38Ephrata, United States
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My self-summary

By day I'm good-natured, open-minded, loyal, rational, and slow-to-anger. I prize my reputation for honesty and my friendships. By night... I'm pretty much the same but... kind of eccentric. When I get tired, I become very quiet (more-so than usual) or I say silly things and talk way too much. Catch me at the right time of day I can be downright wacky.

Now most of the time my sense of humor is on the dry side (I like understatement and puns). But tired... I just keep talking. Even when it is unwise to do so. And since I can be outspoken even at my best... when I get tired I can wind up saying things I shouldn't. I'm not insulting or mean but I have strong opinions and I like stating them in philosophical discussions. Psychology, religion, economics, politics... they all interest me.

What are my views? I'm a unapologetic liberal and an idealist. I believe personal integrity matters. I encourage peaceful solutions and have utopian aspirations. Some would say I'm not very down to earth, but I try to be objective and welcome opposing viewpoints because everyone has biases. Just be prepared to defend your views.

Another intellectual challenge I enjoy is playing board games. In fact I am a member of two local boardgaming clubs. These are some favorite games.

Additionally I'm interested in RPGs and I like watching anime- though I've done neither lately. Instead I spend most of my time on my PC, (I like programming).

Oh, something else you should know, I'm very stubborn. While I try to be fair, when I'm out to achieve a goal I pursue it with single-minded abandon. Can't say I didn't warn you.

I am trustworthy, determined, and idealistic
What I’m doing with my life
If I told you that my goals included finding Bin Laden and building a perpetual motion machine, would you roll your eyes or offer to help?

More mundanely, I work part time doing clerical work for a lawyer and in my free time I study C++. I aspire to be a professional programmer.
I’m really good at
Some people find I'm a good listener.

I'm loyal. If a friend has a problem, I'm willing to be there to help no matter what they're dealing with. I've talked friends through innumerable crises.

I'm good at abstract thinking, problem solving, and planning.

I'm sensitive to others feelings, and loathe to make any kind of personal attacks or act overbearing. I'm also exceedingly honest, and sometimes these two values come into conflict.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first time I IMed Vlad he concluded I was smart because I use semi-colons in casual conversation.

If you find me via Myspace, well you might notice from my pic that I have long blondish hair and I play board games. (I'm playing a variant of Risk called "Risk Godstorm" - good game).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Reference books

For 15 years I searched for a Latin dictionary that has a translation for "television". I finally found it in the book Conversational Latin: for Oral Proficiency. The word is "televisorium". Who would have guessed!?


The mists of Avalon and The Forest House are long time favorites. Someday I'd like to reread them.

Computer books

C++ Primer Plus is a C++ book that I just finished (pretty good despite frequent typos), and The XSL Companion is one of the most direct, most clearly-written, and one of the best computer books I've ever read, and can easily be had for $1 online.

More about my books...

See my Goodreads profile for a more thorough reading list and my paperbackswap profile for books I'm done with and giving away.

Favorite movies include Mononoke Hime, Back to the Future, the autobiographical film Persepolis and the BBC miniseries I, Claudius.

Periodic Series (i.e. TV shows)

In the past I watched (and still enjoy) Star Trek: TNG, Star Trek: TOS, Star Trek: DS9, Sailor Moon, Gargoyles, Utena, MTV's Daria, MTV's Downtown, Dragon Half, and to a lesser extent Tenchi Muyo (the early episodes that were actually funny!).


These days I don't watch much TV. Lost turned me off by season two. The Daily Show I catch if I am flipping channels. Excel Saga sounded promising but what I saw didn't live up to my expectations. I'm awake I'll watch repeats of Gargoyles at 4:30am but that's about it.


There are plenty of quality series I completely missed out on when they first aired. That includes lots of good anime, (e.g. Fate- I'm thinking of starting an anime club). It also includes classics like Babylon 5 and HBO's Rome. It would be nice to watch these on DVDs someday. Not old, but HBO's TrueBlood looks promising too.

When it comes to food, I'll eat pretty much anything but my favorite tastes are casual American food, Thai food, Vietnamese food.
Six things I could never do without
I'm literal-minded, so when I'm asked "What are X-number of things you need to live?" the first thing I come up with are the basics. Food, water, breathable atmosphere, shelter, blood, Internet... Not very helpful, huh?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What do my friends need to overcome the obstacles that beset them? How can I know which politician to support when I know so little about them and global affairs? What should I buy? (And lately) How do I attract the right woman?
On a typical Friday night I am
On a typical Friday night I'm probably at home in the basement working on my computer. See why I need a girlfriend?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I let OKCupid notifications sit in my inbox for a long time before I act on them.
You should message me if
You should message me if three or more of the following are true:

* We have a high match percentage (a match percentage over 75-80%- given the nature of the questions posed, this probably indicates a high sexual compatibility)

* We share a few of the same interests

* You're interested in my fave TV programs/books/movies

* We share similar goals

* Based on the rest of my profile you find me attractive

* We live close enough that we could realistically meet (I have no problem starting out with a cyber relationship as we're getting to know each other but if things work out I would eventually like to meet offline)
The two of us