33 Dayton, United States
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My self-summary
I really loathe these things...I mean not so much that I'm not on here filling it out, but I feel like the disclaimer should still be present. I want an organic connection, so I don't really want to write seven paragraphs about who I am. I want you to want to get to know me. I want the begining of a connection. Scroll this and say this chick looks cool and I want to talk to her. If that happens then please message me, but if it doesn't that's okay too. Since I have to write this to start things off PLEASE read the whole thing.

I hate labels so I'm not going to slap a bunch on here. I will say that I'm into most things alternative, and not for the sake of being different but because it's where I'm most comfortable. I say what I mean, and often at serious consequence. People say that want you to be honest, but they often don't mean it. I do. I would much rather someone told me they didn't want to talk to me, then to leave me guessing.

With that being said..Another disclaimer. YAY! Please don't send me a message with the hopes of getting laid or swapping dirty pics. I want to make friends, meet people, expand my circle and my horizon. If you send me a one line message and make me feel like I'm going to have to carry the conversation I probably won't respond. If you send me a message and I respond back quickly that doesn't mean I expect you too. People have busy lives. I occasionally do to. Be patient with me and expect that I will return the favor. If you're still interested then read on!
What I’m doing with my life
There is one label that I'm always happy to have. That's mother. I am one. I would love to meet other mothers of young children. Play dates would be awesome. My offspring and I spend way to much time indoors having staring contests, or me trying to convince her she really does want to watch Dr. Who or Push Girls, instead of pocoyoyo. She wins Mostly. If kids bother you, we will have zero to talk about. I have other plans in life, but right now this is my most important one.
I’m really good at
Baking is the first thing in a long time I've felt like I'm really good at, but as it turns out I'm good enough at a lot of things. I love board games, I'm not competitive but I do enjoy some trash talk.

I love theatre, going to plays, directing them, discussing them. Any interest in theatre and Hey..we have a conversation starter.

I'm a gaming junkie in most regards and a total geek girl. I love to read and listen to music. I'm really good at sitting on the front porch, drinking a glass of wine, and talking about nothing and everything under the sun. Really. We should do this.

I am a smoker. I'm pretty good at it, but am trying to quit. I do not use any illegal recreational drugs. If you do, that's great! It's not for me and I'm not looking for anybody to do it with.

I'm also apparently really good at being ADD and excited. Chickens have feathers.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea. When polled people say my eyes or my boobs. Feel free to notice either, but I'd prefer if you didn't touch either on the first date. Eye touching is really intimate. I'm just saying.

I have a big laugh I'm sure that gets some attention, but you won't hear it unless I'm with a group of people I'm comfortable with. I have an idea. Let's meet for coffee and you can tell me what you notice first.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books- I have yet to meet a book I didn't at least make it through. I'm willing to take a lot of things away from a book, even one I'm not really enjoying. I like fantasy, erotica, cop dramas, anything that takes the reality we know and shakes it up a little..or a lot.

Movies - I love superheros and the flicks that go along with them. Though I want my novels to have sex in them, so I'm kinda harsh when it comes to books about superheros. They just don't screw enough. Though I hear ..Thor's hammer knows naught of mercy.

Shows - I watch reality T.V. Not a lot, but more then is necessary. I like seeing how other people live. It makes me nosey, not an idiot.

Food - There is not enough time or room for this topic. I love food. I love trying all kinds of new foods, although I won't do it alone..and even I have my boundries.

Music- It's like books. I'm hungry and want to be fed. Show me something new, take me to a concert, make me a mix tape (Yeah I said Mix Tape) play me something. I don't enjoy being screamed at in my leisure time, this applies to music too.
The six things I could never do without
My Family
The internet (That's where all the wizards hide)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How what I say can be taken in a completely different way then it's meant, even though I said..what I mean is. Heroclix teams, and when I can play munchkin again. Why there is a serious lack of butch girls interested in poly girls with kids. C'mon. I'm adorable! What I should be doing vs. What I want to do. Why people consider grammar and punctuation a sign of intelligence. Really? I know plenty of idiots that are eloquent as hell. I mean I'm not for the chat speak, but that's really just for the safety of our language.
On a typical Friday night I am
It varies. My car is a piece of crap, but I'll take the occasional adventure. I like a noisy night club with a foam party as much as I like a quiet night of cuddling and vegging, or meeting friends for board games. I'm tamer now that I have a kid. Tamer...not dead.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
That I'm not looking for a guy to have sex with. Guy friend? GREAT! Love it. Boys make great friends. I married one.

I like all types of girls but..butch girls have a place in my heart off the bat. You're hot, you know it. It's all good. It's not a guideline or a demand, just a reality. Oh glasses. Glasses are hot on either gender. I've been just as crazy about a girly girl too, one who knows how to giggle and be sweet and then a loud mouth the next second.

Oh also..if you visit me and don't message me I will check out your profile and if I like it. I'll message you. Can't hurt.
You should message me if
* You have any intention of trying to have a real conversation. OKcupid seems to be great for people who want to start a conversation and then randomly stop. If I send you a message and ask you if you want to chat..I don't mean random two line messages for a month. I mean...Let's get together, and talk.

*You like super-heros, board/card games, or reading and you're looking for a friend to chat about or play with. I'm great for this.

*You're a parent with a young child and you'd like to make friends with similar people. I would love for my little one to have more play dates and I'd love more adult conversation.

*You're kinky. I'm all about that. I have lot of kinky...friends. See that word there..friends.

*You're a poly/person or couple. I would really love to have more poly friends!