36 Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
Hi! Just moved to the city in February for work and realized I don't know that many people.

I like to have fun, explore and travel. Just ended a long stint working in the Caribbean and I'm taking baby steps back to living in a city and back to reality - moved to NYC from Toronto for work. Internet Dating is a little odd, but it's pretty stupid not to date from your couch. Endless possibilities...

Good luck shopping for dates from your couch and have fun!
What I’m doing with my life
Living it... working it out day by day like most of us mortals.

Mostly being good and having fun...
I’m really good at
picking a great restaurant just by looking at it... may be a super power. I've accomplished this all over the world. test me if you dare...
The six things I could never do without
Sriracha hot sauce times 6
On a typical Friday night I am
prowling the internet looking for unsuspecting amazing women... my fridays are long, boring and so far unsuccessful. jk
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm FUN. Clean. Adventurous. Stubborn. Funny. Deep. Pleasant. Atypical. Intelligent. Analytical. Independent. Non Abrasive. Loyal. Picky. Social. Vocal. Critical. Giving. Selfish. Optimistic. Non Conformist. Melancholic. Sly. Warm. Dominant. Passive. Courteous. Bold. Sensitive. Affectionate. Skeptical. Reserved. Easy Going. Uninhibited. Imaginative. Grounded. Naive. Influential. Secure. Insecure. Adaptable. Involved. Humble. Organized. Brave. Patient. Abstract. Self-reliant. Curious. Athletic. Strong. Playful. Impatient. Spiritual. Passive. Sleepy. Clumsy. Smells good. Passionate. Energetic. Flexible. Persuasive. Creative. Considerate. Objective. Perceptive. Suave. Absorbent. Shameless. Determined. Eager. Faithful. Tenacious. Intense. Gassy. Observant. Motivated. Honest. Personable. Ambitious. Spontaneous. Consoling. Modest. Versatile. Obscure. Assertive. Original. Expressive. Non Viral. Anxious. Impulsive. Masculine. Feminine. Vigorous. Serene. Fearful. Abstract. Individualistic. Polite. Reflective. Opinionated. Moody. Restless. Rational. Practical. Daydreamer. Rebellious. Appreciative. Empathetic. Absentminded. Daring. Masochistic. Unassuming. Preoccupied. Improvisational. Opportunistic. Aloof. Colorful. Unconventional. Romantic. Angry. Assertive. Cautious. Indecisive. Reliable. Charming. Shy. Superstitious. Tough. Flirtatious. High-strung. Soft hearted. Competitive. Forceful. Stable. Talented. Calm. Good-natured. Distinctive. Artistic. AND AN OPEN BOOK!
You should message me if
... you eat cool for breakfast, lunch and dinner.