35 Kirkland, United States
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My self-summary
I'm looking for something real, and something lasting. It feels very risky to just say that - everyone on here seems to be acting laid back to the point of blasé about dating. I am not blasé about anything in life, for better or worse. I care a tremendous amount, or not at all.

I just noticed the "Personality" section here lists my strongest attribute as "more suave," which is the funniest thing I've heard in a long, long time. Let's get together so I can prove just how wrong that is.

I'm a happy, kind, authentic, big-hearted, and vaguely witty person. I've moved to the Seattle area after living in Brooklyn for 7 years. I'm glad to be in a place that doesn't occasionally get to 119 degrees in the summer (true story), but I'm still trying to fall in love with the area. Maybe you can give me some reasons?

I enjoy baking, indulging my love of strange bits of history, old New England coastal towns, proofreading (yes, really), vintage tin litho toys, whirling dervishes, learning a little bit of everything, soul music, willows that weep into the water, the ballet, and wandering around aimlessly, open to the unexpected.

I am torn between my deep love of the city and my inescapable desire to move somewhere rustic, slower, and very, very old.
What I’m doing with my life
I was a writer and editor in Manhattan for seven years. Now I'm moving on to a new chapter and going back to school for a paralegal certificate. I always thought certificates meant you took 2 or 3 courses, but it turns out it's a whole year of full-time classes. I hope it'll end up being worth it and allow me to do what I wanted to in the first place. I took a pretty serious and pretty awesome detour along the way, but I'm very excited to get back to doing what matters to me.
I’m really good at
I make the best fish face you'll ever see.
The first things people usually notice about me
I hear a lot about the hair.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The only time this section has ever helped me was when I noticed a guy I liked wrote (sincerely) that his favorite singer was Kelly Clarkson. It's good to be warned.

I'd just skip over all this if I were you...

Books: Middlesex, everything by Yeats, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frank O’Hara (“Now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem beautiful again, and interesting, and modern..."), Everything Is Illuminated, Sophie's Choice, Malcolm Gladwell, Chekhov, John Irving, Flannery O'Connor, and Eudora Welty. And David Sedaris, because I'm trying to believe there are worse things than books that can be purchased at the grocery store.

Movies: I'm the only female on the planet who doesn't like rom-coms or chick flicks. I live a very lonely life in that regard. I do like: Metropolis, Eternal Sunshine, High Noon, Silence of the Lambs, Lolita, The Pianist, Almost Famous, Big, Rear Window, In America, Dances With Wolves, Se7en, Mean Girls (almost a chick flick, I guess), L.A. Confidential, Modern Times, Remember the Titans, Rudy, Field of Dreams, He Got Game, the Sandlot, Love and Basketball, and Hoop Dreams. I hate sports, but love sports movies.

TV: Community, Walking Dead, Mad Men, Orphan Black, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, Jonathan Strange, The Knick, Moone Boy, Freaks & Geeks, Luther, Broadchurch, Endeavour, Happy Endings, IT Crowd, Motive, The Americans, Parks & Rec, Downton Abbey, Humans, Sherlock, Homeland, Good Wife, Arrested Development, Workaholics, 30 Rock, The Soup, and Boomtown. I obviously watch a lot more TV than movies, but it seems like that's pretty normal these days.

Music: Thomas Dybdahl, Alabama Shakes, Bon Iver, Florence & the Machine, Macklemore, MGMT, Mojave 3, Otis Redding, The Isley Brothers, Death Cab for Cutie, Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, Matthew Good, The Roots, Lucy Pearl, Raphael Saadiq, Maxwell, Erykah Badu, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, James Taylor, Paul Simon, Lyle Lovett, Van Morrison, Sam Cooke, Sam Cooke, Sam Cooke.
The six things I could never do without
I've had years of plenty, and later moved to New York with one suitcase to my name and slept on a constantly-deflating air mattress for months. Experience has shown me there isn't much I can't do without, though I'm grateful I no longer have to.

That said, I really love:

Autumn, the sound of cicadas, kombucha, falafel, soup, and my phone - but mostly because I get lost a lot. If I didn't have an unlimited plan, 3/4 of my bill would be for GPS usage.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wondering why the people who talk about "no drama" in their profiles always seem to be the ones with "drama" in their lives. I'm not even sure what drama is, in that sense. Emotions?
You should message me if
You're funny, smart, and have depth. You're local.

Most importantly: you are unquestionably a good man.