33Berlin, Germany
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My self-summary
Ich bin anders als
Du bist anders als
Er ist anders als Sie

For the most part I know who I am, what I like and what I want:
I'm not a morning person. I enjoy the cozy comfort of a warm bed and a good nights sleep full of awesome dreams I usually remember very vividly.
When awake I prefer it to be Spring or summer, mostly because it's warm, the air smells wonderful and I can spend my days at a lake,
swimming or somewhere engulfed by nature, riding my bike, climbing or go hiking through the woods. I can do that alone but strongly prefer friends to be around.
When indoors I like to spend my time playing games with friends or my roommates (pc/boardgames), watching movies, cooking my favorite meals. I also enjoy reading but seem to be rather picky about which book I'll devour.
In direct contact I'm a bit reserved at first but once I got a good impression of the person in front of me I quickly warm up. Stronger sympathies correlate with increasing cheerfulness ;)
I enjoy meaningful conversations or fun discussions over small talk and very much apreciate truly kind people, which I dare claim to be myself.

Also here's a fitting quote I like:
"If you tame me we shall need each other. To me you'll be unique in all the world."

P.S.: According to OKC I'm less playful...don't think that's true o.O
What I’m doing with my life
Occasionally taking field trips, looking for people with whom I can share my passions. Enjoying the sun, full moons, warm breezes, rustling leaves, chirping birds, you get the picture.

Currently I'm doing Youth Work while studying Philosophy and Social Anthropology, although it seems the more semesters I pile up the less I actually study :P
I’m really good at
- Caring
- Dreaming
- Enjoying every kind of beauty that I find in this world (this probably sounds really cheesy, but its true >_<)
- Seeing distant lands in the clouds
- Taking and showing different perspectives
- Remembering scenes, quotes, plots of stories in various forms
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
K-PAX, Ishmael, Contact, The little Prince, The Swarm, A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Paradise Lost, A Song of Ice and Fire, Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Twain, Walter Moers, Alexandre Dumas, especially the Count of Monte Christo and other Classics, Bill Watterson (I guess technically Calvin and Hobbes is a Comic), Yasuhiro Nightow, Mark Uwe Kling and many more...

The Fountain, K-PAX, The little Prince, Meet Joe Black, Interstellar, Into the Wild, Good Will Hunting, Instinct, Ziemlich beste Freunde (Intouchables), American History X, Contact, Fight Club, Nausicaä, Laputa (and almost everything else from Miyazaki), The Girl who leapt through Time, Summer Wars, The Garden of Words, The Butterfly Circus and many many more. I love movies that manage to resonate within me, at one level or another.
I can also enjoy Series, most recently Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Daredevil and Gravity Falls.

Rise Against is probably the only band I'd consider my favorite. Other than that my playlist is probably much like a giant rag carpet of songs I came across and liked, not limited by genre. Most things that feature a violin, especially mixed into modern music. Have to admit though that I cannot really warm up to Jazz, Balkan Music or similar music :o

Hmmmm...spicy food over mild food, salty food over sweet food, few cheesy stuff, no meat that can still be identified as belonging to an actual animal. My feedings habit are a regular topic of humor or astonishment among my friends :P
I can also eat a lot without losing shape, which I thoroughly enjoy :D
Six things I could never do without
Hope, nature, fantasy & imagination, family & friends, a comfortable bed, tasty things and my own way.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Short: A lot of things

The universe, how it is to be [insert person/animal/other beings], reality and the impact of decisions, women, specific and general beauty, the past, present & the future, death and how to make the most of my time, myself, others.

If anyone is really looking for new friends here and doesn't just list that because why not ._.
On a typical Friday night I am
- At home enjoying a quiet evening with some of my roommates :)
- In my favorite pub with friends, drinking a godly ginger cider :D
- Working... :(
You should message me if
- you want to know more about me or meet the actual person behind this profile (I'm probably way more awesome in real life, anyway) or have a harmless chat about god and the world with a stranger.
> Congratulations you are now qualified to send me a message. Let's see what else lies ahead.
- you can enjoy doing nothing once in a while.
> We could hang out doing nothing...that's something, I guess :o
- you don't roll your eyes about the passion for movies, nature and games while sharing at least one of those.
> Seems like we could meet to watch a movie, go out or play games together, awesome :D
- you have not lost contact to your inner child and can enjoy doing silly things once in a while (or at least laugh about it).
> At this point it's almost guaranteed that we could have much fun together, no matter what we do.
- you are not looking for your typical happy-go-lucky Sunnyboy who is positive all the time (thats definately not me, nor do I want to be like that) and/or you think I'm attractive (not just physically of course)
> We might hit it off, passing the level of mere friendship. It's getting really interesting at this point :)
- you are a kind and tolerant person. This seems obvious but I'm actually very serious about this. Genuine and natural kindness is incerdibly sexy.
> Watch out, I could fall in love with you :3
The two of us