26 Dublin, United States
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My self-summary
If you're an ENFP you should just go ahead and message me. I have yet to meet one that wasn't an amazing and fascinating person. Also I'm just not the kind of person to approach people so if you're viewing my profile and you're interested please just message me, even if it's just you asking me to view you in turn. I answer all messages that have some hint of intelligence behind them.

If you know Myers-Briggs types then by reading my username you know a pretty general but effective summary of how I live my life. What I can say about me is I'm a good guy. Nicer than most people you'll have the honor of knowing, highly considerate, respectful, and if I care about you you'll know it. I have infinite energy when it comes to making those I care for happy.

Two most common descriptors said about me; Sweetest man alive; Chillest person ever. Take that for what you will.

Also worth pointing out OKCupid loves to tell me that I need to be more picky. I'm sorry, question system. I am not someone who judges others based on their beliefs. I believe that is something to be admired and respected, not something that I should require of a partner. Most of my questions are rated as irrelevant because I'll accept any answer.
What I’m doing with my life
I have a bachelor's degree and work in a candle lab testing various brands for safety and development so the world can smell better. I usually smell pretty awesome at the end of the day. Being a homebody mostly I usually end up filling my free time with video games, writing, researching weird things, and riding my bike. Maybe once every three months a friend will ask if I want to go bowling (yes. the answer is always yes.)

I'm working on living life as opposed to working to live it at a later date, a bit of an obvious life maxim but better to figure that out now than down the road. I'm normally a very reserved guy but I am absolutely down to go out and about with someone I trust.
I’m really good at
Forgetting the basics of life while being unparalleled at the more complex stuff. Knowing exactly how to handle animals with no prior experience. Intuition is a wonderful thing.
The first things people usually notice about me
Nerd. Seriously, I'm a tall lanky guy with glasses, what else are you going to think when you see me? By all means share your insights.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This section will be long. I can't just list things and not say WHY they are my favorites.

Orson Scott Card's series' are pretty good, as are the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I'm a huge fan of Everything's Eventual by Stephen King, and Piers Anthony is a great young adult author. Isaac Asimov I think is a great writer, but I found more entertainment in a collection of science fiction shorts he compiled than his own works. I've just recently finished reading the current available books in A Song of Ice and Fire. The show was going too slowly. I HAD to know what was going to happen next! Recently I likewise found out a large collection of classic novels are available for free on my phone so I recently tore through Treasure Island and the The Portrait of Dorian Gray and am working my way through Out of Control by Kevin Kelly. Finally getting into reading Douglas Adams' work. People have been telling me for years that the stuff I write is crazy similar to his works, now I understand.

Movies I'm all over the place with. I'm a sucker for special effects and I love analyzing movie universes in detail, an often riff them for my own entertainment even if it is the first time I've seen the movie, but I do know how to keep my mouth shut when around others if they prefer. Upside Down is probably THE MOST UNDERRATED SCIENCE FICTION ROMANCE EVER MADE. Seriously, watch it and thank me later. It is freakin' beautiful.

TV shows I typically do not watch, but law shows, cooking shows, comedy and cartoons, and I admit I got hooked into Game of Thrones. Lately I've been on a romance kick. I'm a sap. Science fiction is my favorite genre of all but unfortunately good scifi is damn hard to come by these days. And no, I do not like Star Trek, or Dr. Who. Nothing to do with the storylines or plots, I just kind of got turned off by a couple INTP friends of mine who spent the better part of 4 months linking nothing but memes from the shows and it officially killed any and all interest.

Music I'm a big fan of most genres, though my favorite primarily is industrial/EBM. Centhron, Psyclon Nine, Kamelot, and the Trans Siberian Orchestra are among my favorite groups of all time. I listen to heavy industrial music as often as I listen to Disney songs and it is not unusual to hear both of them from my room while I sleep. No genre is off limits, I honestly can find something to like about them all. Slowly working my way through absorbing everything to do with Front 242 and Wynardtage.

Food my only real reservations lie in texture. I don't like gritty things, or rubbery things, but flavors for the large part I can handle. I LOVE TO COOK! I recently became addicted to cooking semi-fancily. I adore my crock pot which is capable of cooking the most insane array of succulent foods of all types, and even drinks if you like! My blender is a godsend for those dessert goodies you know you want on a naughty diet day. I even have a dehydrator because jerky is AMAZING and I love to make my own! I don't have a grill sadly because the apartment I'm in doesn't allow it, but they do have one by the pool that is free to use. During summer I'll probably try my hand at some things out there. Seriously, first date with me? I'd totally cook for you.

I'm adding a sixth section for video games because in our generation it is kind of preposterous for there not to be one. I'm a diehard fan of amazing settings you find in games and the deep lore if you dig into their universes and screw around instead of following story lines. The Bioshock series is fantastic (but I do have to admit I was more than a little disappointed in Bioshock Infinite's replayability because it felt way too much like a shooter with occasional tonic use as opposed to plasmids in the previous games being a fully legitimate combat tactic). The Half Life series is absolutely amazing and Black Mesa Source is realizing my dream of making the first game all the better. The Lost Planet series is one of my most favorite game settings ever, right next to the Monster Hunter series for its shockingly deep setting with one of the simplest presentations ever. Shadow of the Colossus is probably the most beautifully artistic game I've ever played however the award for most beautifully artistic I've seen would have to go to The Journey hands down.

I could go on and on but instead I'll just say that I'm always on the look out for games with complex, rich history and innovative ideas, not just gameplay. When that search gets to slowing down I always have four cornerstone games I always come back to with friends; Warframe, Vindictus, APB Reloaded, and Minecraft. I'm not interested in pay2play MMOs, and only marginally in buy-once MMOs, though I do respect game developers tremendously. When there is no demo available and I'm interested in a game I absolutely will pirate it but if I like it I inevitably buy it. Much of my game library is filled with games where that was the case. Who says piracy is a bad thing? Ungrateful assholes and developers ashamed of their product are bad.
The six things I could never do without
Hot baths
First World Problems

And for a twist, six things I could do without...

Ants (good story there)
Large vehicles
My voice (ties in with the ant story)
Student loans
I spend a lot of time thinking about
A great too many things. I've been known to have thought provoking soul searching questions from 15 second commercials and life altering realizations of myself just the same.
On a typical Friday night I am
Cracking open a few coolers or a bottle of wine to get a gentle buzz going and playing video games with friends or watching movies. Or just taking tylenol PM and seeing how long I can resist the delirium. I have odd ways of entertaining myself.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There's a lot of private things available to find out and I don't guard any of them. Ask a question and I'll answer with 100% honesty. Make the call yourself if it is something you really want to know.

Random fact; I really love to be choked. Not pass-out, leaving bruises choking, but a firm hand cutting off air really gets me. The fun things you learn with a dominatrix as a friend.
You should message me if
...if you think that cooking random and fantastic meals while buzzed and playing video games sounds like a good Saturday night. Or going bowling. Not gonna brag but I'm pretty fucking good at it after a few games.

Friends sounds like a great idea. I'm definitely idealistically hoping to meet someone with whom the sparks just go nuts with but I temper my dreams with reality. I'd like to have a deep friendship with someone first, someone who can handle knowing all of who I am and still enjoy being around me, and being that for someone else. So no pressure for romance or expectations of grandeur, let's just chat sometime, eh?