic asshole XP
You should message me if
You dare. XD
The two of us