30Kitchener, Canada
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My self-summary
When I was about 10 years old I had a really nice Timex, Velcro, indigo, waterproof stopwatch that I used to time myself doing nearly everything including climbing 100 foot tall trees. In the heat of competition while challenging a friend to said tree climbing he actually won by jumping from the top and breaking his arm. He was never allowed to come over to my house again...I kept the watch until I went to university. The lesson here is that velcro is stronger than friendship... I think....?

Sometimes I like to pretend to be asleep while I roll over and take the comforter (No you won't win this game, I can pretend I'm not ticklish for a good ..... 30 seconds)

When I've done something goofy / nerdy / awkward in public such as singing it's raining men on a busy sidewalk I want you to shake your head and exclaim you don't know me and have never met me before

If you introduce a new idea to me I will be engaged in a furious Google session for about 20 minutes. There's a reason that I know of a global map color coding male anatomy sizing by region....
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a real estate agent moonlighting as a stripper. One of those things is true. You choose.

I also often have a startup business in mind and use Elon Musk as my benchmark for evaluating new business venture ideas that I come up with.

Learning martial arts and dance. So far I can scream "WAAAAAAAA" really well and look like a pretty good dancer if I pretend I'm drunk.
I’m really good at
Improvising lyrics to songs. This Wayne Brady Talent was developed out of necessity when I failed to remember the real lyrics to any of my favourite songs...

Also making everyone else look more tanned.
The first things people usually notice about me
My striking resemblance to Ryan Gosling.

Oh you don't see it? Well.... Fuck :(
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: Who cares. I'm singing over the radio anyway
Shows - Game of thrones! and more unimportant ones.
Food - Do you have more? I'm still hungry
Books: Non fiction: Science / psychology / business. Fiction: Sci-Fi / Fantasy.
Six things I could never do without
1) Social stimulation - Talking to yourself in the mirror counts right?

2) Spare shoelaces... Seriously, I can't be the only person who breaks these constantly

3) There's this magical thing called the "world wide web" I haven't figured it out yet but it sounds pretty cool. (I heard there are videos of naked people on there)

4) Exercise - Yes, I also do yoga and not just because of the attractive women in lulus

5) Books - I can't stand feeling as if I've stopped learning

6) My left hand - See #3.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where are my keys.... Where is my cellphone...Where is my wallet... Oh, I put it in a different pocket than normal. Thank goodness... I was worried for a minute.

And... Why am I still awake at 2 in the morning playing DOTA instead of being a responsible adult.
On a typical Friday night I am
There's a relatively new game called Secret Hitler. It is definitely the best large group game I have ever played. I spend most of my nights trying to convince people to play it.

Also dancing. I enjoy everything from swing, to salsa, to regular old club dancing.

Other board games I have been playing on a friday night include: Race for the Galaxy, Agricola, X-Wing, Settlers, Carcassone, Citadels, Dutch blitz
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, I take ice cold showers. So far, Tim Hortons has sent me three cease and desists.
You should message me if
You think this would be a great first date:

It begins at a costume shop. There we will dress ourselves in 70's clothes. We will then run excitedly in to the nearest shop and demand to know what year it is. Upon finding out it's 2016 we will look at each other and exclaim "IT WORKED!!!"
The two of us