43 Seattle, United States
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What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
are things they tend to keep to themselves until they think I'm out of earshot, and then they whisper amazedly to each other until they notice I'm still listening. Then, they act like nothing happened. I still don't know for sure what they were talking about.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books, movies, shows, music, and food!? I like all those things SO MUCH!!! But maybe:
Books: Almost anything by Terry Pratchett or Harlan Ellison. Those are two of my favorite living writers - the dead ones include Poe, Shakespeare, Douglas Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Oscar Wilde, and T.S. Eliot.
Movies: Singin' In The Rain, Rushmore (in fact, almost everything Wes Anderson has his name on. The same goes for Joss Whedon - Firefly makes me happy, and Cabin In The Woods was awesome!) schlocky horror, Gritty westerns... I'm a cinephile in the same league as Michael Bolton.
Shows: one's I'M in... I'm one of those theatre people... (I know, spooky, right?)
Music: Yeah, I like music...
Food: Oh, I REALLY like food... I'm fond of Indian and Japanese cuisines... and BBQ. And beer-can chicken. And veeeerrryyy spicy things. And I bake. And I like chips and salsa. A lot.
The six things I could never do without
Breathing. Seriously - not a joke answer, or belaboring the obvious. It just really feels good to breathe - especially when the air tastes good.
Music - can you even imagine that?
Family and friends. And dogs.
Balloons that go up and up and up and up...
Google maps. I was born without a sense of direction. I am SO grateful for google maps...
My finely honed sense of cynicism. See, I NEED that...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Puppets. Sesame Street. Outer space. Old TV shows.
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm lucky, playing guitar with some friends, or playing board games with some different friends. Or performing a truly, truly excellent piece of theatre (or, on occasion, watching one). Or sipping tea and reading something by Harlan Ellison or John Ostrander or Shakespeare. Or baking cookies and watching a horror movie. Sometimes I like to hike up Tiger Mountain at dusk and watch as the sky fades and the city lights come on in the distance, and hike back down in the quiet and dark. What was the question?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hmmmm... No, sorry, can't do it. If you want to know something, ask me. I won't run from direct questions, but I don't wear my heart on my sleeve either. Not even on purpose. How about this: I was a registered republican for 6 years (I like mentioning this to friends when we talk politics - I like the fearful expression they make). Now, I'm pretty socially liberal - and I started working as an elections judge in 2004, and this is Seattle. It's chock FULL of democrats. Did you know it's required by law that representatives from both political parties be present at a voting station, otherwise the election location isn't considered valid? All the old people were like: "oh no, what can we do!?" So, I formally changed my registration to "favors republican" during the 2004 general election to keep our station viable (it's just paper, yo, it doesn't change your vote). That may tell you something about me... Past that, you'll have to ask.
You should message me if
You understand that similarity isn't the same as compatibility. Obviously there's some overlap, and the match/friend/enemy thing is interesting, but it's not going to be definitive. Besides, part of me reaaalllly wants to meet my greatest “enemy.” Especially if she thinks I'm cute. I'm a tiny bit twisted that way...

You are any kind of ninja, pirate, superhero or supervillain, or combination of fighter/magic-user/thief. Or... ummm... elf. Ooooh! Or scientist. Especially scientist.
I like science-girls too. :-)

You think making things with play-dough would be a fun first date.

You can hear the silences between the notes, read the empty spaces between words, see the dark spots in the sun, or can close your eyes and feel the movement of the ocean.

You think (like me) that online profiles are a poor substitute for real communication. Or agree that they're inherently... a little bit weird.

You know how to keep your inner-child and outer-adult in sync.

If you want me to message you back. Look: if it crosses your mind that we might become friends, allies, lovers, collaborators, compatriots, buddies, correspondents, sweethearts, pals, worthy adversaries, or any combination thereof, then you should probably let me know. I can't promise I'll see the same possibility, but none of those are bad. (Well, okay... Maybe I won't make that last one a priority...)