34Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a not-too-talkative cartoonist who preffers to observe and listen. So I'm not a fan of clubs without the accoustic forethought to have spaces to sit and actually be able to hear a conversation as well as feel-the-bass dance areas.

I grew up in Northern California and have made my way around for a couple years at a time to Minneapolis, Orange County, and finally up here to Seattle. I am loving this city! It's like an affordable San Francisco!

I've got pretty much every privilage you could think of (white, male, hetero, cis-gender, abled, neurotypical, english-as-1st-language, omnivore, christian-passible, ect...) and try to keep aware of it, but do slip up sometimes.
What I’m doing with my life
FINALLY going full-time cartoonist this year. Quitting my day job so I have time for personal passion art and comic projects, while supporting myself through caricature and commission work.

Most of the time I get out of the house is art related in some way, either drawing pornographic caricatures at Burlesque shows, geek get-togethers like conventions, or just spending the day out sketching somewhere pleasant.

I've started focusing on my body a lot more for the past month: eating better food, alternating strength training/cardio each day, and sexological yoga meditations. I'm still in the couple-month-quit red area right now that I've fallen victim to when trying before, but hopefully I'll be too busy this summer to quit my new routine before the end of September when I should have nearly the body I want (strong silhouette, but only fit level body fat so I still have a little cuddle padding) in time to get started on learning boylesque in winter.
I’m really good at
Drawing anything.
Macguyvering up some cooking out of pantry remains.
Knowing the whom to ask when anything needs to be made or performed.
Throwing an hour or so into oblivion surfing the internet.
The first things people usually notice about me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Skip this part. It's a boring list of conversation points.

I have a few of each listed for everything here, but I'm just going to say it's pretty much all a combination of stupid fun stuff (A zombie western comedy film starring Chris Kattan? Sure!) and osmosis from those I surround myself with ( "------- is your favorite book, huh?" *immediately places hold for it on the library website*).

(A)Mockingbird by Walter Trevis, Sex at Dawn, The Plutonium Blonde/Doomsday Brunettes/Radioactive Redhead trilogy. STORY by Robert McKee. Pretty much anything by either Peter S. Beagle, Richard Fiest, Nick Hornby, Chuck Palahnik, Terry Pratchett, Michael Charbon, Douglas Adams, Peter Bester, and sometimes some Asimov if I'm in the mood.

(A-comics) Codeflesh by Casey and Adlard, Gunsmith Kats by Kenichi Sonada, Rex Steel: Nazi Smasher, Fables, Y The Last Man, Bone, Howard the Duck

(B) The Iron Giant, The Incredibles, Zoolander, Citizen Kane, Batman the Movie [1960's version], Van Wilder, The Goonies, Nightmare on Elm Street, Big Trouble in Little China, The Last Dragon, But I'm a Cheerleader, Reefer Madness: The Musical, assorted other B-movie horror and sci-fi.

(C)Big Bad VooDoo Daddy, Horrorpops, Barenaked Ladies, They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, The Mountain Goats, Showtunes, Peggy Lee, Lonely Island

(D)Black Coffee, Pizza with Pineapple and Linguica (it IS a real pizza topping DAGNABBIT! I didn't make up the word!), Omlettes, whatever I can make with what I have in the cupboard.
Six things I could never do without
Art supplies, visual storytelling of some kind, simple distractions, my fellow geeks/dorks/nerds, shiny distractions, and I'll use my last wish to set Genie free....wait.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The interconnectedness of "everything". Not in some spiritual sence, but the scientific/philisophical/psychological ramifications and understanding that everything we can in any way observe of what is physical and what is conceptual of the universe is always filtered and organized through the single lens of the human experience and what kind warping that lens applies, how those warped observations affect us, and how those effects influences back the lens and the warping it does.
Like taking observations and theories from psychology and applying those to discussions in ethics of "what is ideal behavior" and further looking at those concepts with what we learn of neuroscience about how those thoughts come about and how tethered or independent those concepts are to our own biological needs and capabilities.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working at a burlesque show, or out trying to expand my karaoke repertoire. Or maybe I'll just stay in and work on my art, read, or watching movies with my roommates.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I want to become a Punch and Judy puppeteer for the sole purpose of being able to call my self "Professor".
You should message me if
You are gorgeous, geeky, smart, and kinky.

Bonus points for being a smoker and being available for socializing on weekdays rather than weekends. My work is mostly "Entertainment" so I'm on the job in summer/holiday seasons and weekends while everyone else is having thier time off.

I am mostly looking for short term, low expectation relationships, but open to a short term evolving into long term with commitment. If I had my druthers, my ideal long term relationship would be somewhere between monogamish and non-package-deal poly.
The two of us