32Altamonte Springs, United States
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My self-summary
hola. soy katie. i'm really sucky at spanish, i just like to pretend i know what i'm saying. i'm 21 and a senior at UCF. i'm majoring in early childhood education and minoring in history. my favorite color is purple so i painted my bedroom purple... sometimes i feel like i live in a grape. i'm the most horrible joke teller EVER and i despise feet. i write with my left hand but do everything else with my right, and i'm knitting my sister a scarf. i use to have a beautiful cockatiel named annabel lee, but she died. now i have a beautiful baby cockatiel named bailee. she bites. hard. i used to live in santa barbara, cali. i wish i still did. i love to stay up late and hate to wake up early. when i graduate, i want to teach in another country. i drive barefoot and i talk to myself more than i'd like to admit. i've broken both wrists, my left leg, and my collarbone. i use to take gymnastics classes but am now terrifed of doing a cartwheel. my dream car is an original VW bug, cherry red. you can buy me one if you want. when i grow up, i want to be just like my mom. i have a 3 year subscription to glamour because a cute salesman told me i had a beautiful smile... i'm not easy, i swear... just undercomplimented? :D i want to get a tattoo on the top of my foot and i passed out the first time i donated blood. i tend to leave the "g" off of words ending in "-ing". i can be really sarcastic but never mean it in an unkind way. i love the word "uber" and hate when people say that things are ironic when they obviously don't even know the definition of the word. i love hugs. i'm laid back and i don't take life too seriously. there ya go. me in a nutshell.

I am goofy, genuine, and sleepy
What I’m doing with my life
goin to school, learning how to teach 5 year olds the things they need to know, taking lots of history classes just for the fun of it, teaching sunday school, taking care of precious bailee, and part-time nannying. and eating lots and lots of ice cream. and singing. hold your ears.
I’m really good at
making people laugh (with me or at me... no one will tell!), procrastinating, writing good papers on books that i haven't read, being sarcastic, and sleeping through anything. i suck, however, at parallel parking and remembering to scan my laptop for viruses before it's too late.
The first things people usually notice about me
i snort when i laugh hard, i smile a lot, and i wear nerdspecs. they rock.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: my favorites are historical fiction, but i don't have as much time as i'd like to read for pleasure.

movies: my girl, i am sam, and dude where's my car?

music: sublime, eminem, linkin park... lately i've fallen in love with solomon & socalled, puya, and flogging molly.

food: macaroni and cheese, lo mein, ice cream. i will, however, eat anything as long as it's not turnips or meatloaf.
Six things I could never do without
jesus, my family and friends (my family are my friends and my friends are family, so they count as one!), air conditioning, my hoodies and flip flops, the desire to always be learning, and my jonathan.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why every time i want french fries, McDonald's is on the wrong side of the road... why i hardly ever bite my tongue, but after i do i bite it 10 more times within the next 2 days on the same exact spot... why i can eat way too much chinese food, but im starving again within a half an hour. ya know, the kinds of things everyone things about.

and my jonathan.
On a typical Friday night I am
working, usually. my employers stole my date night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i shower naked.

unfortunately, not with my jonathan.
You should message me if
you want to. that'd be cool. but only if you have a sense of humor. please.
The two of us