42 Columbus, United States
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My self-summary
I wrote this during a tough time. I haven't had time to change it. I know it's long, But that's what this is about right. Me showing you who I am.
Im not gonna sugar coat anything. Im honest and looking for my best friend.
I'll change this soon....

2011 has been a life changing year, On Oct 28th My father passed away Just days before my birthday. Wasnt the ideal way to celebrate my day. If I learned anything from my dad through the years is to be able to smile, laugh and look for the good things in life. I have no clue if there is life after death. I really hope there is, I want to believe that my dad can look down and see me get married one day and have kids.

I'm a quiet type around people I don't know. I might seem shy to most people, thats not how I feel. I do know because i'm a quiet type is the main reason why I'm still single. I'm tone deaf in my left ear, so i tend to look at peoples lips often. I think most people think its odd if they don't know that about me. Most of the time i feel like I hear just perfect, some people think I just dont want to listen.. Ha ha..

I've been told by friends I need to share my sensitive side. So bare with me please..
Even if you seem somewhat interested but didn't like something I wrote I look forward to any suggestions to helping me find my better half...

Im honest. I've always been a hard worker, lots of people depend on me, trust me, and never thinks twice asking me for help.

I have a black belt in Taekwondo and karate. For years I thought I wanted to be an instructor but had a change of heart and left it all behind me 4-5 years ago in search of something more important, to find love and a new job. So I quit my job of 17 years, told myself I wanted to be around more positive people and get out of the downtown rush hour life.

I now work for a local school and enjoy it very much.
Everyday i think why can't more people just have the heart of a child, they say it as they see it.
The staff i work with are the best and I always come home and go to work in a good mood.

Im good with my hands and can fix almost anything. im not a garage freak. and I don't have tools everywhere. I'm not one to save everything. If I can't fix it or its just old i throw it away. Im not into cars, racing, hunting, fights. You could say im no hillbilly. Ha Ha I do enjoy the country drives and loves to spend time camping or by the fire in the cabin at the lake.

I grew up in somewhat a large household. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. Most of my life I never had any real family vacations or weekend getaways. Not complaining, I love my family and understood we werent blessed with money, but we made it up with smiles and lots of heart.

A loving family is the key to true happiness. Now as an adult I can't wait to have someone in my life to make a family with, to enjoy things I never had as a kid. In my future I only hope god blesses my soulmate and I with a family that we can go to soccer/baseball/football/karate lessons/ dance etc...I truly am happy when I have someone to share life with. I can have fun alone but life isnt fun without someone to share things with.
Some might say oh thats a bit too much to say before meeting anyone. It's who I am.

I know things take time, I know when a lady talks she isnt needing a man to fix everything she just wants to be heard. I might not know the right things to say or do all the time but I have lots of heart, meaning If were together then I'll do almost anything to keep you happy.

Im not a teen anymore and not much of a party person I just feel like the bar and clubbing days are a thing of the past, that said Im not the perfect guy if your looking for a large social gathering or network of friends. Don't get me wrong I have friends just not into that large crowd thing anymore. Unless its a concert/play/events, weddings, BBQ's etc...

My dream is to be the american dad. with the house, playing with the kids, mowing grass and talking to the neighbors, planning date nights with the wife or the next family vacation, maybe host some freindly gathering BBQ or poker nights.

Lately you can find me in a coffers house mostly Panera bread reading a book.
Stop in smile and say hi let's chat. Always open for a good conversation.

Thanks for stopping by to read about me, it's a friday night and it's beautiful outside, so i'm going to go sit outside and enjoy the nice weather.
Hope to hear from you. God Bless
What I’m doing with my life
With the Holidays coming to an end it's back to being healthy again after the new year.
I’m really good at
Being creative. I'm good with my hands I can fix many things. I'm told I should be paid to massage. LOL. I'm good at making people smile.
Im the type of person people tend to let their guard down with and can be themselves.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm nice and courteous and usually try to help people without wanting anything more than a thank you.
I'm quiet, not because I'm shy, I'm usually being observant, I have hearing lost in my left ear, its grown on me to try to pay attention when others talk.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm a big Nicholas Sparks fan, I enjoy Paul Levine, John Grisham books.
I enjoy most movies, it varies between the mood and company I'm with.
I enjoy all music, whatever suits the mood.
Food, I will try everything, lately its been a life change for me to eat healthy so this area is being
The six things I could never do without
kids- I would like to be with someone who wants to have children.
On a typical Friday night I am
Relaxing watching a movie or reading a book after a long work week. Planning a weekend if no plans already. I'm not the type to go out to clubs anymore or feel the need to have a drink.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm terrible at reading women, I've been told so many times by people that a girl would be flirting with me and I'd think she was just being nice.
You should message me if
You keep saying " I need a good guy who is honest, strong, happy who he is, supportive, wants a long term relationship, children,God."